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The one detective who thinks has all of the answers but doesn't.
Chapter One

"I glanced from my office, thinking how would the killer get off on strangling his wife?" Darwin asked himself.

"You haven't reached the point of cracking the case?" Myra asked him.

"I can't with you, hovering over me day and night, you can't decide from boiled eggs to scrambled eggs."

Said, Darwin

"I have decided scrambled." Said, Myra

The Columnist Tea Party takes place at the Good Sheraton Banquet Hall, over on Lake Street and the

Guest happens to be a man; who sports a mulligan and has a very eccentric personality; wherever he

He goes, he just owns the room with an iron fist.

"Sir, I don't believe we've met, I am Sheldon Richards and you are?"

"I would scrambled, before saying, I am Darwin Williamson, most folks just call me Hawkins or Papa

Dan, because I take care of my neighbors like a caring dad."

"You have no children." Myra replies

"And then I say, Myra do me a favor and go help yourself to some crab legs and a martini."

Said, Darwin

And then (flick!) all of a sudden the lights cut out and when they come back on, half a dozen

Who showed up for the shindig were dead, that's right about twenty people on a nicely clean

Persian rug; with blood gushing out of their heads, ears, eyes and noses and I have yet to

see who the culprit was, because by the time I did that, two scenarios would take place;

One I would either be dead with the guest or two I would get framed, once the suspect would

Smear the blood on my hands and jacket, I'm no Matlock, but I know something is up for sure.

No matter what I am determine to get to the bottom of this. (To be continued)...

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