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Short story I wrote for my creative writing class
         As the girl sits within her own mortality, basking in the warm glow of entropy, a flicker of an old forgotten thought begins to manifest within her mind. Like an old film reel coming to life, its edges frayed and worn from time, a gentle smile filled with warmth and light. A smile she couldn't quite place, not truly belonging to something completely human
         She can not keep her eyes off of the creature before her. Swirls of cosmic dust consuming itself in an infinite loop of decay, flashes of colors one's mind can't even begin to understand. It is ethereal and never-ending. The girl's mind can hardly process what she is seeing, the creature had no real order to it, nothing that ties it to the realm of existence. But here it sits, growing larger by the second, so real you could just reach out and touch it. Within what the girl can only assume is the core, lights swirl, caught in what seemed like an infinite dance. 'Round and 'round they go on loop, like the ouroboros, dancing until the end of time. The beauty of it all was truly mind-bending, causing the girl to sway with the lights until she collapsed onto the ground. The creature was now looming over her, she lets out a gasp in both shock and delight. Within the dancing lights, beyond the veil of the universe, the girl can feel that smile. One of light and happiness. Her smile was as bright as a thousand stars, but it soon faltered. Whispers, quiet at first, nudging at her brain. She hears the whispers within her mind begin to get louder. Louder and louder until it sounded like the voices were screaming. What sounds like millions of souls all speaking at once, they all say boom the same thing.
         It's coming
         The girl began to shake her head, the voices all screaming at once, she could feel their fear and anguish. A fear so strong and so paralyzing she nearly doubled over from it all. The girl let out a whimper, hands crushing her ears to keep all the voices from spilling out from inside her head. The nothingness she found herself surrounded by began to pulsate and convulse. The sound of a metallic, almost guttural whine began to echo throughout.
         "What's coming?" The girl managed to choke out.
         Her heartbeat was thumping painfully against her ribcage, beating like a man trying to escape his imminent death. The whine keeps getting louder and closer. The girl, shaking violently with trepidation, begins to look frantically around the blackness, trying to find something, anything to latch onto. Her eyes fall back onto the creature as it begins to dissipate, its swirling lights separating from its dance. The girl began to scream and beg to not leave her alone with this thing. The warmth and kindness that was once residing in her soul now gone, replaced with a hollow, cold, and shriveled creature barely clinging to life. She rises frantically, trying to grab onto the creature so it wouldn't go but the swirls of entropy merely glided through her hands like strands of silk until there was nothing left but a cold absence where warmth once was. She falls to her knees again, a violent sob overtaking her entire soul. The whine kept coming closer and closer until it was only the continuous wailing filling her mind. She could now hear footsteps approaching. A tap and a thud, ungraceful and beastly. The sounds were coming from all around her, echoing through this now empty plane of reality. She could feel the eyes of the unknown staring at her, watching greedily as it moved in closer until its breath could be felt on the back of the girl's neck. The girl sat there in silent horror, gasping as the anxiety and terror flowed throughout her body. She felt the creature's rancid and deathly cold breath flow onto her cheek as it begins to whisper hoarsely into her ear
         "I have been and always will be inevitable"

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