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A story of Mythic's and things of the unknown.

It was raining by the time I woke up. Even after what happened the other day, I felt calm. I knew that one day it would happen anyway. My mom and dad didn’t care if I ran, they barely care for me anyways.
I got up off the damp, wet, floor and walked alley and over to the entrance. Looking out of the alley and down both sides of the sidewalks seeing no one so, I snuck out of the alley. “Okay, you made it this far, Leo. You can do this.” I tell myself. I walked towards the street and looked both ways. Of course, there were no cars, not at 3 am anyways. By the time I got across the street, I looked behind me. I felt like I was being followed by something or someone but no one was there. I shook my head and turned back around. I continued to walk away from the alley not knowing that something was following.

Chapter 1

It was about twelve now as I continued walking through the park. More people were out so, to make it seem like I wasn’t running away, I put my headphones on and walked casually through the park. I still felt like I was being followed and looked back behind me. There were a lot of people behind me but only one stood out. It was a girl, I think. She had a hood on and walked with her head down, as if not wanting to be seen. You know, “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” sort of thing. But you could tell it wasn’t working.
I turned back around and continued to walk. Several hours passed and I became tired. I spotted a bench so I walked toward it. Sitting down, I felt relieved. Looking up towards the sky, I spotted the first star. I closed my eyes and made a wish. Of course, I knew nothing would happen but it just felt right. All of a sudden, I heard a noise from behind me. I snapped back awake and turned to look but nothing was there. Nobody was there in the park anyways so what was that noise? Was it my imagination or was I actually being watched? I looked some more but no one was there as I thought. I turned back around and closed my eyes. I hoped it was just my imagination and tried to sleep.

After sleeping for some time, the sun rises and wakes me up from my slumber. The park was empty but that didn’t stop me from staying still. I looked around to make sure I was alone. But I wasn’t. Sleeping by a tree was the same girl from yesterday. I wanted to go wake her but then I thought to myself, What if she’s the one following me. I don’t want to risk it. So instead I walked passed the tree and quietly hide behind another tree. Soon the girl woke up and looked around. She seemed to be tensed and was obviously upset about something. She seemed to growl at herself which was strange for a human. The girl got up and started to walk the opposite direction then I was going so I started to walk away.

Instead of walking straight out of town, I walked around before heading out. After walking for several hours, I became hungry. So I decided to go to Burger King for some food. I walked in and pulled out my wallet. I only had $23.50 on me which meant I had enough to buy only a few meals before I ran out of money. I walked up to the counter and the cashier looked at me. “Hi, welcome to Burger King. What do you want kid.” The cashier said. You could tell he didn’t like working there. “Um… I’ll have some chicken fries with a side of onion rings. And for a drink, I’ll have a medium cup for soda.” I say not wanting to stand there any longer. “8 dollars and 20 cents kid.” He answered. I hand the cash over and grabbed my cup. I walked over to the fountain drinks. As I’m getting my soda the girl walked in. Okay. Weird. Is she following me or is it just a coincidence. I shook my head and looked back over to the girl. She took her hood off showing her long black hair. Her eyes seemed red for a second until I saw that they were grey. It was a good thing too. If you had red eyes here, you would be killed immediately. “One cherry Icy and a vanilla ice cream.” She said to the Cashier. Her voice sounded calm but had a sharp bite to it. “That is 2 dollars and 50 cents, kid.” The cashier said. The girl reached into her pocket but pulled out a gem that was as red as blood. She sighed and looked back up. “Umm... The money? You can't just get it for free.” The cashier said getting a bit ticked. “I can’t find my wallet. Jeez. Mortals get so wrapped up on money all the time.” The girl said rolling her eyes. The cashier was ticked now. He glared at her as she continued to look. Instead of letting this get out of hand, I walked over and said, “I’ll pay for it. Here.” I passed the money to the cashier. I grabbed the girl's hand and dragged her away from the counter. “HEY! LET GO!” She yelled at me. “Calm down. You were holding up the line.” I say in a calm voice hoping it would calm her. She scoffed and then laughed. “How much more do I NOT know about this Mor- I mean this place.” She said quickly correcting herself. Was she just about to say Mortal World? I sighed and had her take a seat at the table across from mine to keep an eye on her.

Soon my food was done and her food was too so I grabbed them both. I gave her the food and sat down across. "Okay. Quick question, Why does it seem like you are following me?" I finally asked her. She was quiet for a while then looked up. "What type of question is that? Ridiculous if you ask me." She said looking out the window. Her gray eyes seemed to shine in the moonlight. "Well, it isn't for me. I've seen you three times already and now you are here." I was growing impatient. Why didn't she just answer me? "I'm not following you. There are you happy?" She seemed to growl. I sunk back into my seat and began to eat my food. "But... I may need your help in finding my way out of this town. I seem to be lost." The girl said with a heavy sigh. She must know I'm running away. "I can help with that. But I better not see you again after that." I raised my head from my food and grinned. It gives me a reason to leave this town quickly.
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