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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2202639
I don't know. I started this and never really finished it but hope to do it again

Main Character:

Zen Sora- Orphan girl/thief


Mrs. Rose- Owner of the orphanage

The Baker- A baker

Kayla- Zen's #1 enemy

Aden- One of King Leo's knight

Daniel- Zen's friend and the Bakers Apprentice

Jack- The kings' son and the one who saves Zen from the dungeon

King Leo- The royal lord who has a plan to take over all of Europe

I was running, trying to get away from the grasp of the baker. Blurs of people and houses wissed pass me as I ran. I could hear the baker yelling "THIEF! Get back here you little wiper snapper!" I ignored his cries and continued running. Because I was smaller than the baker, I was much quicker and was able to fit into small spaces, unlucky for him but very lucky for me. I could barely hear him by the time I got to the Orphanage with the bread I had stolen. With a smirk on my face, I turned around and climbed up into my bedroom from the window and slid into my bed hoping nobody noticed me climb in. "Where were you Zen?" I heard Kayla say under her breath. "None of your business Kayla." I snarled in reply to her question. "Don't need to be snappy Zen." Kayla said to me in one snap. I sighed in response and decided to try to sleep and rest before it was morning. Sadly, I could barely sleep and didn't really want to get up so we could go to the village for supplies. "Come on Zen Sora, we have to go." Mrs. Rose was beginning to get impatient. "I am almost done!" I yelled from in the room, although I was still laying down on my bed. "Hurry up!" I decided to finally get out of bed and get ready. That was when I heard the loud knock on the Orphanage door outside of my room, I could only hear some of what they were saying because I was still in my room and even then, I knew it was one of King Leo's knights. I hurried to my room's window ready to climb out if they checked in the room. "Are you sure it was Zen Sora? I've never seen her outside of her room at night." I heard Mrs. Rose say knowing it wasn't true. The doorknob turned as the knight opened the door and just like that, I darted out the window and ran as fast as I could. I knew they would try to catch me on a horse, so I decided to hide instead. Of course, I forgot that they had hounds to sniff me out so when I heard the hounds barking and the loud noise of horse hooves trampling on the hard-stone ground, I slid myself farther into my hiding spot. The hounds slowly acknowledged my presence as they crept closely to my hiding spot. I closed my eyes, imagining what they would do to me if they found me. I felt the dog's breath against my skin, they had found me and there was nowhere for me to hide. "She's in here!" The knight cried out to the others.

"Now, Aden. You don't have to yell, we can see that without your response." One of the other knights said to Aden. "Sorry..." Aden replied in a faint voice that I'm pretty sure the other knight didn't hear him. "Get out of that dang hiding spot Child." Aden demanded. I slowly crawled out of the pile of boxes I was hiding in. The hounds growled at me as I slipped out of the last hole. "Get those mutts away from me and maybe I would be able to get out fully." I snapped. They yanked the dogs away and then they yanked me out of the hole. "You don't give use orders little girl." Aden said with a cold glare. I made a growling noise to scare him, and it worked, he almost dropped me in shock. "Why you little-" Aden was stopped when he heard the sounds of other knights approaching. There was something off about one of them. He looked different from the other knights, he didn't have armor or any sword on arms, he just had fancy clothes on and seemed to be much younger than the other knights. He had Blackish blueish hair, hazel eyes and a calm grin on. I wonder what’s so funny at a time like this, is he laughing at me because of my attitude with a knight. I ignore this and try to struggle out of Adens’ grasp. Aden pulled me off the ground and into the air so if I tried to struggle free, I would most likely fall and collapse on the ground. “You wouldn’t want to fall now would you little girl.” Aden said with a grin. “I rather fall than be held by someone as low ranked as you!” I barked in reply. I was losing my patients from all this madness, I didn’t like Aden. He is very mean and thinks he knows everything when he didn’t. “Why you-” Aden glared at me and made his grasp tighter as if trying to choke me. “ADEN!” The boy said as if he owned him. I looked over to see the boy but, I could barely see now. Aden had knocked me unconscious when he dropped me from the shock of the boy's reaction to what he did.

Soon, I could hear other people talking. I recognized on of the voices, it was Mrs. Rose and Kayla’s voices. I had no clue where I was, was I at the Orphanage or someplace else? “Are you sure it was her Mister?” Kayla said to the Baker as if trying to protect me from someone. “It was her! I would recognize someone if they stole from me!” The Baker yelled. “Now, Mister Wolfe. I am sure she was just hungry and didn’t want to ask me to give her some money.” Mrs. Rose said calmly trying to calm the Baker down. “Come on men, my father, the king is waiting, and he doesn’t like to wait.” The boy said in a loud voice trying to get their attention. “Oh! Sorry young master Jack. Men get to your horses!” Aden said in reply. Wait he the king's SON! I thought to myself. Why isn’t he at the kingdom where he is supposed to be! I was very confused at this point. That was when I realized where I was, I was on Jack's horse! wait... WHAT! I’M ON THE PRINCES HORE’S! I had no clue what to do and before I knew it, we were heading towards the castle. I closed my eyes hoping it was just a dream when suddenly, the horse jumped up scaring me. I yelped and wrapped my arms around Jack. Jack laughed and made the horse run faster. “SLOW THIS DANG HORSE DOWN!” I shouted in a weak voice, I was still a little tired. “Oh, come on. This is slow for me!” He shouted back to me. I didn’t believe it. "JUST SLOW THIS BLOODY HORSE DOWN!" I barked at him. It took many heartbeats before he actually slowed the horse. The castle seemed closer now and the guards seemed to be making a circle around the prince. "What are they doing?" I muttered. "Meh, don't mind them. It's just... My dad makes them protect me too much. I think he's a bit overprotective." He shook his head. "Your lucky to have parents." I muttered looking down at the ground. "Īe, watashi wa chigaimasu." (No, I'm not) The prince rolled his eyes. I looked at him shockingly. "Anata wa nihonjin o shitte imasu!?" (You know japanese!?) I asked shocked he even knew that.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2202639