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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Other · Detective · #2202845
The bad guy, Stephan Killian Andrews
Name: Stephan Killian Andrews

Birthday: 1/13/194
Place of birth: New York City
Parents: April (nee Killian) and Francis Andrews
What was important to the people who raised him: MONEY
Siblings: Two brothers, three sisters, two half-sisters
Economic/social status growing up: 1%
Ethnic background: WASP
Places lived: NYC and Scotland
Current address and phone number:
Education: NYU
Favorite subject in school: Economics
Special training:
Jobs: Being an Andrews
How do people view this character: Spoiled, Vindictive, Mean
Lives with: the help, wife left him
Fights with: Ex-wife, their children
Spends time with: Morgana Club
Wishes to spend time with: His money

Represented himself as the grandson of another “special unit” soldier.
He was the college friend of a special unit grandson and took over the persona of that person once he “disappeared.” Andrews grew to believe that some of the objects would bring him immortality and greater wealth.
A member of the Morgana Club, a secret society he joined on the eve of his senior year in college. A professor suggested his inclusion, when the younger Andrews began to show his openness to magic and magical objects.
Had met Charlemagne in college; they crossed paths after a soccer match in New York City, Andrews’ nephew was Charlemagne’s teammate.

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