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Rysara, Rykon, Elwith and Paolo travel to the centaurs of the forest to ask for help.
The ride back to Elwith was unsettling. Rysaras turned to look at his brother but Rykon just looked down at his boots. The rain began to fall and both brothers soaked both now hung their heads, shivers danced down both of their spines. “We could have defeated her!” Rysaras exclaimed. Rykon shrugged. ‘I’m sure you could have brother,’ he said in his own mind.
Elwith was sat up. An extra fur thrown around his shoulders. “How do you feel?” Paolo asked.
“I have sure felt better. But I am afraid to go to sleep,” he said.
“Why?” he asked as he handed Elwith a mug with warm water in.
“She’s there,” he answered looking past Paolo and into the flames.
“You must be imagining things or she’s on your mind,” he replied.
“I would never want that witch on my mind,” Elwith said as he sipped at his water.
“I don’t blame you after what she did to you,” Paolo replied.
Rysaras and Rykon had stopped by a lake, their boots taken off as their feet were sore. “I don’t remember it being this hard on the way there,” Rysaras said.
‘Yes because we had horses,’ Rykon thought to himself.
“Brother are you well?” Rysaras asked. Rykon shrugged and tried to form words but they were strangulated, only a squeak escaped him. He took his journal from his pocket and took a quill from his bag and pressed the end into his thumb and began to write in his own blood. He handed it to his brother who snatched it and read it to himself.
“She did what?” he exclaimed. “How can I help you?”
Rykon began to write again, ‘we need Paolo or another Sorceress,’ it read.
“Are you sure Paolo is strong enough?” Rysaras asked, his brother nodded. “We better hurry back,” Rysaras pulled his boots back on and gathered his things while Rykon pulled his boots on. The two began the final leg of the journey back to the cavern, slipping and sliding over on the wet ground. Rysaras kept Rykon in front of me at all times keeping his eyes on him. The rain began to fall heavier, Rykon began to shiver Rysaras removed his coat and handed it to brother.
The could see the opening the cavern sticking out from the forest, they both raced towards it. They were greeted by the heat of the fire as they walked deeper into the cave, Rysaras ran to Elwith and hugged him.
“Good to see you’re better brother,” he said smiling at him.
“So am I. Paolo helped me tremendously,” Elwith said.
“Talking of which Paolo I need your help to heal Rykon,” Rysaras panicked.
“Why what did she do now?” He asked walking over to the younger twin.
“She has somehow silenced him,” Rysaras said. Paolo’s head fell.
“Rysaras this kind of magic is beyond me,” Rysaras’ head fell to. “But I know someone who can help heal him.”
“You do?” Rysaras asked.
“Yes, but it requires us to wander deeper into the forest. We need to cross the border of centaurs,” Paolo began but Rysaras interrupted him.
“What’s wrong with that?” he asked.
“They are very territorial,” he replied. “However, I am very friendly with their druid.”
“Lets go now then,” Elwith said trying to stand up but stumbled as he tried to find his feet.
“Are you sure you’re ready to go?” Rysaras asked resting his hands on Elwiths shoulders and steadying him.
“Yes, lets go,” he said and grabbed his things.
“Oh we may need to share horses,” Rysaras said.
“Why?” Elwith asked, pausing and looking around at him.
“Our horses were claimed by Opal,” he answered.
“Is there anything she can’t claim?” Paolo said looking directly at Elwith. They walked to the two remaining horses, Elwith helped Rysaras onto the back of his steed and Paolo helped Rykon onto the back of his. They began the trek deep into the woods, the fireflies emerging from the wet wood, they flew around the riders and one landed in between the ears of Elwiths horse.
He took one hand off the reins and reached his hand out to it, it flew off before it could land on it. They walked through a foggy swamp which soon cleared and there in front of them stood a great gate with two marble rearing up centaurs, their hooves touching. They slowly wandered through, their horses throwing their heads up high. “Easy,” Elwith said stroking his horses neck.
They walked deeper and deeper till they reached a clearing. There in front of them stood a pure white body of a horse, her torso was covered in silver mail it glittered as she turned toward them. “You’re brave to be entering onto the territory of the centaur,” she said sweetly. Paolo rode forward, she didn’t move.
“We need your help, a friend of ours is suffering,” he said and looked at Rykon. Recognition glittered in her eyes as she saw the blonde elf.
“Come,” she said gesturing with slender and pale fingers. The elves nudged their horses forward and followed the young centaur, they wandered deeper into the centaur’s territory. Many paused and watched as the elves rode through Rysaras shifted into the saddle as they became nervous. They reached a great tent at very middle of the camp, two bay guards opened the curtains to the tent.
There in the middle stood next to a green fire was a female centaur with the black body of a Friesian horse, a red cloak fell over rump and dragged on the floor. She had black painted around her eyes. On her arms and legs she wore gold bangles. Her long black hair fell down her back in waves. She turned as the elves dismounted and walked into her tent.
“What brings elves here?” she asked.
“We are in need of your help,” Elwith said stepping forward and kneeling before the centaur.
“No need for such formalities,” she wandered over to Rykon. “I can feel the darkness radiating off him, but I think I can help him,” she said resting a hand on his shoulder.
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