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Sometimes, things might not be as expected.


I thought it was going to be fun

October 23rd,

The rides, the cotton candy, the fun

Unfortunately, I didn't know what was going to happen that night

It was a night with my girlfriend

October 23rd,

She rode rides, played games, and kissed me after

Not knowing what was going to happen that night

There was a full moon,

October 23rd,

The moon shining brightly as I stared at it

Hearing a scream behind me

I turned and looked

October 23rd,

To see through the people, my girlfriend

Being carried away by a man in full black

I ran after him

October 23rd,

People staring at what was happening

And not helping at all with the cause

He ran into a carnival ride

October 23rd,

It was broken down, spooky and scary

I ran in without thinking of what was going to happen

I saw flashing lights

October 23rd,

The jazz music in the background

Chasing the black outfit, chasing after my girlfriend

He turned around

October 23rd,

He looked into my eyes

And a story unfolded, to live or to die

He pointed the knife at my face

October 23rd,

My girlfriend wrapped around his arms

Crying and weeping as the jazz keeps playing

He screamed frantically

October 23rd,

He flipped the knife over to my girlfriend

Patiently waiting for my answer

I pointed at myself

October 23rd,

He scooted the knife on the ground towards me

I pointed the knife at myself. To be or not to be

I was about to do it. But I lunged forward

I should've never done it, I tired to save her

I missed the stab into the man in black

He dodged it, it wasn't my fault

October 23rd,

My girlfriend died, to a knife wound

A man in black was charged with murder

And I was that man.

Happy Halloween,


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