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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2202873
contest entry, nano prep challenge plot backstory
Rillian D’lliana DyRelevar knocked on Mae Amante’s door. It was her office as much as it was her home. She was nearly always found there. Three tight knocks brought one of Mae’s personal assistants to the door. Rillian knew his name was Mark. They would work closely on projects in the future, but this was the first time he will have seen her. Time travel could be hard to follow. She had discussed at length with his future self what she could reveal and what she could not.
“Ma’am, how may I help you? Mae is busy at the moment but perhaps I can be of service,” Mark began.
Rillian let him speak. She clearly saw Mae arguing with the leaders of the Factor Union. They were making demands she didn’t have enough information to deliver on at this time. Rillian wished she could tell Mae what she knew, but… causality.
“Thank you, Mark, I do believe you can help me. I discovered an abandoned settlement and school facility in an asteroid. All indications are that we are the ones who built it, the thing is it has been abandoned for thousands of years Preserve time. I think it is time for us to figure out how t travel backward and build it,” Rillian stated.
Mark blinked at her, he glanced at his pad. Rillian knew that he was in the middle of reading a report on the recent innovation in portal technology which allowed travel into the Preserve’s past. It was top secret. “Let me guess, miss, you are from the future?”
“Quite,” Rillian stated, it wasn’t a word she normally used but Mark had been specific. She held a tablet out to him. “These are the specifications, and they have been countersigned by Mae and the future Chief of Field Operations.” Brenda’s signature was suitably oblique that he couldn’t quite read the identity of the woman who had yet to arrive in the Preserve.
“Okay, I can have this ready in...” he tapped at his pad.
“Four days,” Rillian stated. He blinked and nodded, “I will need temporary housing until everything is ready. Once the crew and I go back, that tablet will inform you at the appropriate times for the other portions of my mission. Do keep a secure journal on this whole enterprise, we will make use of it later.”
He tapped on his tablet and handed it to her. It would keep track of her temporary allotment during her stay, it also held a map to her temporary quarters. Everything was in order for the moment. The tablet needed only the input of her name to fully validate it. “Thank you, Mark.”
“You know my name but what is yours?” He asked right on cue.
Rillian lifted the tablet to her chin and tapped the identify icon, “Andrea D’llen, headmistress of Aspirations Academy.”

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2202873