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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2202778
Firebloods is about a bunch of fourteen-year-olds who have magical fire abilities.
A note from the author
Before you read note there is some violence but otherwise, do enjoy my story :)

Part one
Ryder and Rebecca


I hate a lot of things. These things consist of; school, kids, reading, lockers, bullies, and superheroes. I have a twin named Rebecca she loves everything the exact opposite of me, but neither of us fit in. Me and Rebecca are orphans and it's not a very happy life. Mrs. Cockney is very mean and no one has ever even tried to adopt me and Rebecca. People at school bully us for being orphans isn't that stupid.
I think it's stupid. Mrs. Cockney hates me and I never get it easy. She is the meanest woman ever in case you were wondering. That's enough about me though it's time to begin the story.

~Chapter one~

I never knew anything could be as hard as this life. My life with my parents before they died was so perfect so awesome, but now it was anything but that and it has been a long time.

“Eight years Ryder, can you believe it,” Becca said tying up her bright pink shoelaces, the cheater's way. I stared at her for a moment then said back.
“Yeah, I can believe it,” tying up my own black laces the proper way.
“Come on Ryder, lighten up a bit it's the first day back since summer break,” she said dancing around me.
“Well you actually like school, I don't,” I stated, leaning down and picking my blue checkered backpack up off the floor. Becca reached down for her reddish-pink one and slipped it over her shoulder.

“I like school because I get to learn new things,” she said smiling. I pretended to smile back as she opened the door and we started walking to school.

We arrived at school not a second too soon the bell just merely rung and everyone was rushing inside with all the school supplies packed up in their packs or in their arms. Only a few steps into the school and a foot flew out into my path tripping me. I fell face-first onto the floor hearing the laughter as Becca helped me up and I dusted myself off and picked up my things.

“What a loser,” I heard a kid sneer under their breath. I continued to walk with Becca to the classroom everyone else was heading.
Mr. Darius’s classroom, he must be new because I didn't recognize his name.

I swear I got tripped like twenty times in only three hours. Every time I just got up and walked away, but then I saw some girls picking on Becca. They had her cornered and we're saying some nasty things to her. I practically blew up.
“Hey, leave her alone!” I yelled, the three blonde chicks all turned to look at me. All three of them did that weird “lady” walk towards me, but they walked right passed me and when I turned around I instantly knew why. One of them was clinging to a boy with bleached blonde hair and blue tacky jeans while the other two were walking away. The girl was whispering in his ear.

Suddenly the boy threw her aside, picked me up by my collar and rammed me into a locker. I barely flinched. He slammed my back into it again, when I barely flinched again he opened the locker and threw me in locking it as well. A couple of minutes went by.
“Hey let me out,” I said, banging on the locker as a kid passed. I did this six times before I started to panic.
“Help!” I screamed banging on the locker until my hands were sore. I sank to the bottom of the locker and wrapped myself in a little ball.

I tossed my backpack on the floor and then charged up the stairs.
“Ryder get back here right this instant!” Mrs. Cockney yelled as soon as I entered my room. I slowly trudged back down the stairs.
“What?” I ask annoyed, as I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall.

“I heard you skipped five classes today,” she said softly. My face went extremely pale.
“I was- I started but she cut me off,
“You are not to skip classes,”
“No buts,”

“But I was stuck in a locker,” I grumbled. Mrs. Cockneys' face darkened.
“Are you talking back to me,” she growled I didn't get a chance to protest, she grabbed my ear and dragged me into my room, shutting the door behind her.
“If you disobey Mrs. Cockney, Mrs. Cockney punishes you,” she said sternly.
“I am not scared of you,” I said, Mrs. Cockney went pale.
“Excuse me,” she growled.
“You can punish me all you want, I am not scared of you,” I said but I was lying I was scared of her.

Mrs. Cockneys smiled.
“Well then take a seat,” she said gesturing towards my desk. I reluctantly sat down.
“Now place your hands on the table, palms up,” she said, I slowly placed my hands on my desk.
“Good,” she said locking the door. I started to get nervous.
“What are you doing?” I asked cautiously, she didn't reply. That's when it happened I felt something slam into my skin. At first, I felt nothing but then I felt a seeping pain like my skin was ripping apart.

“Ah-ah-ah,” I gasped my hands shaking, but the pain started to get worse. I started screaming and crying and gasping for air in shock.
I heard the door unlock and then lock again from the outside with a key, but I didn't care it hurt so bad. I screamed some more as the pain got worse until it calmed down and I practically fell into my bed still gasping in pain.

When the door unlocked again I was crying.
“Ryder dear,” Cockney said in a sweet voice. My tears instantly paused.
“Don't talk to me, you monster,” I said starting to cry again as I cradled my hands in my chest.
“If you tell anyone I will do it again,” she said, then left, locking the door behind her. I knew I had to tell Becca though I just couldn't keep anything from her and Cockney never had to know, I continued to cry because I was still in pain.

I heard a knock on my door a little while later.
“It's locked,” I said, knowing it was Becca.
“Can you unlock it?” she asked.
“On the outside,” I choked, cradling my hands they were so red and hurt like crazy.
“Ok, I will ask Cockney for the key then,” Becca said determinedly.
“Ok,” I said softly squeezing shut my eyes in pain as more tears fell.

I heard the lock twist and Becca came running in throwing her arms around me.
“What happened? I heard you scream,” she said.
“Nothing, I’m fine,” I lied.
“I know your lying,” Becca said.
“Yeah, I am,” I admitted, I was not a very good liar.
“So, what happened?” she asked. I winced, slowly drawing my hands out from behind me. Becca gasped. “What is that?” She asked.
“I don't know,” I said.
“But they definitely hurt,”

My hands were basically throbbing, just then Cockney slid through the door angrily marching toward Becca and me. She grabbed Becca by her arm and shoved her out. Closing the door and locking it from the inside. I started to shake unwillingly.

“No please don't, I can't keep things from her,” I begged starting to cry.
“You shouldn't disobey me, now get in the chair,” she growled pointing angrily.
“No,” I said.
“If you argue I will hit you even more,”
I froze.
“Ok fine, please, I’m sorry,” I said, slowly inching towards the chair, tears streaming down my face.
“Too late for that now,” she said pushing me into the chair.
“If you struggle or pull away more will follow,” She cautioned, I slowly put out my hands.

This time I felt it right away and screamed, I almost pulled back but I didn't biting my tongue in pain as she hit again the thing ripping through my skin. I screamed in agony as she hit me once again, ripping my hands away. Cockney stopped for a moment left but then came back, hitting me once more. I almost didn't care anymore resting my head on my desk and crying in pain as she hit me over and over wondering if It would ever end. Until she stopped and left I continued to cry.

~Chapter two~

I didn't understand why this was happening to me but I only got a sixty-eight on my social test and I was terrified to go home. Sure enough when we got home Cockney was leaning against the banister.
“Come on,” she said like I was some sort of dog.
“No,” Becca said.
“No..hmm you can come too,” she said.

Becca trailed along while I sulked. Cockney opened Becca's bedroom door and shoved her in locking it behind her. Once we got to my room she dragged me in and locked the door behind her.

“Seeing as this is the third mark in the sixties you have gotten I think we need something new,” she sneered. My hands started to tremble.

“Take off your shirt,” she said.
“Please Mrs. Cockney I will do anything,” I pleaded tears starting to form.
“Take. It. Off,” she growled, I whimpered tossing my t-shirt away.
“Good now kneel on the ground and put your arms on the bed,”
“Please don't make me do it,” I begged but she only stared and I slowly did as I was told.

“By the way, I am doing this because you barely passed a test and this is the third time,” she said and when it slammed into my back I screamed in agony and crumpled to the floor. Gasping for air and crying in pain.
“Get up,” she growled. I staggered upright again and what did she do, hit me again. Cockney hit me many times that night. She hit me until my pain was so bad I didn't even have enough strength to move and then she left.

I whined hiding in my blanket when my door started to creak open.
“Go away,” I choked. My breathing was heavy and my back was still aching.
“Why, I just want you to help me with the thing we are doing in math, I don't get it,” Becca said barging in.
“Just leave me alone, please,” I begged gritting my teeth when I re-positioned myself causing my back to scream in protest. I winced as I settled into my new position.

“Ryder please I really need some help, I don't know what she did to you but-” I cut her off.
“Becca I’m in pain ok, just let me be alone,” I said my voice breaking. “Oh ok then,” she said sadly, I heard the door close behind her.

I couldn't get up, the pain was so intense. I tried to sit up but I howled in pain and laid back down. I heard the doorknob turn again, but this time it was Cockney. I backed up against the wall, no matter how much it hurt me.
“Don't hurt me again, please, I promise I will behave,” I begged. Her hand whipped across my face.
“Stupid boy, you have learned your lesson,” I sighed in relief.
“I just hate you so…,” she said before I knew what was happening my hands were tied behind my head and I was lying on my stomach on my bed. I tried to struggle but when she pulled out the thing from behind her, I instantly stopped. Cockney placed it down on the table and walked over to me.

It had been almost three days since she had hit my back but it still hurt so when she pressed her fingers into it, I screamed. She pressed harder and harder until it hurt so bad I started to cry.
“Stop, stop-please-I-will-do-anything,” I begged but she pushed even harder and I screamed in agony, tears streaming down my face.

“Listen up and you better listen close,” she sneered into my ear, her fingers still pressed into my back. “I am not Mrs. Cockney and I can do some real damage to your sister if I wanted to, so guess what if you want her to live a good happy life you're going to let me do whatever I want to you,” I gasped as she dug her fingers deeper.
“Understand,” she growled, I nodded pain coursing through my entire body. She released her fingers and I gasped relaxing my muscles.

Suddenly she ripped me off my bed and I hit the floor painfully, screaming.
“Who are you?” I asked she kicked my desk over and it landed right on top of my left leg. I screamed in pain and she laughed.
“Why would I tell you,” she sneered. I flashed her the meanest look I could muster in my state and said,
“Whoever you are, you're a monster,” she laughed again and grabbed my chin.
“Oh honey, I am doing you a favour,”

I screamed and screamed trying to pull the desk off my leg while at the same time wanting to just cut it off. Everything was hurting and I wanted it to end. I started to cry trying to tug my leg free.
“Becca!” I cried as the ropes that tied my hands together fell away, but it didn't change anything. My body wasn't cooperating and my heart was pounding.
“Becca!” I tried again pushing on the desk.
“Help me!” I yelled until I couldn't take it anymore and sunk into my own tears.

~Chapter three~

I was in the hospital, my leg really hurt.
“Ryder,” the voice sounded like Becca’s but I wasn't sure. I only knew when a hand fell onto my chest that the voice had been hers.

“How did this happen?” someone asked.
“A desk fell on my leg and I couldn't get it off,” I said by instinct. “Well, what about your back?” Someone else asked. I didn't say anything.
“We need to know who whipped you, it's a serious crime,” a new voice said, I was still quiet.
“He can always tell us later,” a sweet female voice said. I heard the guy grumble.
“We are going to need you to turn over, honey,” the nice lady said. I was laying on my back and it was actually pretty uncomfortable. I nodded and slowly flipped onto my stomach grunting. I realized I was still shirtless.

I flinched every time her gentle fingers glazed over my back.
“This is going to hurt ok, but I need you to cooperate,” I nodded as I felt her fingers press slowly on my back until she pressed a little harder and harder and harder I knew she wasn't really pressing that hard it just hurt. Soon I was screaming at the top of my lungs and shouting stop. She lifted her hands and flicked one of her fingers at someone else. A couple of minutes went by and I passed out.

I was finally going back to school, I was so bored at home while Becca got to go to school and I didn't. I wasn’t looking forward to it but at least I was getting out of the small house. I had a limp now, thanks to the desk falling on my leg. It turns out I didn’t break anything but it had hurt like heck.

Becca plopped down beside me on the bus and whispered in my ear,
“There are two new kids that came while you were getting better,” I was scrolling through songs on my phone, barely listening to her.
“Are you even listening to me?” she asked. I looked up.
“Not really,”

“He broke Liam's nose,” Now I was listening.
“He did what?” I questioned, putting my phone away. Liam was one of the boys that picked on me.
“Ya, he broke his nose, I mean ya he got beat up pretty bad after and didn't come to school for a week but still,” I had missed five weeks of school laying in my bed really only complaining. I wondered how my leg still hurt.

The bus came to an abrupt stop. The first kid walked on and sat in the front. Harley, I thought, she only had one arm because of a fire and I felt bad for her. Next to come was Lily, Harley's older sister but she stopped for a minute. I could only see her head but she was saying something. She took a step back and another kid appeared. He walked down the bus ile and right past our seat so I got to have a good look at him.

He had crutches, an air boot on one foot, a leg brace on the other and a cut across his face that looked like it was still healing. I heard him slide into the seat behind us and Lily followed. I looked at Becca, her mouth was open and she seriously looked shook.
“I am assuming that’s him,” I whispered.
She nodded.
“What happened to him?” I asked her. I heard someone stand up behind me. I turned, Lily stood her eyes blazing.

“What's your problem!” She yelled at me.
“I only asked what happened,” I protested.
“Lily stop please,” I heard a small voice whisper.
“Hey Mason, did you fall off a cliff,” someone sneered.
“That's really mean,” Becca stated.
“Shut up genius!” the same person yelled.
“Don't talk to her like that!” I yelled standing.

“Please stop yelling,” I heard Mason plead.
“Hey quiet back there!” the bus driver yelled.
Brex came out of his hiding spot. “Why should I listen to an orphan,” He sneered I shrunk back into my seat.
“Brex!” someone else shouted. He sunk back into his seat muttering sorry.
Soon the bus was silent and all I could hear was someone breathing in and out very deeply.

When I got on the bus I did something weird, I sat in the empty space next to Mason.
“What do you want,” Mason growled.
“I just wanted to sit with you,” I said Mason turned to look at me.
“Why?” he asked. My gaze wandered and I caught a glimpse of red. My eyes locked on Mason's wrist. Mason noticed.
“Just stop, ok,” Mason said.
“Stop what?” I asked genuinely confused.
“Staring at me,” Mason said, turning away from me.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked him.
“Yeah sure whatever,” he replied rolling his shoulder and gritting his teeth.
“What happened to your face?” his face went white, but he just sighed.
“Honestly, I cut myself with a piece of glass,” He said quietly.
“Why in the world would you do that?” I asked. He winced.
“The same reason I did everything else,” he choked out. For a minute I was silent, taking in his state.
“You did this to yourself,” I stuttered, he winced again.
“Yes I did, well most of it,” he suddenly broke down.
“I almost killed myself,” he sobbed his head falling into his hands.
“How terrible is that,” he stuttered, I patted his back awkwardly.
“I am a monster,” he sobbed.
“You're not a monster,” I said.
“Yes I am,” he insisted.
“I just met you, and even I know your not a monster,”

I came through the door happy this time and gently placed my backpack on the ground. Until Mrs. Cockney came around the corner and grabbed my collar dragging me up the stairs. She slammed my bedroom door and locked it.

“You almost got me sent to prison!” she yelled in my face. She pulled my baseball bat off the wall.
“You wouldn't,” I said uselessly.
“I would,” she said as she slammed it into my leg, I howled in pain grabbing my leg. She hit me a few more times with the bat before she pulled handcuffs out of nowhere and snapped them onto my wrists, sliding the key into her pocket.

Cockney just started to kick me then over and over and I grunted in pain. She kicked my stomach and my back. I started to cry so she hit me again with the bat until I crumbled to the floor, then she scooped me up and threw me against the wall. I screamed in agony as I sank to the floor and blacked out.

When I regained consciousness everything seemed blurry and my back hurt so bad I couldn't move. I heard soft crying and managed to choke out,
“Yes, Ryder it's me can you open the door?” She asked hopefully. I tried to at least sit up but I gasped at the extreme pain in my back and leg, sinking back to the floor.
“No Becca I can't,” I stuttered.
“You have to try you’re hurt,” she stuttered starting to cry.

“Becca it's alright I'll be fine,” I choked, my head pounding.
“Ryder you have to try..please,” Becca sobbed, my heart broke in two because I knew I couldn't.
“Becca I can't,” I said beginning to cry.
“I need help Becca I can't move my leg,” I sobbed.
“I would call someone but it won't help,”
“I know,”

I was dragged down the stairs the next morning. Cockney was forcing me to go to school not even caring about the state I was in. Probably to torture me more. I couldn't even stay upright unless I was holding onto something. I was holding on to the couch when Becca came down the stairs.

“Ryder,” she shouted running down the stairs.
“Look at you, you can't go to school like this,” she said.
“I don't really have a choice,” I said sighing. Rebecca put her arm around my shoulder and helped me get ready because well, my leg hurt so bad I couldn't even walk on it.

I had a really hard time getting on the bus I was gripping the rails so hard that my knuckles started to turn white while Becca was trying to boost me up the stairs. Once we finally got on and slid into our seat someone said,
“He can't even walk properly, maybe he was born that way,” I winced at the harsh words.
“Don't listen to them Ryder, they don't know anything,” Becca whispered.

This time when we got home from school Cockney grabbed me and Becca both and marched us up the stairs. She snapped a handcuff on to Becca's wrist and the other to the door handle of my room on the inside.
“Rebecca gets the pleasure of watching this time,” Cockney sneered shutting and locking the door.

“No please don't do this Cockney, don't make her watch,” I begged, it would hurt my sister just as much as if it was herself as to watch me suffer.
“You remember the deal,” she hissed under her breath. I nodded as she pushed me onto the floor, I slowly took off my shirt shaking.

“Wait, what are you doing,” my sister screamed, struggling in the handcuffs. The thing slammed into my back and I screamed in agony sucking in breath after breath after breath. She struck again and again until I started to cry as well as scream. So did Becca.
“Please stop you're hurting him,” Becca pleaded as I collapsed to the floor gasping in pain. Cockney stopped.

“Ok I will stop,” she sneered but as soon as I turned my head to look at her something squirted into my eyes. I screamed shutting and rubbing my eyes.
“What did you just do!” Becca shouted, trying to break out of the handcuffs.
“I temporarily blinded him,” she said simply, I heard her unlock Becca's handcuffs and I felt her arm around me but I felt so light-headed at what Cockney just said that I blacked out.

~Chapter four~

I woke up to darkness and immediately started panicking. Thrashing wildly and screaming pointlessly.
“Ryder stop,” someone said quietly somewhere near me, I kept thrashing.
“Ryder stop,” I heard more sternly this time. I stopped thrashing and blinked a few times the darkness reduced to blurs of colours.

“Becca?” I questioned
“Yes it's me,” she said I felt her hand on my thigh.
“Why can't I see you?” I asked.
“You're blind Ryder,” Becca said.
“What no I'm not,” I said.
“Yes you are Ryder,” she said, her voice breaking.
“No, please, no, you can't be serious,” I stuttered looking around in the blurry mix of colors.
“It's only temporary though,” Becca said.
“But I don't want to be blind,” I whined my voice breaking.

“Well that's to bad now isn't it,” a new voice said, I soon realized it was Cockney.
“Stay away from him,” Becca said.
“You are both going to school now hurry up before your late,” she said.
“But, I can't see,” I protested.
“I don't really care so get going,”

I felt Becca tug on my arm.
“No, I don't want to,” I protested tugging back.
“Ryder please we have to,” Becca said pulling on my arm again. I shook my head. Somehow though Becca managed to pull me out of my bed. I still couldn't walk on my one leg and I was tired of seeing only blurred mixes of colour, mainly tan.
“Put your arms around me and I'll guide you,” Becca said as I felt her arm swing around me. I felt around until I felt her shoulder and put my arm on top of it.

School is about a hundred times harder if you can't see. I had to tell all my teachers I was having a hard time seeing anything and they told me to try and do it anyways. So I just sat at my desk doing nothing. Until in the last class of the day I could see a basketball Becca handed to me.

By the time we got on the bus, I could see just fine again.
“Your eyes are still a little red,” Becca said. I nodded.

When we walked through the door Cockney was waiting. She tried to grab me but Becca kicked her leg.
“Leave my brother alone,” she growled when Cockney recovered her hand slapped across Becca's face and you know what? Becca slapped her back. It went on for a while before I said,

“Can you please stop slapping each other,” Cockney turned and slapped me. I rubbed my face as she dragged me up the stairs, tossing me into my room. I felt something slice across my face. I started to feel the small sting and then shear pain. I screamed staggering back. I tasted blood and I knew exactly where the weapon had struck.

“Unless you want me to strike your face again get in the chair,” Cockney sneered. I staggered into the chair putting up my hands. She ripped the cloth off my hands. I felt the pain instantly screaming and crying. I cried and screamed as she hit me until she told me to take off my shirt. When I did she whipped my back three times while I was in the chair and began whipping my hands again. I was in so much pain I couldn't take it anymore and passed out.

I opened my eyes painfully blinking. My head hurt but within a couple of seconds, I noticed the sheer pain in my leg. It was brutally bruised And my baseball bat laid beside it. I started to scream when all the other pain kicked in. It hit me from all directions, my back, my hands, my face, all burning pains.

“Ryder?” a small voice questioned.
“Becca,” I choked painfully.
“Yes, Ryder come open the door,”
I tried to move my leg but it hurt too much.
“Becca I can't move my leg,” I said.
“I have to tell Mrs.Cockney your awake,” Becca said quietly.
“No Becca please, I can't take anymore,” I begged.
“Maybe she can open it though and I can sneak through,”
“Becca please you have to listen to me,”
“I have to try,” Becca said stubbornly. I slammed my fist into the wall in frustration.

Suddenly I felt my hand heat up.
“What the,” I said shaking my hand. It made me angrier though and all of a sudden a fireball shot out of my hand. I screamed in panic staring at my hands. Just then Mrs.Cockney came through the door and so did Becca who came running towards me. Cockney just left like she didn't even care.

I woke up slowly, painfully opening my eyes. Cockney stood over me.
“Get up,” she growled. I slowly sat up wincing. I stood up slowly but my leg hurt so bad any pressure on it hurt so I just stood on one foot glaring at her.
“Put your foot down,” she demanded.
“No,” I countered, I could take her with my new power I thought as my hands started to heat up.
“Do it or I will do the same to your sister,” she sneered. I had never had very many rages or outbursts but as soon as someone threatened my sister I broke.
I threw myself at her wrapping my hands around her neck. Cockney started screaming but I held my grip until Becca came in.
“Ryder, what are you doing?!” She shouted. I instantly let go. Cockney stumbled back gasping. I saw the redness on her neck where my hands had been.
“What did I do,” I muttered as Cockney collapsed and so did I.

I woke up in the hospital again. A tall lady was hovering over me.
“Hey you're awake,” she said smiling sweetly.
“So I am going to need you to tell me what happened,” the nurse said politely.
“How long was I out?” I asked, trying to avoid the question.
“Only a couple hours but Ryder you need to tell me what happened, your leg is in real bad shape,”
“I got hit with a baseball bat yesterday while I was unconscious,” I said quickly.
“Oh gosh, well does anything hurt at the moment?” the doctor asked, I shook my head.
“I think then it will be fine if you leave,”
“Wait what about Mrs. Cockney?” I questioned.
“She died. Had a super severe burn on her neck, we still don't know what happened to her, your sister won't tell us anything,”

My jaw dropped, I had killed someone. What kind of person was I becoming?
“Who is going to take care of me and my sister then?” I asked her.
“Dunno,” she said shrugging.
“Now follow me please,” she said. I slowly slid off the blanket on top of me realizing I was shirtless. I looked at the lady.
“Oh right sorry about that,” she said tossing me a shirt.

The lady handed me some crutches and I followed her out of the small room, where my sister was waiting.
“A nice family is coming here to pick you up and take you to school, so just wait here,” she said and then walked away.
A few minutes later Lily and Harley came in and walked up to us.

“Come on, you guys are coming with us,” Harley said, beaming.
“Oh ok,” Becca said following Harley as she skipped out of the building, while I was trying my best to keep up.
I climbed in their car in between Lily and Mason. It was almost like Lily never stopped talking while Mason was playing on his phone.

“Hey what are those?” Lily asked catching me off guard.
“Wha- but then I noticed she was pointing at my hands.
“Oh uh,” I stuttered, shoving my hands into my pockets.
“Nothing,” I mumbled. Lily didn't look convinced.
“That's what Mason always says,” Lily mumbled.
“What do I always say?” Mason questioned, glaring at her.
As Mason turned to look I realized he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and his arm was all wrapped up.
“Uh it's nothing, Don't worry I am fine,” Lily mimicked.
“I do not say that,” Mason protested.
“Ya right,” Lily countered.
“I don't say that,” Mason growled.
“Lily stop pestering your brother please,” their mom said from the front.
“Oh, whatever,” Lily mumbled, turning her focus back to me.
“So are you going to tell me or be like my brother,” she hissed. Suddenly Mason exploded.

“Can't you just drop it Lily! I said that because I am an idiot!” he shouted.
“Mason you are not an idiot now please calm down,” his dad said.
“I don't give a crap what you say!” Mason shouted.
“Don't speak to your father that way,” his mother said sternly.
“I don't give a crap!” Mason shouted again.

“That's it pull over,” his dad said, just as we pulled over Mason unbuckled, and pulled open the door collapsing on to the grass. His dad stepped out of the vehicle.
“Get back in the car,” he said, his voice breaking. His dad didn't move.
“Get. Back. In. The. Car,” he said desperately.
“Please,” he mumbled under his breath. His dad slowly backed up into the car. This time his mom came out and kneeled on the grass beside him.

“Let me see,” she said gently.
“See what,” Mason said.
“Mason we have talked about this,” she said.
“I'm sorry mom I tried I really did,”
“I know, your sister shouldn't have kept going but you have no right to treat your father that way,”
“Don't you remember what he did,”
I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation, but when Mason and his mother climbed back into the car Mason curled himself into a ball mumbling things to himself.

Mason took most of the classes I took but he didn't look happy to be there. People kept calling him a freak or telling him he should go back to wherever he came from. While I dealt with getting tripped twenty-four seven and being called a loser or an orphan. I sat down at a table to eat my lunch by myself when Mason suddenly joined me.
“Oh hey,” I said.
“Hey,” he mumbled opening up his lunch bag. Becca also joined us.

A little bit into lunch some other girl came and sat beside Mason.
“Hi,” she said.
“Go away,” Mason mumbled ripping his sandwich in half.
“Why?” She asked.
“Because what you did yesterday was stupid,” he mumbled.
“Ya and whatever you did was stupid too,” she said pointing at his wrist. He shoved it in his pocket before I could see it.
“Well I do a lot of stupid things, your the one with control,” he muttered.
“You think I did that on purpose!” She shouted.

“Hold on can you stop for a minute I am very confused,” I said. They both turned to look at me.
“Dude you were there,” the girl said.
“Uh, all I heard was screaming I didn't actually see anything,” I said.
“How could you not see it everyone else was watching,” the girl said.
“I uh,” I had no idea what to say.
“He was kinda blind yesterday,” Becca said.
“Becca,” I scoffed.
“Wait what,” the girl said.
“Just tell me what happened,”

“Well I got punched in the face and Madison tried to kill Liam,” Mason said. I flinched at the word kill.
“I did not try to kill Liam, it was an accident,” Madison insisted.
“Should I tell them what you really did,” Mason threatened.
“Hey anybody hear about that lady that died this morning from a mystery burn,” Madison said changing the subject, I froze.
“Uh,” Becca stuttered, averting her eyes.
“Did you know her?” Madison asked. I looked down at my hands, a tear almost escaped but I didn't let it. Becca knew exactly what I was feeling.
“Can we please not talk about that?” she asked politely.
“Why not?” Madison prodded.
“Because,” Becca said.
“Your hiding something,” she said trailing off.

My leg started to pulse.
“So what if we are,” Becca said.
“I guess your right everyone has their secrets,” Mason looked away.
Suddenly Brex slid in beside Madison.
“Brex please leave me alone,” she said.
“I know you were set up to say what you said yesterday,” she whipped around.
“Why would you think that?” Madison questioned.
“I followed you home,” he muttered.
“Brex!” she shouted standing up, but Brex lost interest.
“What's up with your hands Ryder?” He asked I hadn't even realized I had my hands on the table.

“Nothing,” I said, hiding them under the table.
“Hey that's what you say,” Madison said pointing at Mason.
“Why does everyone think I say that so much,” Mason whined.
Another girl appeared around the corner.

“Hey, Octavia Remember that one kid that was only here for a year that always wore gloves,” he asked her.
“Yeah, I remember him he was my friend,” she said.
“Do you know why he wore gloves?” Brex asked.
“I don't think it's my place to say,” she said, trying to walk away. Brex grabbed one of my hands and yanked it out in front of me. Octavia saw. I pulled it back under the table.
“OMG,” she gasped, then turned the corner and disappeared. Brex chased after her. The bell rang and as I stood up, I collapsed onto the floor.
I didn't have anything to do other them watch the other kids in gym class play floor hockey. Mason looked like he was really struggling. He looked like he was in pain. Honestly. His face was all scrunched up and he kept wincing. The gym teacher was really mean though, I mean come on making a kid with crutches play. The only reason I wasn't playing was because of me collapsing earlier.
“Can I please sit off, I can't even do anything,” Mason said.
“Ok fine,” the teacher finally agreed.

Mason came over to me and sat down.
“Why did he think I could play with crutches, idiot,” Mason mumbled.
“How did you break your leg anyway?” I asked honestly curious.
“I don't want to talk about it,” he said, looking away from me.
“Oh ok,”
“How about you?” he asked.
“Oh it's not actually broken just very bruised and still hurts like heck,” I said.
“What did you do to it?” he asked.
“That's something I don't want to talk about,” I said.
“I guess that we both have those things,” Mason said.
“What happened in the car earlier?” I asked.
“Please don't bring that up,”
“Hey, how come you never came to school before now?” I asked, politely changing the subject.
“Do you have to know?” Mason questioned.
“No,” I replied.
“Maybe another time then,”
“You have way more things you don't want to talk about than me,”
“Oh ya you want to bet,” Mason teased.
“No, because I know what you're going to say,” I said looking at my hands.
“Sorry, it must be something very private for you,” he said, I nodded.
“Maybe you can tell me another day,” he said again.
“Yeah, hey can me and my sister stay at your place tonight?” I asked.
“Yeah, I think so, why?” Mason questioned.
“You know the lady that died from a burn,” I said.
“She was me and my sister's foster mother,”
“Wait, you're orphans?” Mason questioned, I nodded slowly.
“Of course you can stay at our house,”

We all stepped off the bus together at Mason's house. Lily seemed super excited.
“Come on Becca I will show you my room,” she said, dancing into the house.
“I guess you can see my room if you want,” Mason said, shrugging

As we stepped in the house Mason's mom yelled,
“Mason don't forget about your appointment,”
“Mom do I have to,” Mason whined.
She appeared around the corner.
“If you don't go today I will reschedule it for tomorrow,”
“Ok do that then,” he said.
“And mom you uh might want to clean up the basement,” Mason mumbled.
“I told you I already did you’re just too scared to go look for yourself,” his mom said.
“Mom, there are other people in our house,” Mason grumbled.
“Yes, I see them,”

Mason's family was weird and that was for sure.
Mason started to head up the stairs so I followed him.
“Um if you want to come in my room just give me a second,” Mason said disappearing behind the door.

“Dang it, you stupid window,” I heard as well as,
“Crap how am I supposed to get this out” and finally,
“Dad, what the frick is your problem” which ended in Mason charging out of the room holding a box. His dad came up the stairs.
“I am not taking this,” he said tossing the box at his dad.
“Are you purposefully trying to make me feel even worse!” he yelled. His dad didn't say anything.
“Just...ug,” Mason said.
“Mason calm down please,” his mom shouted up the stairs.
“He tried to give me the fricken knife mom!” Mason yelled.

“Nathan!” his mom yelled.
“I don't know I thought-” Mason cut him off.
“I hate you!” Mason yelled turning around.
“Son wait,” his dad said.
“Leave me alone,” Mason said going in his room and slamming the door. I was so confused about what was happening.
I heard footsteps running up the stairs. His mother came right up to his door.
“Mason open the door,” she said, but then someone started to scream.
It had been hours since Mason had locked himself in his room.
“Mason please let us in,” his mom and Lily begged. We could all hear him crying.
“No, go away,” he sobbed. No one knew what he did but we all knew he had been the one screaming.
“Mason please,” Lily begged.
“No one is coming in here, alright,” Mason said.

“Mason, did you hurt yourself?” I asked quietly.
“Yes,” he said shakily.
“Mason-” his mom started but he cut her off.
“Shut up mom,”
“What did you do?” I asked.
“I-I I am a monster,” he sobbed.
“No your not, the only monster was the person that hurt me,” I said my voice breaking.
“W-hat,” Mason stuttered.
“They threatened to hurt someone I care about if I told anyone,” I said my voice shaking.
“I-I-had-no-idea,” Mason stuttered.
“You couldn't have known but think about the people your hurting by hurting yourself,” I said.

Suddenly Mason came out of his room.
“I’m sorry I should have been thinking about you guys, but I did something stupid instead,” he said just before he collapsed and his mom caught him. There was a huge hole in his shirt as well as a huge burn right at the base of his neck that crossed over onto his shoulder. Now I was utterly confused

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