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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2203377
Snippet from my Ninja Turtles fanfiction
Yeah I know what Batman Villain Ra’s A Ghul’s name literally means in Arabic but here it will be a lot more literal than in that case. This is probably gonna be my last chapter for a while because my computer is breaking apart so I might as well stop with my 50th Document.

Morgan said “I’ll stay with him for the moment, I’ll see if I can soothe him into seeing the Humans.”
Eartha nodded to the Black Mamba-Girl and the Mole Revenant went to meet the Human who called herself Liz.
The Fruits and Vegetables that Will and Liz gathered near their house were not nearly as large as the gigantic fruits and vegetables that grew in the valley but still they were pretty large specimens…
“Is this all you eat?” Ichabod asked
“We still eat the Nutrigruel.” Said Liz “We do it to keep appearances, if we stopped eating the Nutrigruel we would cease having blue skin and white hair and if people saw us return to our natural colors they would become suspicious and they would come poking around to our remote Mountain home…And we knew we didn’t want that.”

The Fellowship crew seeing, she had only plant foods to eat offered her some of the non-meat Animal Foods from their cooler, eggs, ice cream and cheese.
“Oh!” Liz exclaimed “I couldn’t possibly! After all we’ve done to the Animals…I couldn’t possibly…” But seeing the gallon of vanilla ice cream she felt her mouth begin to water “…I haven’t had ice cream in years…”

“Take it.” Ichabod said “Or enchanted cooler will continue to fill with food constantly so we might as well give you some of our excess.”
Liz took the gallon of ice cream and placed it in her freezer to wait until her husband returned from work.
As the hours trudged on, Morgan soothed Ringo and as the sun began to set she nudged him into moving with her into the garden so they could have something to eat.
The two Serpents were sharing a cabbage leaf when they heard the sounds of a car approaching Will had come home it was so dark, he never saw two giant Snakes in his garden as he approached his house.
After Liz explained everything to him, Will was initially amazed then his expression changed a kind of knowing… “Mother Nature is doing what she can to heal the malady that’s afflicting her.” He said
“What exactly do you mean by that?” Jonathan asked
“My wife and I never participated in the war against the Animals.” Will said “We and a very small amount of other Humans objected to the mass slaughter but…Over the years even before the war…We had been noticing that Humans had been becoming more sadistic toward Animals…People we knew for years who had only been indifferent toward Animals were taking extreme pleasure in torturing them.”

The Various Humanimals and Mutants shuddered at the thought, Morgan and Ringo were listening from the window heard and Morgan felt her scales crawl, but Ringo realized he was hearing something important about the Humans so he listened even harder.
“Before the war I would hear the various creatures of the forest crying at night…” Will said “…As I lay in bed it seemed to be they were crying out…Begging for help…And in my dreams…My dreams were plagued by a terrifying figure!”

“What did you see?” Eartha asked
“I saw…” Will shuddered “…A head…A severed man’s head! A mass of tubes below the neck, connected to machines were keeping the severed head alive, the head was laughing like a maniac and when I saw the eyes…His eyes were like a blazing inferno! I called this figure ‘The Demon’s Head’ and I dreamed about him for a while after all the animals were killed.”

Jonathan and Edward Nygma exchanged glances.
“We also know of someone else by that name…” Jonathan said “Or rather that’s what his name means in Arabic…Probably a coincidence I seriously doubt they’re the same person.”

Will shrugged “I believe this ‘Demon’s Head’ was what was behind the ordinary humans turning psycho against Animals, because when I stopped seeing him in my dreams…The People stopped being psycho…I mean there were no more Animals for them to torment but…It seemed they returned to their normal personalities they remembered doing the hideous things they did, but they don’t remember why they did it and many of them regretted their actions…Many of them miss the animals.”

This was a massive revelation!
“So what we have is…” Jonathan began to say
“…Some kind of mass mind control.” Don said

So this is probably gonna be my last chapter for a long while
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