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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2203398
POV of a young dragon, her memories of choices to change her fate to regain her losses.
Word count: 2,000.

Hope. All there was driving me on from a broken husk was hope of an unknown potential that things somehow could be fixed. The loss and sorrow. The tears that drowned me countless nights raging wilder than the fire of my element. I lost everyone. Everything. From one home and family to my best friend I’ve met my first year of life only to be torn from for ten years… Leading to a reunion so brief as a sacrifice was chosen so I could live.

My name is Korvi. I am what may be one of the last known Infernus dragons since the humans attacked my home. I was both foolish and lucky to had been out in the open field with my friend on a night adventure of mischievous wonder as a child that led to a life changing moment being captured.

I was born unique. I wasn’t like the rest of my species because I had red fur coating my body along with glowing azure-blue symbols symmetrically infused upon my body. Even my eyes glowed giving eerie fear to the other children. Names were called by young and old alike.

Hybrid monster.

My only friend was Shaol. A feral by lineage that the other children feared due to that legacy. I was his only friend as he was mine.
Echoes of the past.

All that I lost that started twelve years ago could supposedly be fixed so I’m told by the man who talks to squirrels. That at least was his excuse for how he could talk to me in a language no common man could understand. I met the stranger just after my escape from the capital city of Taelna. Right after… Shaol... his sacrifice… allowed me to escape the accused arena by stirring a riot. Straight from the gates eastward towards the forests I ran. I didn’t even know how to fly. All I could do is run. Run and run away with tears blinding my vision. Overwhelmed with hopelessness I almost wanted to give up. It was then I met ‘him’. The hunchbacked bald man with a beard dangling down while supporting himself with a long stick. He gave me hope.

Maddening the story he weaved yet if it was true… could it work? He told me if I wanted to regain my sorrowed loss I’d need to travel to each elemental territory in attempt to convince the leaders to gift upon me what is most sacred to them to protect. The elemental gems. The very physical manifestation that balanced the worlds’ core element essence. Eons ago it was tasked by each elemental territory to protect their gem as with it one could control the very element itself. My home… was attacked by the humans who tried to take our gem of fire. It however was not found by them.

It was maddening nigh suicidal. The elementals are at war with tension and I am suggested to go diplomatically to request something so unheard of to require. How would the gems fix everything? The man explained showing an ancient scroll a figure with symbols much like those on my body and that if one were to obtain all the worlds’ elements and focus the energy within that I hold… A singular wish would be granted from the depth of the soul. However It’s never been done. It was as if a prophecy that was unknown to be true. What else did I have to lose but my life? My markings and fur itself was a birth blessing my mother once said but I wish I knew more and why.

I thus began my quest as impossibly crazed it was. The journey led me across the corners of the continent to all nine elemental territories. Water, Earth, Air, light, shadow, nature, ice, lightning…and fire. I dreaded the day I’d return. The closest territory from where I hid in the forests was the Erathus to the east. Element of earth.

Upon entering the caverns, I asked and pleaded for help yet none of the guards looked or acknowledged me. They walked by me as if I didn’t exist yet watched me all the same while deemed as if no threat and ignored. When I entered the main chamber where the leader should be, it was empty. Was this all for nothing already? My eyes watered as my ears tucked flat. I didn’t know how I was going to succeed with this crazy goal. As childish it sounds, I sat down and cried. Nobody cared. Nobody came. My heart twisted in pain to the cruelty of this world. If I could not succeed, then I had no reason to live. No purpose.

Three days. I laid there in silence. I did not move to eat or drink or care for myself. There was no point. I recall the murmurs and stares after the first day leading to closer observations by the second day. Near the end of the third day when my health has felt at its end… I was approached with water and food asking me what was so important that I would die here for being unheard. It was then I was granted acknowledgement from the earth kin. In shaky tears I told my story. The loss of my home and family that led to adoption from slavery to a poor village boy. Ending with the plight of the desire to fix everything somehow by gathering the gems and bring hope for changes at a price untold. They were skeptical at first however the leader listened with interest. To him I showed passionate heart true to my cause that I nearly died for in patience which stirred the stones’ heart. In support I obtained the Erathus gem.

My hope renewed with partial success… My journey thus continued one by one. Each territory was a life testing trial. At the water territory I nearly drowned holding breath swimming to caverns under the sea; to the air I endured windstorms and cold peaks. At the sands of the light’s deserts I navigated; to the lightning I embraced the hurricane that swept me under leaving me nigh broken within the eye of the storm.
Each territory succeeding showed proof to the hesitant leaders that my cause was triumphing. Hope came to them that this was a unification, working together to fix our world and stop greater threats. Rumors spread that a furred Infernus blessed with the markings of Azuren; god of life, is gathering the elemental gems to harmonize and unify. They believed in me. My mind was driven though with the desire to fix my losses and pains. If it helps everyone else, then it was a bonus. Echoing in my mind was the old man warning that should I succeed… Fixing losses would have an ultimate price. He asked if I was willing to pay the consequences to disrupt balance. If it meant somehow bringing back my family and species... Shaol too… Then no price is too much.

At least so I thought then.

Only two gems left to acquire. The shadow and fire. The leader of the shadow dragons experienced a tale of loss much like mine. He lost his home. His species. His family. Attacked by the light kin over three-hundred years ago. Skulblaken since then bore the Shadow gem socketed in a chest plate rumored to never leave him. To convince him to part with it was the final trial. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy the moment I set foot in the ruins of the shadowlands. It herald a morbid air of death and loss radiating all around. When I met him… I saw the haunted red eyes looking longing itself as if anguished for countless years. He felt my pains if not more yet stands with a singular purpose and will to survive.

Hostile at first, he demanded I leave. I followed and insisted to speak. I proclaimed I was the daughter of someone he once knew. He remarked with annoyance how my mother nineteen years ago smacked a bright bruise across his dark muzzle. In mock he told me to go back to my mother. He stopped in disbelief when I told him she was dead.

He bargain he offered the shadow gem if given proof by accompanying me home for the last gem. I knew it would come one day I’d have to return to complete this quest yet that didn’t stop the anxiety and sorrow. Willingly I welcomed the company.

Together we traveled northbound to what was once known as the Infernus Meadow. Time before it was a lush territory of green with forests and mountainous outskirts. In time old my ancestors desired to prove that fire isn’t only destructive... but life that can live amongst nature.
Now… It was a burned wasteland of death and decay. It has only been twelve years, yet bodies still littered from the slaughter. In trembling sorrow, I entered my home… unable to glance to the decomposing form of my mother. I remembered one thing when I was but a yearling; my nest was always warm as if unnaturally heated. With that thought I searched… and there found under the bed of a child was the Infernus Ruby. Something so sacred hidden in hopes of a child.

Skulblaken without a word gave me the shadow gem... and with all nine I laid them out circular. Nothing seemed to happen. Frustrated I started to cry. My deepest desire was all this to be fixed. Unbeknownst something happened. It was as if ripples of time itself bent around me. The trees regenerated; the grass regrew. I was in the northwest forest and there before me… Was my older sister, moments from being murdered by the male atop her. Blind instinct triggered causing me to intervene.

It came to realization somehow; I was in my own past. A rift through time. I had all the gems with me and knew what events were to unfold. The invasion and capture to the deaths and losses. I stopped it. I changed my fate and gave my younger self a new chance. Even more so I gave Shaol a new chance. It was in a fresh start.

But what was the ultimate price paid? I wouldn’t know years later for the new timeline version of myself… Which is the cause for this reflection of memory. There is a divine law with the elemental gems. One set in existence at any time. When I brought the future gems back the past ones overridden and destroyed the original ones I came from as well erasing myself from that timeline. All the lives that believed in me as a hero to unite the elements and bring harmony? I ended up bringing the world to it’s apocalypse. To save the few hundreds of lives lost I unintentionally brought endless suffering to the billions who live in that timeline. I became known as the destroyer who brought the worlds’ end as for when the gems were taken out of time it eradicated the balance. Devastating earthquakes, wild windstorms and tsunami’s to say but a few. The end of days living in dystopia globally.

Had I known that would have been the price… to bring suffering to the whole world and be known as the greatest villain in its history for what remained… I doubt I could had brought myself to do it. Every action to change our lives has consequences and prices wither known or not.
This became the end of my tale for that timeline yet the start of a new chapter for the past me that got to experience the childhood taken away from her along with her best friend. My consequences for manipulating the past to change a new future would later have its justice, but for now… I can rest peacefully knowing I… Korvi, the young past me has a chance for a new life.
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