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by K.HBey
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Carl seemed to have previously met Beatrice but sometiņg happened.
Carl was in a wide garden and all the telephone devises of his company were transformed into roses. A blond woman came and harvested them all.
What are you doing ? Carl said . The woman looked at him severely and disappeared. The garden became entirely empty. What 's the matter with my smartphones? They have disappeared? Carl said and suddenly he woke up.
Oh goodness! It was just a dream. Carl said.
It was 7 AM when his phone rang. Good morning sir! His secretary said. Good morning! Carl said . The manager of a certain company named Eagles Finland, wants to meet you at 8AM. She said. OK! Call Kevin please and let him know about the meeting. I will come on time. He said. He was excited.
Carl arrived at his office and the manager was a woman . She was an old blond lady. She was still preserved and looked like elegant. .Hello sir! I am Beatrice from Finland. I have a proposition and so hope that you accept it. Hello madam! Carl said. He looked straight and deeply at her blue eyes. He was somehow nervous. She had a strong personality and a severe glance.
He said to her : I have seen you somewhere before! Sorry? She said. Nothing ! He replied and they continued further into the details of their business . I want to buy all your last generation smartphones production . I can pay cash. She said.
Carl was flabbergasted. He would escape to an imminent failure if he accepted such transaction. Carl agreed immediately especially that the fare was staggering.

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