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by Rojodi
Rated: E · Other · Thriller/Suspense · #2203365
PrepTober Outline #2
I. Beginning
A. 1989 Upstate New York
1. Charlemagne Duquesne finished lunch
2. Unaware that he was still being followed
3. Ready to get to the supernatural case
4. Grateful for the gifts
5. Meanwhile, his apartment had uninvited guests
a. Men hired by Stephan Andrews
b. Looked for specific journal
c. Removed all the journals
B. Meeting with clients
1. Hotel executives wanted ghosts out
2. Showed Charlemagne the evidence
a. Pictures of ghostly figures
b. Damage reports
c. Eyewitness testimony
3. He glanced at it, agreed investigation warranted
4. Had assistant schedule meetings
C. Received galleys for new novel
D. Discovered his journals were missing
II. Middle
A. Discussion over the journals
1. Operatives wanted to help
2. Declared that they were the source material
3. No one blamed him for that action
B. Duquesne has talk with Guardians
1. The Man ignores him
2. The Grandmother calms him
3. The Pirate and Gaspar call for action
C. Meets with former love
1. She needs him again
2. Her husband left her
3. She feels unloved
4. The Guardians tell him “It’s for the best to be with her.”
III. End
A. Duquesne tracked down thieves
B. Police called
C. Police serve warrant
D. Duquesne talks with thief
E. Love and Duquesne celebrate
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