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Car salesman is taught don't judge people by there looks
Our story is in the late seventies. My gram lost Grand Dad about six months before now. He would never buy a good car, always one that needed things (He wouldn't buy new or good used because he was afraid of dying in the poorhouse). Like starting when Gram needed to go right then. Plus it would smoke at odd times. Lights would flicker. Generally not a car an Elderly woman wants to deal with. One evening it was Gram's turn to drive her and her friends to go square and round dancing. The old car just refused to start. When the battery gave out, Gram wanted to put that car out of it's (Her) misery..
The next morning Gram calls my Aunt Marge to come pick her up so they could go Traverse City. Gram was going get a new car come Hell or High water. Aunt Marge ask where Gram wanted to go. Gram wanted to go to the AMC dealer She liked the looks of the AMC Hornet. They have a good talk while traveling to Traverse City Plus the colors on the trees was in full glory. The day was bright and a bit warm..
Gram is a wide woman not fat but wide So she has a strange gate to her walk. She rarely dressed up. A straight house dress usually with a print of some sort. Gray slip on shoes Low healed with a tassel atop the toe. White ankle high socks. A gray unbuttoned sweater Always a black over sized hand bag. Her gray hair is well combed but some what wavy to unruly. Gram never wore make up. Her glasses were librarian like for that time in history.
Gram walks or waddles into the Dealership. She's not greeted by anyone. She walks about the showroom where she finds just what she is looking for. A two tone green Hornet four door. She opens the driver's door. Looks around and again no one. She gets in the Hornet. She likes the feel and the aroma she had never smelled before. She exits the car looking for someone to help purchase the car.
Now my Aunt comes to her Mom as well as hear this between two salesmen "Don't go over there she's ain't got no money and I bet you can't get financing for her."
Finally one of the salesmen come to Gram "May I help you Mam ?"
Gram in her normal tone "Yes I'd like to buy this car right here. Is it ready to go?"
Salesman a bit unsure "Would you like to road test one just like this one?"
Gram with a scowl "Isn't that what we are supposed to do?"
They test drive a gray colored Hornet with the same features as the green one on the showroom floor. The salesman explains all of the features and accessories. Gram had never driven a new car and loved it.When back at the dealership
Gram starts the conversation over "I want the green one in the showroom if it drives like the Gray one."
Salesman quick in return :I can assure you it does."
Gram "Well I want the green one BUT if it doesn't drive the way the other one did I'll be back unhappy."
Salesman "Yes Mam it will drive the same."
All three walk into the salesman's office They have a seat and the salesman starts in
"Well I'll need some information to get started on your financing"
Gram puzzled "What financing ? I didn't ask for financing! When your ready for payment we'll just have to call my bank to get the funds transferred here."
The salesman blinks "Well then let's get started.' With a bit of disbelief in his voice
The usual information is asked for and given. When time for payment Gram's bank is called. The funds would be in the dealership's account that afternoon
As the car was being inspected one more time before it left the Dealership the Salesman admitted this "When I and my colleague first saw you We both pegged you as a waist of time Due to the lack of funds. But when your Bank flipped over backwards to satisfy your wishes That proved how wrong I was."
Gram "Well there feller the old adage applies here Don't judge a book by it's cover. When I and my late Husband farmed we'd transferred larger sums several times a year."
Gram enjoyed her new Hornet. She drove it to her home in Florida and came back by plane. Bought a new AMC Matador from the same salesman the next day

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