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I was once desperate in choosing an appropriate gift ... then...
There was a time, almost six months ago; I was desperate in choosing an appropriate gift to take to my
favorite cousin’s wedding. She was getting married to this rich guy and all the attendees of the wedding
were also rich. This meant that the gifts to be awarded to the marrying couple were going to be
expensive. The problem was that I was not rich as all the other attendants and since I was not in good
terms with my family I could not seek assistance from them. So If decided to head out and look for a gift
that was in the range of the money I had and was worthy in the classy wedding so that I could not
embarrass myself. A friend suggested that I should seek assistance from Harlan J Kirwan from Deadwood
South Dakota the owner of the Pam’s Purple Door Gift Shop.
I did as my friend had suggested and I went on my way to visit Pam’s Purple Door gift shop where I
found Harlan J Kirwan. I told him of my problem and the man told me not to worry as I had gone to the
right place. After a few hours of going through different gifts I finally found one that I could afford and
not get embarrassed of at the wedding. As I gave my cousin and her husband the gift, the happiness on
her face made me decide that any other time I was in need of a gift I would always visit Harlan J Kirwan
Deadwood, South Dakota owner of the Pam’s Purple Door Gift Shop.
We welcome you to Pam’s Purple Door by the master of the art of gifting Mr. Harley Kirwan
(Harlan Kirwan Deadwood). Our gifts come in a vast range – wooden, ceramics, cloth, rubber,
precious metals and so much more. We are located at 637 Main St., Deadwood, SD 57732.
Harley Kirwan promises you the best experience regardless of whether you are shopping for a
gift for your spouse, baby, teenage child, boss or simply anyone! Welcome All… Get them also
on Harlan Kirwan, Anna Kirwan, and Harley Kirwan Deadwood.

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