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A stranger on your path looks familiar. Should you greet them or avoid eye contact?
Below the yellow sun, a woman in hiking gear spotted someone she may or may not know.

'I've seen you somewhere before, is that what I should tell him?' Lass thought as she walked up the mountain path. 'No what if I'm misjudging and I haven't in fact seen him before.'

'That's it!' the woman now had something called 'determination' in her eyes and proceeded forward on steady legs.

The man Billy was taking a stroll through the mountains when he saw a familiar face below him.

Naturally he went over to greet the owner of the familiar face. Once he was close enough to see her he noticed that she couldn't really see him.

"REM." he muttered under his breath and indeed her eyes were darting around, never focusing on him. He reckoned she could bump into him and only notice due to the impact.

"This is the first time I've seen someone sleepwalk with their eyes open," he told himself, not knowing that this was in fact Lass' genius idea of avoiding eye contact with the familiar man.

"I'll wake her up," he told himself and yelled at her to wake up, but alas it was to no avail.

His eyes darted to her ears and once he saw her earphones shock was evident in his features.

Billy said.

"Somebody dropped five bucks." and like a snake after its pray she crouched low to the ground and looked around. But the only thing in sight was the familiar man's crouching form. He was smiling.

"I know this part of the trail isn't very interesting but try not to fall asleep will you." he got up and started heading down. "Bye bye."

Lass looked at the ground embarrassed. Even after all that she still couldn't remember the guy.

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