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3 Chapters of Sapientaie

Chapter 1 - From now to then

In the beginning of time for he existence of human beings; and in so doing, having access to memories that help shape our lives. There is only memory in our subconscious. Habits, significant events, heartbreak, loss, childhood lessons, experiences - everything that you have gone through is shaping you to who you are.

And the beauty of this is that we share many traits through emotions, thoughts and reactions. A traumatic event can leave a person fearful of that event. And fear is a real thing - we are still mammalic. If you can train a dog, elephant, chimp - are we not also 'trained' through what we consume enough times?

What is the result of 'training' the mind over years of TV consumption? Ideologies on how the world works. Or supposed to work. Sports events, News channels, epic cinematic movies -this is what our minds are filled with.

Props to the people who take the time to create their own piece of art for the world to experience, yet we are the ones creating every aspect of our existence. Every decision we make has a stimuli and a response. In between those two is choice. We can choose how to respond to anything - as long as we trained for it.

A military soldier in War is not a man who walked off the street into a uniform with a rifle in his hand flown to a distant land to fight. He has been trained to do so - weeks and even years to be the best fighting flesh for his country. Same as a doctor, etc - you get the point. It is what you are doing with your wake-time hour that really defines who we are.

When we envision a building, a business, parenthood, there is always the future to consider that comes with planning and action steps to execute you goal and create success in any venture. Yes - create success. Do it yourself. We are all the captain of our hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, mind. And only you have the right to decide what to do with them all.

We were given hands, and that gave us the ability to hold and create! Everything you see around you; not including the natural world, was brought into being because of our ability to turn a thought into substance. Choose what is beneficial to your existence over the lifespan of your life. What would you want to have achieved if you lived to 80? 100? We are thus consumed by instant gratification that we forego the idea of being on this amazing planet for an entire century.

Be it obtaining a University degree or building spaceships, finding a partner or starting a business. It takes a degree of planned action.

Animals do not have this concept. They cannot perceive a future plan or goal, and act on it - rather they use the forces of nature, universe cycles, and current environment to go through their existence - ultimately, survival. A dog cannot choose when it wants to eat. He eats when you feed him -as with most mammals in human environments.

Us, Sapiens, have' knowledge' that we have learnt, accumulated and passed down over thousands of years to the point where we are now. Knowledge through the arts, science, travel, etc. Information passed through the internet, satellites and big black boxes on the wall. Memories that are both useful and useless. At best, knowledge can empower or enslave a people.

The point here is this: we are, each and every one of us all capable of building a rocket ship, or running a successful business, or getting a higher pay check, saving the planet or travelling the world. And all it is - is starting a memory that will bring more of that memory so that you become an expert in it. Create that first little neuron pathway, and repeated over and over again to form a habit and voila: Rocket ship built.

You put the right information into your brain enough times, you are limitless. You can and will achieve anything.

One step further in this is the fact that we are all joined to each other's energy, even the uniqueness of each one of us is profound. The dubbelbanger effect is a clear sign that our DNA is connected throughout the globe. That is proof enough that we are all connected. Right?

Our thoughts and emotions connect us, and there is a divide in society that is both unnecessary and mostly political and financial interests. Think oil, WWII, Aparteid, 911, Irag, Afghanistan, and many more, and we are still mellowing in their wake - this approach to the world is creating serious hatred among human beings, and separating us from each other. This is probably the most catastrophic reality to actually live in.

Why on earth would we all want to be separated from one another?

Beneath the skin, we are all the same. Before we are born, we are all the same helpless infant, with no concept of time, or money, or culture, or religion, or human rights, or masters degree in hand. This is all memorised into our minds, through parenting, education, peers, screen time download, global issues, wars, etc. To what end?

We are getting sidetracked. The point of this chapter is to warm you up to the possibilities that await you.

Mind the Heart..

Chapter 2

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Many years ago, the interaction between man and woman was thought as sacred. It was something done in marriage and purely to keep the family tree growing.

The days when men were gentlemen. They opened car doors for ladies; they courted her and made her feel special; they relished her company; they protected and served their queens, in the hope of gaining her hand carrying with a ring on it.

There is definitely some of it very evident today - among many friends and family.

However, there has been a drastic shift in the way women are treated in certain cultures. It has done a complete one eighty and have become products to sell; manufacturing machines and seed dumps for insecure, shameful and disgruntled men, who's only wish is to poke his dick into something tight with all his buddies and hurt someone defenseless in his twisted lust.

Where has the respect for our Eve gone? Why has the world exploded with such a shallow sighted panorama of the most beautiful thing that god has given us Adams', that has the ability to give life, tend a home, lead nations and bring a balance in our lives.

What is a Gentleman?

Let us break that word up:

Gentle. Man.

Gentle definition:
Having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character.

Moderate in action, effect, or degree; not strong or violent.

Man definition:

An adult human male

A human being of either sex; a person.

Courtesy: Oxford Dictionary

Does it make a bit more sense now as to what it is to be a gentlemen-?

There is a reason the world is so upside down, and it is rooted in the many years of overexposure to constant sexual, violent and negative stimuli. From the age of 13, if not younger, boys and girls are absorbing information through their screens: pornography, movies, prostitution, consumer products, music idols, global issues, etc, etc. Conceptualise the fact that this is happening every day, from that tender age through the rest of their lives.

Unless something is done..and it starts in every home.

Otherwise, it is a fact that things will only get worse. There is a ticking time bomb on this planet that people are unaware of, and things have already taken hold. If there is no contact between mind and heart, we have little chance of creating an existence that is we all can live in for the generations to follow. We have been so far removed from our true nature that it is difficult to realise how life actually is.

We are not in alignment with ourselves or each other, which in turn is creating the chaos we choose to exist with.

We need to nurture our men as equally as we do our women, if not more so now than ever. A school for gentlemen - that begins in the home. I cannot stress this matter enough.

In South Africa particularly, in 2019, there is a big movement for women's rights, xenophobia and employment strikes, and I fear that only protesting in the manner in which it is being done will not solve the issues of abuse, job creation or housing that is evident in this country. If anything, it is only making it worse.

The government cannot fix this overnight, and nor can it be fixed through law. It has to be healed in the many men and boys that have been forgotten, or mistreated or worse removed from a safe upbringing.

A man is a man only when his heart and mind are in balance, when he still use both sides of his brain to justify each action and thought he pursues, and not the left-brained animal that accompanies the ego.

This goes as far as the education system where boys and girls are already partaking in bullying and discrimination from young ages.

We cannot heal a wound; only give it the right resources to do so on its own. Wound a boy's heart and show me a man that can still love.

Give a gun to a boy and march him to fight the enemy in far-away lands; and then ask him to come home and be the same man.

The capitalist system is in place to turn a man into a conditioned, hardworking product that is bought for what it's hands & mind can do in the cog. He is taught how to do something in order to make a living - selling his time.

His values and morals are tainted by the countless stream of information, both positive and negative that is everywhere. He fits in like a sheep to make some money, pay the rent, and consume the food, beverages and pills to live happily ever after.

He does not see nature anymore. He does not spend time with himself and nurture his soul. He does not gain knowledge of the universe. He refuses to change anything because 'what is the point?'

This has been happening for so many years that it is now seen as the norm for the majority of the population across the globe. All of our every desire is met and available for the taking, some more so than others, and we go along through life to work, eat, poop, f'ck, sleep, repeat cycle for the remaining 50 years of our lives.

Creating dis-ease in our bodies, depleting our god-like seed for creation and filling our memories of useless matter.

Some of you might argue that there is good in life too, and I agree. I love life and love sharing it with the people, new and old that exist in my life..

And when one realises the value of every bit of information he absorbs and sorts into his mind-vault - one will realise the direct link to the things one thinks, believes and acts on, and eventually experiences is the systemic flow of what you keep in your focus.

You are the Captain of your ship. Look after your ship.. It is the only one you have. You sink your ship, you go down with it. If you have any self-respect. No one's ship is controlled by someone else.

No one's heart is beating because of someone else. Yes, the heart can beater faster in love of some-thing outside of you, but it is not creating the consistent beat for every second of your life. It is a response to that thing.

Saying all this, and if you are keeping up, it makes sense to say live your life through balance & moderation. Too much of anything is never healthy.

The yin and yang is a balance of positive and negative. It will always be constant and always in proportion.

Imagine this for a minute. Really think about it:

You are in a a safe place deep in the forest. There is no one else, no animals, no wifi, no electronics, no buildings, no history of civilisation; complete isolation yet all basic needs are met (clothing, shelter, food). You are in this place for ten days.
Close your eyes and imagine this place. Go through this 10 day period and consider each day.

What comes to mind when you ready to leave? Friends? Family? Partner? Your business? Your music collection? (PS. pets are under family)

Something was drawing you to come back. And yet, did the next movie to watch pop up? What sport event was on? What was happening on the news? Where to order for dinner?

Do you get an idea of the 'useless' information. It is all a buffer to distract ourselves, to be a part of something, and follow the masses to feel accepted, yet all these mass herding, as such, has been put in place over centuries of careful planning to make your existence on earth 'worthwhile'

Through some easy research online media platforms, you can detract the number of visitors to a site, and it astonishes me the number of visitors to various subjects. For instance, a music video by a famous artist swings in the millions, and sometimes billions of views, as opposed to self development or self-understanding total a few thousand views - no where near a billion.

Our brains are so messed up, and when you awaken to this fact, you will, at first, be heartbroken, even angry to the extent of this false life you have been told is the norm, or you will shrug your shoulders and say 'oh well-its out of my hands, and there is nothing I can do about it.'

Can I suggest the idea that actually, yes there is.

We are together. That is it. We need each other to thrive - to exist. And using this, we can all choose how we co-exist - always and in any moment. We have a choice to do anything. But when you make that choice be sure to know the best approach to said choice. We all have a choice.

And in so doing, have brought on side effects to the exposure of information we have seen - just over the past two decades alone. Religion is fast becoming a non-primary aspect of many more homes each year. The scandals of abuse and financial misuse is everywhere, so a rightful parent has to make the choice on how their kids are brought up.

You drive around a city and come across hundreds of public playgrounds and swings, all solemn in their loneliness, as parents either don't have the confidence in the outside world to take their kids there, or the worse, they are bringing their kids up to play with technology - that actually mould them into the perfect little worker ant. Role playing games - where one can run around in a virtual world with all the same things that exist in our current world - buildings, cars, shooting each other to get the highest score.

We going to sit here and say that does not affect the psyche of your child? Sure, he is not going to go out to school and shoot his classmates - oh wait. But the bigger effect is that it is softening the blow of violence in his head, making it seem altogether normal that killing something or taking control of land, or partaking in other criminal acts is the status quo.

The world is making a shift of gigantic proportions, and in all honesty, is this the time it is just going to literally be turned upside down.

Futile attempts to cover up massive degrees of human mistakes - you see it on the news for a few days, and then it disappears. But the problem doesn't disappear.

Think on this for a second:

We all of us get angry when we see an oil spill on the tv, with the seabirds covered in oil, and a thick layer of oil on the ocean's surface, and we complain and protest about it, and hate the oil companies, etc, etc.

And a couple of days later, this news is replaced by something mundane about some dictator in a faraway place that is doing naughty things to his country.

So what happens? We forget about the oil spill and focus on something new. BUT THE OIL SPILL STILL EXISTS. And for many more years, its effects are well documented - but in our naive world, it is no longer an issue because it is not being forced into our reality by the big square box.

We think that because it is 'off' the news, it must be sorted out and everyone is happy again, so we get back into our cars to burn said oil to continue with our lives.

It is important to state that any protests that start with 'anti' is actually making the thing they are protecting about even worse. What we resist WILL persist.

Once upon a many times in our world, there have been great mystics and prophets who have been able to teach, encourage and empower various peoples of various cultures and regions. Both recent and ancient, they all have one thing in common - live in consciousness. Be aware of what you are. And I would like to explain it further, in a way that makes sense for the 22nd century.

Each and every one of us spends some time on earth and then leaves, to come back at a later stage. And what you do on earth now will channel who you will be in 100, 1000, 10 000 years.

Can you imagine all these millions of stars in the galaxy - just waiting to come spend some time on earth? Wouldn't a star just be dying to be on this Earth that we have been given the opportunity to thrive on. However we got here, its not a bad place to be. Yes, so what if aliens exist? They definitely don't have the lives we do. And they probably alot bigger than us. But damn they left us heaven on Earth. How is it that we are the perfect distance from the Sun to create life?

However the point I am making here is mass consciousness. The formidable power of minds focusing their intent and will on a certain topic. To date, this topic has been used by Buddhist monks, cultures and religion, and as far as governments, public protests, etc. However, the difference here is the energy that exists within each of these mass gatherings. An anti-war campaign should never ever be an anti-war campaign. That is putting focus on the thing that you want to put an end to.

In fact, our protesters throughout the world need to change their approach on solving these issues by activating pro-outcome campaigns. Why is it you go to a anti-war rally? You want peace, yes? So have a peace rally.

You go to an 'anti' rally and observe how everyone is screaming and shouting, getting roused up, looting begins, soldiers are dispatched, property is destroyed. Now replace that image with a peace protest. Everyone is silent. Everyone focuses on the outcome - the end of a war, equal rights, et al.

Now this can be done anywhere. It can be done in the middle of the desert or the ocean with 10 cruise ships. It can be done by every single person on this planet. The secret here is holding this thought and feeling - together - In unity - to bring about the change they seek. It is possible and proven to work over centuries of spiritual and religious teachings even education shows this.

I believe there has been a crack in human existence in the past 100 years, whereby, to our evolution and detriment has drawn us to a cross roads not any of our ancestors have ever had to face.

We have become cogs in a machine and there is no other way to say this than it is too late to make amends and reconfigure a mass world population into a 'cleaner' way of existing.

Majority of the cars in the world use a fuel burning engine, of course exception to the electric vehicles (0.05 % of current road users).

Who exactly is benefiting from the foul smelling exhaust fumes of roughly 1 billion cars globally?

That's right. And the process of these fuels - from planet to car is a twisted, gruesome, shameful money-driven hate-crime on the only planet we will ever exist on.

And yet, each one of us with the means to have a car, go merrily along with our lives; taking kids to school, doing our grocery shopping, road-tripping to faraway places, getting to work, etc and more importantly, footing the bill for this 2 tonne vehicle to move us from A to B.

The perfect business model. Don't let me get started on the tyre industry. We have been made so ignorant to these matters that to create a global shift in the how our modes of transport coincide with mother earth will take some time - but definitely worthwhile, possible and necessary.

Major corps at the helm of consumerism - building every vital aspect of our economy that has taken decades to establish and nurture. The first car with rubber tyres was in 1888, John Dunlop and Benz.

Since then (130 years ago), there have been countless tyre alternatives that are environmentally friendly and long lasting. But all become redundant.

No other possible form of wheel is on the market yet - only rubber. Many types of rubber though: thin, fat, high profile, low profile, truck, tractor, aircraft, bicycle, caravan, etc. with a host of manufacturers that compete each year for the best selling tyre award. Isn't that just grand?

And every man is guilty of allowing our passions, hobbies and desires to forsake the earth-rape that has been allowed to exist for so long.

The story continues:

At this point, I must re-iterate that this story is not a mellow-dramatic one of how us humans are fucking up the planet, and I believe it is already too late to note this, but I intend to bring awareness of how the psychology of the mind works with the information it is given.

Furthermore, in all honesty, there is a really simple solution to all this, and if it can be accomplished by millions, we might be able to save ourselves and every other species that we share this Earth with.

For millions of years, this planet has existed, and will be around for many more after we are gone.

The existing methodology for almost every human being on earth is to become educated enough to go to a job in order to get a piece of paper in order to buy our way through life. And have children that will do exactly the same thing. Our lands have been developed into cities, and a person has to 'own' their piece of land to live on it.

What a strange idea. Land that, 80% of the time, was taken through colonization, and re-distributed to monarchs and 'high-ranking' persons, to be sold to the highest bidder so that said buyer can put their house/building/farm on it, in which he ends up paying for majority of his/her life to own.

Majority of us are guilty of buying or staying in - quite literally - in stolen property, only it was done so many moons ago that we forget this piece of information.

Oil vs Electric. Yes I am going there because why not.

The process of oil. Huge big rigs are built to suck this black sludge out of the earth, whether in the deserts or oceans, deep into the ground a rod is drilled.

This sludge is then pumped through hundreds of kilometers of pipes to end up at a refinery, whereby a process turns out 40% of the crude oil into usable petroleum or diesel or gas, and is then transported across any given country via sea and road to various filling stations; for you to get your forty liter share, to get you from A-Z.

How incredibly efficient that process is, right?


Build a solar farm in the deserts. Connect power lines to a city grid, charge electric cars in your own garage or office, and have zero environment impact.

When and why has the combustion engine be the only (and most destructive) source of mobility in the modern age? We came from horse drawn carriages, when refueling your horse was unsaddling, feeding, and amble rest was granted to horses to complete each journey.

Please don't raise concerns about the in-efficiency of having to charge your electric vehicle - in the comfort of your own home while you sit having dinner, or sitting in the office 5 days of the week.

When asked: 'How long does it take to charge your electric car?' A Nissan Leaf owner and friend replied '5 seconds - I open the hatch and plug in the cord' How true that is.. Time is a man-made construct, and hence should not define what resources we use to power our lives on the only planet we will ever exist on.

Tesla Motors, one of the greatest inventions in the 21 century ( I say inventions because many of their values, and more so, their technologies (still baffling many engineers)are so far ahead and in alignment with what is possible and real in our human capabilities, hence have become the catalyst, necessary to move us into this direction, indirectly coercing the big name car brands to do the same.

There is no logical reason to keeping the combustion engine in existence, more especially in our current vista, and more importantly, a lot more is at stake now than ever before.

Every process of the oil industry is dirty, unfeasible and short sighted. And sadly, when this industry starts taking a toll in the next generational years, many jobs will become redundant.

However, with change comes evolution and so new markets will be created. New streams of businesses and skills. An exciting concept.

Yes, the sound of a V8 is incredible, and really can make a man excited in places - but that is a by-product of the big engines with chrome exhausts and 5.0 litres of pure muscle and through many years of development. It is was not a component on the success of the motor vehicle, nor is it necessary to get you from A-Z, correct?

No one ever gets excited for change to the status quo. The best part is that change is possible, and we can re-align to our true nature.

--To be continued.

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