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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Other · Fantasy · #2202576
Charlemagne prepares to meet the man
Charlemagne stood in front of the house, the police came out, slowly, unsure of the man dressed in black. He heard a detective laugh and say, “Look at the Johnny Cash investigator.”

He heard all the jokes, but Charlemagne learned to not let them bother him. He laughed at most of them, agreed with others. But was not there to crack jokes and be a wise ass. No, he was there to make sure that all the journals were safe and back in his position.

“Calmness,” The Grandmother whispered.

“Be prepared,” The Pirate warned.

“It’s not yet your turn,” The Man said.

“May the peace of the Child be with you,” Gaspar spoke.

The four of them had not left his side since his near death, and they weren’t going to leave him now, now that he was near the end of this journey.

“Sasza,” a familiar voice yelled, “We’re ready for you.”

He pushed himself off the Monza and walked slowly, with a limp, to the house. On the porch walked the voice’s source, Captain Louis White, a family friend who, throughout this ordeal, had been a calming presence. The tall man removed his hat and stepped aside.

“He’s all yours.”
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