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Some familial curses have to die by fire.

Family Matters

"Are you sure you are ready for me to move in?" asks Walter, a tall, Saudi male, dark tan skin, beautiful full pink lips, and striking features.

"Walter I am fine with you moving in, my relatives just aren't speaking to me," Donavan, a tall, mahogany skin male, with shoulder-length curly hair, replies as he carries a box through the front door.

"Well, don't you think that that matters?" asks Walter as he takes the box from Donavan.

"Walter, it doesn't really matter. They are both dead," replies Donavan as a plate flies across the room, narrowly missing Donavan's head. "Mom, you don't have to like my lifestyle, but if you all are going to be living in my house, you are going to respect me."

A box slides from one side of the room, tripping Donavan, who is narrowly caught by Walter mid-air through the force of the box.

"Donavan, you all need to talk. I am going to move the rest of the boxes later. Just speak to your parents. Maybe if you say something, they will rest in peace," replies Walter as he places Donavan steadily on the floor.

Donavan places the palm of his hand upon Walter's cheek and looks him into his eyes, "Why me?"

"What do you mean, why you?" He asks, pulling Donavan close, as another plate comes flying across the room; neither move, unbothered by the second occurrence.

"I see ghosts. Right now, the ghost of my dead parents who don't want us together. Even in death, they are homophobes. Yet, you are still here, standing by my side. They've pushed you, thrown things at you, and the list goes on and on. Yet, you keep coming back."

"For you. Because after they rest in peace, you will be all the family that I have, and I will be the only family that you have."

"I love you, Walter," says Donavan kissing Walter on the lips passionately, as the entire china cabinet collapses on the floor.

"I love you too," he replies as he kisses Donavan on the forehead. "Now deal with them."

Walter exits the house; the moment he closes the door, Donavan is standing face to face with the apparitions of his angry parents.

"You are going to ruin your life," replies Diana, her apparition doesn't do her justice, in life she was a walking statuesque figure towering over most women, a beautiful African model.

"It's my life to ruin. I love him, and he has shown me more love than you and Dad ever did," replies Donavan.

A sharp pain flutters across Donavan's face. A pain he has felt before. His father's backhand.

"We gave you this house. We gave you your riches. We gave you this life, and you are going to disgrace use by moving your homosexual lover into our home?" Asks David, a muscular, dark skin Egyptian native.

"You all haven't spoken to me since Walter and I got together. You have treated him like crap, but guess what? That ends now!" Donavan grabs Walters boxes and begins taking them out of the house. His parents stand in the living room and watch him in delight.

After every box is on the front lawn, Donavan walks back into the house. "You are doing the right thing by not allowing him to move into our home," says Diana with a deceitful smirk upon her now gruesome face.

"Mom, that's the problem. This house will always be your house. Not my house, or our house," Donavan says, walking through the kitchen and into the garage. He comes back with a can of gasoline.

"What are you doing, boy?" says his fathers' apparition as it darts at him.

Donavan runs spilling gasoline over the entire first floor of the house. As he reaches the front door, his father punches him in the face causing him to hit the floor. Blood leaks from his bloody lips. Donovan looks up with anger marring his face. "That's the last time you are ever going to hit me. I don't care if you rest in peace or burn in hell."

He screams as he gets up, throwing himself out of the living room window. His parents look on from the house as he picks himself up from the lawn. "You thought I was weak. Let me show you how strong I am. You all can have everything in this house. As it burns to the ground with every horrible memory within it, I pray you think about the pain you have caused," Donavan says as he ignites a row of matches throwing them back inside on the gasoline-soaked floor.

As the home goes up in flames, Donavan watches his parents fade away. He slowly sits on the curb by the end of the road as Walter comes barreling down the street. He gets out of the car with a sigh of relief. "So, I am assuming you haven't called 911 yet?"

"Nope, come take a seat," replies Donavan as he pats the concrete. "Walter, Family Matters. You are now my family."

"I know. Now let's get you cleaned up," Walter replies as the burning house crackles and crumbles in the background.

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