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This is to motivate any reader out there to keep striving on the path of success.
The Road to success is smooth

Greatness is not achieved by assumption but a step. Many people are terrified by fear, fear of not making it through the storm. A good soldier is neither scared of going to war nor he lost focus of returning home.
Don't assume the road to success is rough because people told you its rough. When someone tells you:
Hey, you see that road pointing to a specific direction, ‘‘that is the road to success but its rough, you can take the other road ’’.

You should gladly reply:
‘‘thanks, I no but I have chosen it’’

Be focused, don't let people talk you away from your goals; you can't tell how worse the other road can be. We often make the wrong decision by the set of people we accept advice from.
Every road is smooth if you are determined to succeed. Success is like puzzle, it is scattered but it takes Patients and wise ones to sit and arrange.
Their are some certain things you must consider if you must succeed:
1: Don't waste today hoping for tomorrow :
Many people forgot they lived yesterday the same way they are living today because they believe tomorrow will be better. The word ‘tomorrow’ is abstract and you cannot see it.
Any day you live to see is the Unknown Tomorrow you are expecting, so don't waste your Today cause good fortunes can come Today and you start living your dreamed Tomorrow.

2: Don't be too concerned about what people would say :
When you are too concerned about what people would say if you take a step, you will end up not deriving at your destination. People opinion shouldn't have to be your option. Yes, they will discourage you and you will feel distracted but, do not forget it was your step that attracted them.

3: One great thing that makes people failure is assumption.
Most people start to assume once they fail once; ‘‘assuming if I did it like this I would have been successful’’. Success is like chess, you don't just allow your mistake to write your story.

4: Be positive:
Don't let what others tried and failed determine who you are. Stay positive ‘‘though many people might fall when they pass through this stage’’.
Don't feel too big to lose, losers are not failures. If you fight and lost that doesn't grantee you will always loose in every fight ‘stay positive’.
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