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Something somewhat advertised, but not ready for the final outcome.

"Girl, all I want to do is go to bed. It's been such a day," says Walter, a tall, dark skin male with green eyes, full brown lips, and a long curly hair pulled back into a ponytail, walking through the door of his beautiful apartment.

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ... rings the banging sound from his front door.

"Aye, let me call you right back. Someone is knocking on my door like the police," Walter says, hanging up his cell phone. "Who is it?" he screams.

No response, he slowly walks to the door and looks through the peephole. Nothing. He slowly opens the door with the latch still connected. There on the ground is a box, adorn with an elaborate ribbon. He closes the door, quickly unlatching it, picking up the package, looking down the hallway. There isn't a soul around. He smiles, looking at the box as he carries it into his kitchen. As he pours himself a crown and coke, he notices a small envelope underneath the massive bow. He pulls it out, and reads,

"Congratulations. Your greatest wishes and deepest desires are just a touch away."

Smiling, intrigued, he pulls at the bow and opens the top of the box, revealing a black candle. The aroma from the candle is intoxicating, and in an instant, he lights it. As the aroma fills the room, he feels he is no longer alone.

"Hello?" he says, walking around the beautiful apartment. After giving himself a slight smack on the face, he walks into the bathroom and turns on his standing shower. As he stands in the misty bathroom, a monstrous face appears amongst the fog behind him. He turns, hearing the low groan and knocks the misty figment away.

He slowly takes off his clothes, revealing his smooth mahogany skin, steps into the shower wetting his hair, allowing the hot water to roll over his stressed body. Out of the corner of this eye, he notices a tall figure walking towards his bedroom. He covers his mouth and slowly steps out of the shower, putting on a robe.

As he drips water over the cherry wood-floored hallway to his bedroom, he notices the lights are out. A tear rolls down his face, but he keeps walking until he is standing in the doorway. He reaches in and attempts to turn on the lights, but a black hand grabs him, pulling him in the room, slinging him into the bed.

"Ahhh," he screams as his body lands perfectly in the center of the bed. The room is pitch black, but he can't see anything.

As he searches the darkness, his eyes jolt from side to side and then begin to adjust. He finally sees it. A tall, dark figure lurking in the shadow. As Walter makes eye contact with it, it glides across the room and hovers over top of him.


"I'm everything and nothing," IT replies.

"Why are you here? Why me?"

"I am a Jinn, you are going to be granted three wishes. However, in return, you will age seven years with every wish leading to your death." IT replies.

"I don't need anything," Walter exclaims.

"You don't long to be rich, powerful, have those powers that you always joke about," IT asks, as it gets closer and closer to Walter. He can feel its breath upon the nape of his neck.

As his breathing quickens, Walter opens his mouth. The front door flings open, and a beautiful Caucasian male in a police uniform walks in screaming at the top of his lungs.

"You stupid bitch, come clean up this water before you ruin the floor."

"What is your wish?"

There is a long pause, and Walter reaches up and caresses the face of the Jinn.

"Kill my husband and return to me," he replies.

"Your wish is my command," IT replies, vanishing.

The Jinn goes into the bathroom where Walter's husband is, slams the door, and turns on the shower.

"Maxwell, your number has been pulled, and because of the atrocities connected with your version of love, you shall die."

Maxwell turns around and around, trying to find the source of the voice and turns around into the gruesome Jinn. His appearance causes Maxwell to grab his chest. A choking sound comes gurgling up as he steps backward toward the shower, slipping, crashing into the glass. Massive shards pierce his body. Blood and water cover the bathroom floor and touch the tip of Walter's toes.

Walter screams a hysterically loud scream and abruptly stops looking at the Jinn. He touches his face, smiling.

"Master, what is your second wish?"

"I wish that you stay with me forever."


"That is my wish," replies Walter.

"Your wish is my command."

"For my final wish," Walter continues.

"Wait," says the Jinn.

"I wish you free," says Walter quickly.

The Jinn turns into a beautiful dark skin, middle eastern male, with golden-brown eyes, pink lips, and flowing black hair.

"How did you know?" Ask the beautiful creature.

"In order for you to kill me, you have to be the Jinn. I don't die or age if you aren't the Jinn," replies Walter as he looks upon his husband's dead body smiling.

"Meet me here in a week," Walter says, handing him a card, kissing the Jinn passionately on the lips.

One week later, Walter stands in all back, holding a black umbrella over the grave of his dead husband given full NYPD honors. In the distance is the Jinn. Walter slowly walks up to him after the funeral is over.

"Let's go, the world awaits."

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