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by Isaac
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2203312
The first in a series of short teasers for an upcomming novel of mine.
Time is of the Essence, Jameson Primary Character Premier Redux.

The sky shone bright with a piercing white, a young man wandering through the cold freezing wasteland as he found himself standing along the edge of a cliff overseeing an endless horizon of nothing, the snowflakes as big as blankets as they rushed past the young man’s static form, his jacket’s hood flowing wildly all the while. And then, his dark lifeless eyes opened and filled with color as he saw a beautiful lady standing just beyond the cliff in front of him, and without hesitation he jumped, extending his hand with hope as it passed through the woman and gave way to his downfall. Falling faster than the snowflakes around him, he closed his eyes and began to cry… before…

“GASP” The young dark hooded person awoke from his sleep with a loud breath of air, looking around as tears flowed from his cheeks and his heart pounded like drums, he then looked down at the plated roof which he rested on before looking towards the starry night sky and huge golden glowing clock of the tower nearby.
“Why… … stop… these dreams won’t stop…” Jameson said with a shaky voice as he wiped some of the tears off his cheeks. He would then take a quick glance at the great Crestia mountain to the southeast before getting up and walking towards the ledge of the roof. It was certainly a drop, and for a moment cruel thoughts flooded his mind. But with a shrug he shook them off then climbed down one of the buildings gutters, and when he landed on the ground he dashed across the dark moonlit streets of Loran, heading toward the eastern edge of the city as he occasionally ran through backyards or people’s property without care, even stealing an apple from one of the local’s gardens and stuffing it into a pocket as he made his way to his destination. Then once he arrived to the city outskirts, he ran towards a small patch of dirt raised slightly above the rest and got down to his knees, letting out a calm yet broken sigh as he clasped his hands together and looked up to the cloudless starry night sky.
“I’m here mother… I’m still here… do you hear me pray? Please… I still love you mother, I haven’t forgotten… I know it may hurt to remember this cruel world but please, I still hope you remember me too.” Tears flowed down Jameson’s cheeks as he sat down in front of what seemed like a grave and took out the apple from his pocket, munching it for comfort as he cried and sobbed with no memories of her alive to show for it. His comfort food was cut short however, as a loud “Boom!” rang throughout the entire city of Loran, Jameson’s tears sparkling through the air as his head turned to look above and see the great clock tower of Loran... falling…
And then he fell… down, down, down… through an endless sea of dark as a great blinding light appeared above him, shining down to the endless abyss below as he continued to fall.
“This land-... this world needs you… will you stand to save it?” The voice would reach out to Jameson, and in response he would reach for it...
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2203312