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Rated: E · Chapter · Dark · #2202783
A meeting between good and evil
Sam’s eyes traced over the form of the man that sat in front of him, Ezra Stark. Sam could only make out his outline, due to the lack of lighting in the cell, but what he could see was a slouched over man restrained in a stained, straightjacket. His blond hair was dirtied and his shoulders were shaking over something the guard had said. The grating sound that filled the air had to be laughter, but wasn’t laughter supposed to pleasant?

Ezra lifts his head and Sam recoils back. Ezra’s mouth is sewn shut. The stitches are bloody, and more blood pools from the wounds as he smiles. His striking blue eyes latch onto Sam brown ones, and all of a sudden, Ezra stops laughing and all Sam can hear is the steady dripping of water from the ceiling of the cell. Ezra’s head tilts and Sam flinches as something moves out of the corner of his eye, but when he turns to face it, it’s gone.

Ezra’s eyes snap to something over Sam’s shoulder, and it’s then that the door screeches open and Sam flinches, the sound grating on his nerves.

“I see you and Ezra are getting along swimmingly.” Ezra makes no move to show that he heard the man, though Sam knows he did, his eyes just follow his movements. The man stops directly behind Sam, and he places a hand on his shoulder. Sam’s shoulders hunch, though he doesn’t squirm away from the touch like he normally would.

“Swimmingly?” The guard calls out from the corner. “Ezra’s just been staring him down!” Ezra smiles a little and nods. Sam feels the puff of air that leaves the man’s mouth as he sighs, and this time, Sam does squirm away from him.

“Why am I here?” He asks, voice soft though it echoes in the room. The man finally comes into view and Sam takes him in. His black hair is combed nicely to one side and his green eyes seem to look deep into Sam’s soul.

“Ezra seems to think you’re the only one that can help us.” Sam’s eyebrows scrunch as he looks at the restrained man.

“Why does he think that?” The man smiles at him, then at Ezra.

“Why don’t you ask him?” The newcomer slowly makes his way to the kneeling man. Ezra watches his every move and blinks only when the man finally crouches to eye level. “Though, it would be easier if those pesky stitches were gone, don’t you think?” Sam doesn’t speak, he knows the question wasn’t aimed at him.

Sam’s a rational man. He’s a kind man and he doesn’t like seeing people hurt. So, when the black-haired man makes a move to remove the stitches, Sam stops him.

“Wait!” The man’s hand pauses, just inches away from Ezra’s pale face. Ezra’s eyes flick over to Sam’s and he raises an eyebrow. He doesn’t seem concerned with the fact that his stitches were about to be ripped out. “Let me do it.” Ezra raises both eyebrows, then smiles widely and Sam can only watch as more blood drips from the wounds. Ezra’s mouth opens wider and wider and Sam can see the stitches ripping his mouth. “Stop!” Sam rushes over and crashes to his knees in front of Ezra.

Ezra snaps his mouth shut and Sam is painfully aware of how close he is. They’re nearly nose to nose and it doesn’t frighten Sam as much as it should.

The room is deathly quiet and Sam gulps. Ezra’s eyes seem to soften, and Sam doesn’t like it.

“I’m going to take care of your stitches now.” Ezra’s smirk is a soft one, but he nods. There isn’t anything here that Sam can use to sanitize his keys, nor is there any sort of rubbing alcohol. So, Sam brings his keys out of his pocket slowly and Ezra eyes them warily. “Could you open your mouth a little for me?” Ezra huffs out a laugh through his nose but does so with a roll of his eyes. His mouth isn’t open as wide as before, but blood still drips from the wounds in his mouth.

Sam shifts on his knees and he lifts his keys up. His key cuts easily through the stitches, though he can only assume it’s because Ezra was pulling them when he opened his mouth.

As Sam cuts through the last of the stitches and he goes to remove the knotted ends that sit in Ezra’s skin, a soft sigh breaks through the air. Sam’s hand stops from where it’s resting lightly on Ezra’s mouth.

“You know,” Ezra speaks and Sam's breath leaves his body because he knows that voice. He’s heard it before. There’s no mistaking the calming tones. “I always knew this day was coming, but I never thought it would be like this, did you, Samuel?” Sam blinks and his hand drops to his side.

“When he said he needed you, we weren’t too sure about when he meant.” Sam's eyes move to the man that stood watch over their interaction. “We thought he was speaking some crazy crap, at least, more than usual.” The man shrugs and glances back at Ezra. “But he wasn’t lying. Guess you two really do know each other.”

“I don’t-” Sam stumbles over his words, but Ezra stops him.

“Come now. You’re a firm believer in dreams, aren’t you?” Ezra tilts his head and his hair flops to the side. “It’s so good to finally meet you in the flesh, dear.” Ezra smiles widely and Sam’s breathing speeds up. “We’ve got a lot to talk about.”
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