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by JM
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Ever wondered what could be so terrifying that it scares a Sociopath?
The night was cold and dark, as if it where an abyss. I finished unloading the last box. Finally, I slumped into the couch and sat back to give my back a break.
I sighed, "I'll unpack these boxes tomorrow once Jack wakes his lazy butt up. He's seriously gu-."
I was cut off by the sound of thrashing coming from the pile of boxes that I had finished bringing in for the night.
"What the hell," I said.
I got up and picked up a lamp because the kitchen knives where still packed away. I proceeded to cautiously approached the boxes. I noticed one shaking violently, It was evidently the culprit. I heard odd noises. The noises sounded as if a garbage disposal was tearing away at a fork that had been covered in layers of wet sponges.
The box was small, and had been sealed shut by wax. I went to open box, Poking it with the lamp before I even attempted to open it. I went to the kitchen appliances box and grabbed a knife. I opened the box to find nothing inside of it, but something was off. What was bizarre was that the box was empty, but I hadn't unpacked the box yet. What was also off-putting was the wet spot at the bottom of the box. I had a sudden feeling that I should've never touched this box, It was one of Jack's.
I know what sort of fucked up shit he does in his spare time. Practicing witchcraft, summoning spirits. I personally am not one to advocate for it.
I then began to notice something. I... felt... It was not something is was familiar with, it feels like my stomach just sank and that I need to run. I resisted and went back to the couch, laying down to get some sleep. But then I heard a topple of cardboard that awoke me. And, despite the noise, I went back to sleep, ignoring it.
The next morning I woke to daylight, and to the box of Jack's alter stuff lying on the floor. I got my ass off the couch, fixed the box, and went to wake Jack up.

This is a WIP!
I have more plans! For More stories! And more Ideas For this one!
thank you for reading though, Although there Isn't much to look at yet, I still hope you enjoy, or can potentially enjoy what this story is or will be.
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