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Harper Michealson is now going to a new school.Will she find out secrets behind the woods.
Name: Harper Michealson
Nickname: Hae-Hae
age: 14
Birthday: October 31
Description: Long Auburn hair mid-length to her back she wears a black jacket with blue jeans ripped in the knees she also wears a silver snake locket with Amber eyes her eye color is Blue
Personality: Sassy, Odd, Funny, Smart, Fighter, troublemaker
Hobbies: singing, drawing, and Fighting with her older brother since he is in a gang
Pets: a black Mamba snake named Scale
Parents/family: Older brother Codie Michealson


"WHAT THE FUCK CODIE!" I yelled as my brother pulled me out of my bed

" Wake up you have school," Codie said nodding towards the clock

"SHIT it's 7:30" I yelled and ran to the bathroom changing into the closest thing I could find I ran out of the bathroom to my new school

"Class we have a new student." The teacher said as I walked in

"Sup BITCHES," I yelled as I stood

" Since it's your first day you get a warning now say your name." The teacher said

"Harper Michealson," I mumbled as I flicked the teacher off

"Another troublemaker" A boy sighed

" you want to fight?" I asked him

"Sure your probably weak." He said

" I'm Harper Michealson I'm not weak." I hissed at him
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------after lunch--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I stood there waiting for the kid

" come on Michealson lets fight already." He yelled

I punched him as she scratched my eye

"STOP IT!" I knew that voice it was Codie he ran over to me and grabbed my arm pulling me away

" Really." Codie hissed

"Meh," I mumbled running behind him into the woods hearing singing

--------------------------------------------------------------------------in the dead woods-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I ran deeper into the woods stopping as I winced at my bleeding eye I heard a branch break from behind me

"who's there," I asked as I turned around trying to get a closer look at the person I put my hand over my bleeding eye

" someone." It was a boys voice I froze as I winced again

" hm, you hurt or something?" He asked getting closer to me

" yes, its from fight," I said looking around me

"where do you come from," He asked

"Uhhhhh I live around here I ran into here from school," I said turning to try to find the person I was getting dizzy

"you ok?"He asked as I started to pass out

------------------------------------------------------------in a strange house----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I woke up to see a bit of light shining through a faraway window I looked at the window then back to myself I was indifferent clothes that meant someone changed me I walked through a room and stopped seeing a group of people one girl and four boys

"Uhh hello," I said as I walked farther into the room

" oh, she is awake." A boy said

" So who are you guys,'' I asked

"Raven." A red-haired blue-eyed boy said

"Alex." The girl said she had black hair and brown eyes

"Tommy." A boy with pink and blue hair with purple eye's said

"Hunter I'm the one who found you." His hair was white with black tips and Grey eyes

"I'm Harper Michealson," I said nodding

" Michealson you mean Michealson the gang?" Tommy said getting up

"Well, I'm in that gang but my older brother owns the gang," I explained

"Oh, cool we are in the Vampires Gang," Hunter mumbled

"VAMPIRES!?" I yelled freaking out and pacing the floor


"IDK," I shouted as my eye started to bleed again

" y-your eye," Tommy said a finger and pointing shakily at my eye

" oh this it's fine," I said taking the eye patch off thee was a large cut and my eye was white as blood dripped onto the floor

"Ewwwww," Raven said covering his face

"Cover it up." Hunter hissed as two boys came in dragging a dead body that had its heart ripped out and half of its flesh was messing

"Oh hey oh Harper the brown-haired boy is Mike and the pink-haired one is Grayson," Hunter said as they dropped the body onto the floor

"Ima go now," I said as I walked into the hallway turning to the room I was first in laying down and started to singing lightly

"Hey um Hunter wanted me to tell you its dinner," Grayson said muffled by the door

"Coming C-I mean Grayson." I cut myself off from saying my brother's name and walked out the door with Grayson

I stopped sitting down by Alex I hummed as I went into Grayson's mind * Tommy looks so hot.* I sent it to his mind and smirked as Hunter sighed

"ugh the chicken turned out bad Anyone know how to cook," Hunter said as he turned around looking pissed

" might," I said as I got up and went into the den walking to the stove I hummed in silence for ten minutes waiting for it to start bubbling

"Here," I said sounding emotionless

"WAIT WHO THE HELL SAID TOMMY LOOKS SO HOT IN MY HEAD," Grayson shouted as i lightly giggled as the others laughed

"W-why the fuck would you say that I'm NOT GAY," Tommy shouted as he ran to his room

"Ima leave and take some of Alex's clothes," I said my voice sounding blank

"those are Hunters clothes since your so Skinny I had to put you in his clothes you can go raid his closet," Alex said as I walked past her to Hunters room stopping at his tiny closet and taking out a black hoodie with black bluejeans

"This will do," I mumbled walking back to the room I was in falling asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~change of pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Hunter what do we do she is a Michealson." Alex said

"we keep her as a pet here its a shock collar if she tries to act bad." Hunter said handing Alex an shock collar
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