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A new virtual reality game.
Virtual reality,
Black hole One
come inside the edge,
come inside the end of
the universe.  Perverse,
contrary to intuition. 

Close your eyes and see
this reality, these images
put inside your brain.
Black Hole One is all
you need; it is your
answer to the theory
of everything. 

First a sphere, roundness,
mathematical perfection;
a gravity lens bending
all light, even that of
galaxies at the end
of the universe. 

Black Hole One
carries you back in
time, to the beginning,
to the big bang, through
inflation, to when the
universe was
white hot. 

Now this game takes you
to the event horizon, lets
you linger briefly, then
compels your descent
on a oneway trip to a
bottomless pit, to the
hole in the universe
from which nothing

Black Hole One laughs,
taunts, belittles.  It mocks
your lack of understanding,
but not your lack
of courage.

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