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The second part to the story
As she walked to school I continued to have waves of cheesy stink fill inside of me. It was an awful humid morning as she walked a mile to her school. With each step, I was greeted with hard pavement on the outside and her disgusting, grimy, smelly toes on the inside. I had memorized the route from her house to school, a long mile walk which she liked to take her sweet time on. As she walked I could feel puddles of sweat forming all over me. Her hot, stinky feet perspired like mad but, to make matters worse, I still hadn’t aired out from the night before. In fact, my insoles haven’t been dry since the day I was purchased by Breeaunna. The moment she walked out of the store, she kicked off her flip flops (the likes of which were so filthy and rotten that I’m surprised her nasty toe jam hadn’t taken a life of its own) and put me on her bare, stinky, nasty feet. That was 5 years ago, and I’ve been a rotting mass of sweat and stink ever since.

All of a sudden she stopped abruptly, ”SHIT! I FORGOT MY RUNNING SHOES! Damn it, I don’t have time to go back for them, guess these will have to do for athletics.” she exclaimed as she looked down at me.

A feeling of dread washed over me as this was something I had never experienced. Her running shoes might be the only thing that stinks worse than me. I actually felt pity, seeing her slip those on her reeking bare feet, but now I would have to experience the ungodly amounts of sweat her feet produced while she ran. If I could cry I would, knowing full well the amount of torture I would experience. Her feet smell toxic after practice, lord knows how awful they must smell during it.

“Just...kill...me…” I think to myself.

She arrives at the school and I am completely drenched, not because she went through puddles, but because her feet sweat so profusely. If I had the ability to breathe, I would have drowned...or suffocated from the toxic cheesy air. As she goes to her classroom I am somewhat relieved.

“At least when she sits down, I’ll have some pressure taken off...it’s not much, but at least it’s something.” I think as she flops into her chair and sets her backpack next to her.

Breeaunna props me up on the desk and crosses her ankles, letting her feet rest a few minutes before class. The boy in front of her turns around and stares at me...with a look of desire. Throughout the year that boy has been giving me weird vibes. He clearly has a crush on Breeaunna, but seems to be infatuated with me. He always stares at me, his eyes longing for something sexual, but what I don’t know.

“Can I help you with something?” Breeaunna asks innocently.

“Oh no, I’m just admiring your shoes, I think they are pretty cool!” says the boy.

“I’m Breeaunna, you’re Michael right?” she asked.

“Yep, haha, that’s me.” he replied, reaching out and touching me. “These must be pretty old, they look like they’re falling apart.”

“I’ve had them for about 5 years now, so they’re pretty nasty.” she explained.

She started to pull me off of her feet and handed me to the boy. He groped me and touched me in ways that made me extremely uncomfortable even as a shoe. I could tell that this boy had a deep sexual desire for me. He “jokingly” held my opening up to his nose and took a deep whiff, inhaling some of the cheesy foot fumes within me.

“Man, they really stink!” he exclaimed, his eyes glued to my insoles.

“I mean, I’ve never washed them, so they probably are pretty raunchy.” she said.

Michael handed me back to her, and kept his eyes glued to her nasty feet, staring at them with even more desire than he stared at me. She put me back on her nasty foot and my moment of “freedom” was over. Now I felt truly in pain as her disgusting stench overtook me once more. Only in more pain from the knowledge of her sweaty PE feet.

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