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by Dhyana
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Each evening just before falling asleep these things I impress upon my subconscious.
Night Fiats
Urge creative power to awake in the morning and act.
Addressed to the Unknown Power or to the Will within us--an invocation, or a spell, according to the mind of She who makes it.

"I desire that my genius imagination and power to combine and create will act in me tomorrow, awakening my ability to put intriguing thoughts into beautifully written forms of expression.
"I will, heart and soul, earnestly and truly, rise tomorrow deeply inspired with courage, energy, and confidence to take action to complete my immediate goals.
I will, dwell in the heart throughout the day, blind to all annoyances and distractions to complete my tasks in joy!
My will is strong and sustains me through all trials. My strength is conscience only to fulfill my purpose.

My purpose is to live life in love of light*

Oh Infinite Spirit, open the way for my immediate supply. Let all the wealth that is mine by divine right now reach me in great avalanches of abundance under grace.
I cast my burden of lack and resentment away and go free to have plenty, and to be loving, harmonious and happy.
I will cease every opportunity you send my way to carry out my divine purpose in this life.
Today is a day of completion. I give thanks for this perfect day. Thy will is done this day with miracles that follow miracles and blessed wonders that never cease!

(leaving out: thank you for a wonderful work in a wonderful way for which I give extraordinary service for extraordinary pay!)
From Randolph's story of the King's riddle, "'What are the three most desirable things beneath the sun, that are not the sun, yet which dwell within the sun?" The answer: What three things are more desirable than Life, Light and Love?

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