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About an angel girl who fights dark angels and unknowingly falls in love with one

I saw him across the battlefield. His dark green eyes and short brown hair, his muscular arms, his sword clashing with my best friend's. At the time all I could think about was my best friend and that I had to make sure she was safe. He was the with the enemy and that had to mean his good looks meant nothing to me. As I ran towards them knocking people off their feet with my sword, my braid swinging from side to side. He caught my eye and for a moment I froze staring at him. My friend swiped her sword at his arm, he spun and swiped her legs out from under her. I watched as he pressed his sword up against her throat and she disappeared into the blade of his sword. At that moment anything I had ever felt for him was erased from my mind and I charged at him stabbing my sword into his shoulder. He grunted in pain and stepped on my foot. I squealed and kicked his leg. He drew his sword and I drew mine but then we just stared at each other neither of us taking the first swing. Until he dropped his sword and disappeared before my eyes. I knew then that the boy I used to know wasn't completely gone, hidden deep inside his hard shell was still the boy I fell in love with.
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