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Sometimes you need to listen to those you love.


The click of wooden heeled shoes fills an abandoned house as a tall, dark skin male saunters toward a beautiful fairytale-like moonlit stairway. He slowly slides to his knees as he looks upon a floor stained by dried blood. He places a newspaper clipping with the picture of a slain private investigator atop the bloodstain and pulls out a brand-new Ouija board.

The tall, dark skin male takes a deep breath, and places his hand upon the planchette, "David? Can you hear me?

Nothing happens, "David, I need you to answer me. I need closure, and you are the only one that can offer it to me."

The planchette reads, "COURTNEY, YOU NEED TO LEAVE."

Courtney replies out loud, "Why?"

A door slams shut above Courtney's head, causing him to jump, but he doesn't release the planchette. "COURTNEY, I AM HERE. BUT YOU NEED TO GET OUT"

"I don't want to live my life without you," replies Courtney through tears streaming down his face.

The planchette flies across the room, as Courtney jumps to his feet. There before him stands the veiled apparition of his lover. "I love you, and I wish that I didn't have to live without you either, but you have to get out of this house. You've opened a gateway and released something that wants to trade places with you."

Courtney walks up to the apparition, as they stand in the moonlight David places his cold hand upon Courtney's face causing goosebumps that reverberate down his neck.

"I love you, I always have, and I always will."

"Too the moon and back?" asks Courtney looking into his beautiful eyes.

"Too the moon and back. Now..." David stops speaking as he notices black fingers crawling like spiders across Courtney's face.

Courtney's eyes widen, he hears a voice say, "GET OUT" as he is yanked into darkness.

David's apparition shakes his head, as he disappears, he says, "I tried to tell you to get out. Now you will be here forever."

Screams fill the hallways, and with a thud, Courtney's body ascends from above, landing on the Ouija board. The front door slowly opens as blood pools around his now lifeless body as a familiar sound echoes through the halls once again. The click of wooden heeled shoes fills the deadly silence as a tall, dark skin male saunters toward the open door. He turns to look at Courtney's body. It's his doppelgger, with eyes black as coal.

The door slams shut.

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