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Defeated and left for dead, a demon awakens in a graveyard.
Sharp pain greeted the demon as he awoke, the world coming into focus as his vision readjusted from the darkness that had consumed him just now. Laying in a shallow grave, he saw a demonic caretaker above him holding a shovel. There was no hesitation on his part. Sitting up, he drove his claws through the chest of the caretaker. Blue blood splashed on his face as he stood up, his strength devoted to pulling himself out of his grave.

Moonlight shined on him as he spread his wings. The pain that radiated from his wounds grew more intense with each movement that he made. Blood seeped from the wounds on his body, staining his red skin with the purple blood of his noble demon clan. But he would not allow himself to be stopped now. Breathing in the night air, he refocused his thoughts on the battle that he had lost, the battle that had denied him the throne of Demon King.

His yellow eyes looked around the graveyard that lay before him. This was how little his rival thought of him, to have tossed him in a grave. Humans were tied to trees all over the graveyard, no doubt food for the caretaker that he had just killed. One of the humans mumbled something, but he ignored their pleas. He needed to regain his strength quickly, no matter what it took.

Driving his hand into his chest, he ripped out the human’s heart. Blood dribbled down his chin as he bit into the heart, hunger driving him to eat the heart. He felt his strength begin to return to him. Looking around the humans hanging from the trees, he felt the need to test his power and ensure it had returned.

His attention turned to a young pregnant human who wore the robes of a magi. She was clearly a human capable of using magic, and he sensed an even greater potential from the fetus that she carried. Glaring at the beaten woman, he could barely hide his hatred for her kind, which had sent so many of his kin to their deaths.

Focusing his demonic power in his right hand, he formed black flames in the palm. These flames of hell were stronger than any fire that a human could conjurer from a magic tome. Wasting no time, he unleashed the black flames on the human woman. Her screams consumed the night air as they burned away at her flesh. In minutes, nothing was left beside her skeleton which fell to the ground.

Standing over her skull, he crushed it under his foot as a smile crossed his face. A magi of her power would have been a threat to him and his throne. Nothing in this world, be it human, elf, vampire or other demons would dare stop him again. As he let his thoughts was over him, he felt a powerful aura appear in the graveyard.

Turning to face the source of power, he struggled to find the words for the man who had defeated him and left him in the grave. Everything about his rival filled him with disgust. His foe looked human, with long strands of silver hair and an inhuman beauty to his face. It was all a disguise so this demon could copulate with humans and move freely among them to evade hunters.

Anger overcame him as he lunged at his foe.

The other demon laughed at his efforts as he raised a single finger, unleashing a shockwave that pushed his foe away.

The demon’s body slammed into a statue of the god of darkness, breaking it. Blood poured from his newly opened wounds as he struggled to stand. Thunder roared overhead as clouds blocked out the moonlight. Droplets of rain splashed on his face.

The other demon said nothing as he snapped his fingers. A loud roar filled the night sky as an undead dragon flew above the graveyard before landing beside its master. The other demon gently patted the dragon’s head as he pointed at his downed foe. Turning away, his mocking laughter echoed as he teleported away.

Digging his claws into the muddy earth, the demon stood up, his eyes focused on the Dragon. Black flames danced in his hands as he tensed his body, prepared to fight the undead dragon...

Word Count: 700
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