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Well, Is it just magic? Or is there more then what meets the eye?

Have you ever wondered what hides in the shadows? Or what dark magic actually is like? Well, this might be the story for you. Unless your just a Curious and you like the unknown. Stories usually begin with Once upon a time or It was a dark and stormy night but this is a fairy tale now is it. This story begins not so long ago but probably far from home.

Chapter one

Pastel sat at the bottom of a huge oak tree watching others walk by it. The leaves of the tree were bright orange and red sense it was Fall and it became colder. Pastel sighed as the chill in the air gently touched her skin. Her lynx ear twitched as she heard someone approaching. Her pastel blue eyes looked up but no one was there. She tilted her head confused but then quickly realized there was someone there, just not in front of her. She got onto her feet and swang around pulling out her knife. "AH!" A voice yelled as the knife glazed their neck. The person fell to the ground and winced at the pain. Pastel recognized them from her school and she knelt down to get a better look. He had red eyes and black hair that seemed to cover one of their eyes but it wasn't on purpose, it was only there from the fall. Pastel got back up and held her hand out but the boy hesitated. "Well. Are you just going to sit there? Or are you gonna stand up?" Pastel growled. She acted harsh but the boy could see kindness in her eyes so he grabbed her hand and she helped him up off the floor. "Why were you back there and being quiet at that? That is a bit creepy." Pastel snarled. The boy just smiled and moved his hair out of his face. "What? You seemed lonely. You always seem alone throughout the day. Don't you have friends?" The boy laughed. Pastel grew quiet for a few heartbeats. "Oh." The boy said relizing that Pastel might not have any friends. Pastel had only just moved there and she seemed alert at all times, the teachers even allowed her to carry a knife. "You haven't been able huh? Well, how about I show you around." The boy said gesturing his hand towards the city. "I'm fine. Thanks." Pastel glared at his hand as if he was the one holding the knife and not her. "Oh come on. I won't bite." The boy joked.
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