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by murli
Rated: E · Novel · Biographical · #2203201
About my life and love in germany- This story will be continued weekly

My story continued no. 2

This is my Story, not stored in my mind but in my heart.

In the midnight of 13 October 1978 landed an airplane with me on board in Frankfurt am Rhein.

I must after one hour, continue to fly to the West Berlin. Therefore, I sit with my one baggage in the waiting hall and make a nap.

About 2 Am, I hear, still sleepy, a woman's voice which come from the Airport loudspeaker.

I know she speaks germen words, but I do not understand what she says!

After a while, I hear unexpectedly my name, vibrating through the hall. I stand up, looking perplexed, confused, not steady and disordered. A tall man comes toward me. I guess he may be an airport officer, because he wore a uniform. He said some words. Once again, I hear my name. I nodded. He showed me his arm watch and with right hand indicated the flight panel.

All of sudden I understand what this was all about. I have to go to my plane to Berlin.

The momentum of occurrence

I have happy feeling and happy well-being. I have the Permission Form "Auslaenderbehoerde" in Berlin to stay for about one whole year in Germany.

I applied to a private school for German language. If I get the bill from this school that I am good in German language, then I am allowed to do my matriculate in the uni Berlin.

After ten days training, I passed the examination

I apply to the Uni Berlin for Psychology. After one week, I got the matriculation certificate, under one condition: I should visit the "Studienkolleg" for the foreigners and I should pass the required examination from "Studienkolleg".

"Studienkolleg" is some kind of Pre-Uni study. In addition, I should stay in Berlin for a while, because I missed the entrance examination of the college.

It is something funny. The college director told me that they had only one place free for one foreigner student. However, there are now two of them, a nice-looking Persian young girl, Yasmin and me. At that time, my age was about 24 years.

She was there about six months in Berlin and could speak German better than me, where I count only ten days for my Entrance Examination in Berlin. You can imagine who of us two got admission to "Studienplatz".

Funnier is that after six months I faced Yasmin by a demo against Shah in Frankfurt.

She came with a nice smile and hugged me warm and friendly. I asked her about her study in Berlin. She laughed and said "Oh that I gave it up and moved away to Hamburg".

I felt as if ice-cold current went through in my vessels.

She did not know that it was she with her being in berlin as my opponent and get the "Studienplatz" and after one month give it ab and move to Hamburg, will change my whole Future. Indeed this change was and is for me the essential Impact from destiny and fate.

I often have such momentum, which finally guided me to the right horizons where I wanted to be but not knowing how to obtain and catch the essence of life, which is the freedom only!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2203201-This-is-my-story-from-the-beginning