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A story about a young wolf girl. Who is a ghost and doesn't remember who she used to be.

Chapter one

You never know when somethings going to end. It could be in the blink of an eye or over thousands of years. For me it never ends it's an endless cycle and we all know it. It starts with being born and ended with dying over and over and over. No one spoke of their pasts when the came back but yet some don't even remember then until they are older. I am different I don't come back. I haven't come back and I don't think I ever will. I roam the world as a ghost and no one can see me. I am alone. Sometimes young kids can hear me or even catch a quick glimpse of me but then I'm gone. I don't know what to do I am lost.

I walk down the street alone my tail drifting behind me I don't remember how I died over even when but it was such a long time ago that it doesn't matter. I see a child run across the road he stares in my direction for a moment but then turns away. All I do is watch I have been watching my whole life and nothing will ever change that. I am lost in thought when I hear someone yell,
"Watch out!" I turn towards the voice and see a car speeding toward me. It passes right through me cause I am a ghost and the person yelling lookout, couldn't have been for me.
"What in the world," the same voice said. I turn towards the voice to see a boy about my age staring at me. No, he couldn't be staring at me. No one can see me. His eyes are sea blue and his hair a light brown.

"Get off the road, it's not safe," He calls. I look behind me but there's no one there, so I look back at the boy flicking my left ear. He turns around for a moment crosses his arms, taps his foot and then looks back at me. He can't be looking at me, I tell myself squinting at him in the sunlight. His lips move but it's not yelling this time but I still hear him,
"Stupid girl," My hands start to tremble, he can see me this can't be happening. I don't know why I am afraid, I try to run but my feet are frozen in place.
"I said to get off the road, can't you hear me!" he yells again. I don't move, still staring into his eyes. He rolls his eyes and runs out onto the road.
"Why are you just standing there like a lump on a log, and why are your ears out?" he questions quietly, grabbing onto my hand. Grabbing my hand, I think. How did he just touch me? I pull my hand away from his. He stares at me.
"Look I saw you go through that car, and I don't understand how. I just need...," he trails off, his eyes suddenly widening. I turn to see what he is looking at. A huge blue semi is coming towards us, my hands are suddenly out in front of me and I push him aside. He lands hard on his knees and rolls over once or twice from the force of the push and then stops just as the semi passes through me. He rapidly shakes his head blinking.
"How. I don't understand. Am I seeing things," the boy stammered. I notice he is holding his hand and I smell blood.
"Omg, I hurt you," I said running over to him. I stopped in front of him and kneeled down. He shuffles back a little and tried to stand up. He winces and falls back down. I see the small holes in his jeans and the scrapes underneath. A lady on the sidewalk runs over and kneels beside me.

"Are you ok? Did the semi-hit you?" she asks him. I shake my head at him.
"I don't know," he mumbles shaking his head again. The woman stretches out her hand to the boy and he takes it. She pulls him up smoothly ignoring his wincing.
"Where do you live?" she asks.
"I don't need help getting home I will be good on my own," he explained, walking back to the sidewalk. I noticed he was limping. I followed him. He keeps walking for a little while and I keep following. Suddenly he stops and whips around.
"Are you a ghost?" he asks, but I hear the wavering in his voice.
"Yes," I reply. He looks down blinking.
"Then how did you save my life before?" he questions.
"I don't know," I admitted.
"That's not an answer," he growls, glaring at me. I look at the darkening sky avoiding his question.
"Answer me. Please just answer me," he mumbles trailing off. He runs his hand through his hair in frustration now avoiding my eyes.
"I'm going crazy aren't I," he mumbled, starting to pace.
"You're not crazy, I'm real I promise," I assured him.
"That's exactly what something that isn't real would say!" he yelled at me. I flinch at his hard tone.
"Well I am sorry if you think I am some sort of figment of your imagination, but you're the first person that can see me and I want to figure out why!" I yelled back.
"Figure it out by yourself," he muttered walking away. This time I don't follow, I just watch like I always do.
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