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This is a work in progress about a group of adventures! I try to write a paragraph a day!
Keeping a view of the top of the trees from the tower Akerj could feel her eyes drooping. The sun had just begun to peek its head over the tips of the trees casting rays on the lookout. The points of the trees had turned a creaming gold with the sun filtering through them. Fighting to keep her eyes open it wouldn’t be long before the next guard would switch with her for there shift. Her eyes snapped open at the sudden swaying of the trees the air was still and no breeze could move the trees that much.

Reaching for the horn Akerj could hear it crashing through the forest headed straight for the tower and picking up speed. The calm morning was gone and adrenalin started to kick in. Alerting nearby guards of danger with a blow of the horn. Just as it slammed into the tower knocking her to the ground and hit the ground rolling under a tree.

Scrambling for cover under a low branch she tried harder to focus the weight of her eyes was long forgotten. Instead, she maintained her breathing and concentrated on the deafening sound of trees being plucked carelessly out the ground the way a farmer would pull weeds from his garden. Picking up the far-away sound of a responding horn lifted her spirits of facing the creature. Knocking an arrow into her bow and keeping low to the ground so that way it didn’t see her. The nearby sounds of a tree being plucked from the ground told her where exactly where the monster was.

The trees cracked and shattered from the grip of the monster sending shards of wood everywhere impaling nearby timber. Ducking behind the trunk of the tree as wood rained down spraying like a sprinkler. She crouched as the giant stomped closer to her hiding spot.

Above her head, the giant's hand wrapped around the tree. She could hear the roots protesting and held their grip on the ground trying to keep the tree cemented to the forest floor. The tree popped and cracked and came loose taking a mound of dirt with it with roots poking out that were ripped and torn. The burning sensation in her arms made her miss her target. Instead, she hit the giant's shoulder still a hit but not where she planned.

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