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by Norman
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Time keeps on ticking
Time can be measured
and time can be spent.
Sometimes you will wonder
just where the time went.

Time is a villain
or sometimes a friend.
You want it to linger
or maybe to end.

Time is a robber,
a thief in the night.
You can’t overcome it;
it’s not a fair fight.

Time is a blessing.
It grants you a life.
And yet at the same time
it cuts like a knife.

Time keeps on ticking.
It never stands still.
You’ll never outrun it,
try hard as you will.

Time is amorphous.
It doesn’t have weight.
Yet time can hang heavy
when faced with a wait.

Time can be endless
when lying in bed.
But treasure each moment
you have ‘till you’re dead.

Time is a riddle,
so hard to explain.
It boggles your poor mind
and rattles your brain.

Time is forever,
as far as we know.
It just keeps on going,
too fast or too slow.

Time may be borrowed,
put off for a day.
If that’s how you’re living
you’re going to pay.

Time waits for no man,
and no woman too.
It just keeps on moving.
So what can you do?

… but

Time can be wrestled,
knocked off of its track.
Now Fall is upon us,
we’ll set our clocks back.

Time can be thwarted
by turning a dial.
We now are time’s masters
… if just for awhile.

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