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Youths in Harley Kirwan's opinion, are underrated they need to elevate .
In today’s world, so much is said and expected of the youth even though many people don’t
really understand their role in the society. Youths in my opinion, are underrated they need to
elevate and partake the major roles to oppose the misconceptions in the society. I Harley Kirwan
being a youth especially in the gift business I have an eye-opening explanation on youth
enterprising. However, according to entrepreneurship statistics, USA is the world most
favourable places to own a business. Being a USA resident I tend to agree even though it is not a
walk in the park therefore discouraging many young people from starting their own business.
Youth need to first be correctly informed and given the most powerful tool which is knowledge.
In many countries, youths are misinformed which leads to misguided steps which is failure. The
world today has changed due to social networks that has helped provide information and create
networking platform for youths to mingle. Therefore, these platforms should be used to the
advantage of growing youth entrepreneurship in the regions. In addition, governments should
seek to understand them and provide resources that will help them drive the economic gear to the
next level. Resources in this case, may include; capital loans, raw materials and skills among
others. Governments should spend on the youths in order to reap more from their contribution to
the economy.
In all said and done, where preparation meets opportunity it turns to be success. Therefore, for
youth entrepreneurship to be successful in most countries, the youth should be given
opportunities to make it work. They need to be given chances allow them learn, make mistakes
and become experts on their field. Lastly, the youths need to partake the task of entrepreneurship
and bring changes in their respective countries.
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