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Zan goes to the city to find someone who can get him a precious item.

Zan knew, that he should not trust the woman. Knew that she might try to short change him. Was willing to pay the price to gain it. The item was a silver dragon's eye to stop the spell upn his wife. She would be here. In the market place.

Zan had been told that the woman might be able to get him, it.

“what he needs will be there,” Taka said, after thinking it over for a while. Warned “She is not reliable, but she can get what you want. for a price.”

“Who is she?” Zan asked almost giving up on hope, that Taka knew her. He needed a name not just a woman in the market. .

“I told you, a woman,” Taka said with a grin on his face. Zan lifted his fist up to suggest he would introduce him to it. As many times as it took to find out who she was.

“Which one?” Zan snarled, he as shivering as rage took a hold of him

“Her name is Kalata, she deals in strange objects amgic items. Impossible to get, she gets them.” Taka said as his nose touched the middle knuckle of Zan’s fist. Taka winced expected to see blood run all over his clothes.

“Are you sure?” Zan asked.

“Am I sure. I am indeed sure,” Taka said as Zan dropped him onto the ground on his rump.

The place was packed with merchants and their buyers. The buyers were selling their wares. Buyers waving there hands about to make their purchases. Men and women were doing this. Zan waded into the crowd that was there.

He was a mage, in his hands held his staff. It was a carved staff made in the shape of a woman naked. He was dressed in a cloak, his feet were in boots. He looked strong, burly one might say. He walked into the crowd to find her. He did not know what she looked like, the only thing he knew, was that she would have items that could not be found elsewhere. Her name was Kalata.

There were many tables containing objects to sell. Some of them look like magic items. They could be fakes. The buyers and Zan also kne wthis. Zan had taken a bag of coins to sweeten the buy.

Someone bumped him and where the bag was. He grabbed the tunic of the person. He drew up the person , The lad hung from his hand, by the tunic as he would from a noose.. Zan looked at the boy dangling from his hand, He snarled,” What were you doing?”

..“Nothing.I was doing nothing. sir.” the boy groveled, tears pourfed from his eyes, his skin had grown white. He kicked with his feet to be free of the hand that held him there. He tried to bite Zan’s hand as it held him there.

…….“I think you did this on purpose!” Zan said as he brought the lad up turned him about so, he could face him.

“NO. No. Sir,” the lad said, The lad had red hair, it was all over the place uncombed. His face was freckled, Eyes were a tan color. small ears, broken nose which was ill set, he was thin as a rapeir. Thin lips. His arms were gangly. He could not see his legs ebneath the shift. His feet were in shoes.

Zan checked to see if he still had the bag, found it was missing. He demanded,:'Hand me, back the bag., I might let you live!"
“Yes. Please, let me live, I will do anything if you let me live. Yes, sir.” he said His eyes were running with tears, his mouth contorted.

…...Zan held up his own hand for the lad to put the bag back in his hands. Zan asked, “Is that all?”

“Yes.” the lad said.

........In the time it took, people began to move away from Zan and the lad he was holding there.

A guard saw the lad dangling from his hand as he brpught down his polearm to engage Bellowed, “Put the boy down!”

Zan turned o face the guard saw him, He released the boy who fell to his knees.

The guard wore a surcoat and mail armor, his skirt was mail, He glared at him. The guard wore a skull cap on his head. At his side was a Warhammer, and dual-edged sword, The guard was lareg in size, his eyes were blue, he had a handlebar mustache his chin jutted from his lip. His lips were full. He screamed “What is the meaning of this?”

“The boy is a thief.” Zan addressed the guard. The place was bustling with people they retreated when they saw Zan and the boy also the guard was looking at them both. They the people did not want to anger the guards.

“We will kill the boy.,.” the guard said as he approached the boy. Laughing as he did this.

“Put him in the stocks, Can you do this?” Zan growled as he looked at the guard standing there glaring at the youth..

“We can do thiis,” The guard said as he thought it over.

“That is all I ask,.” Zan said as he walked away, he asked,”Where would I find Kalata. I was told to look for her in the market.”

“She is a woman dressed in veils. Over there somewhere? I think,” the guard said. As he pointed to woman dancing on top of a vendor’s table. He smiled curtly. Grabbed the boy’s arm and propelled him towards other guard satnding there.

Zan dodged people in the press of peole to get there. He saw men and women standing before the table where the ghost danced. Haggling about something waving bags and pouches of no doubt coins. . There stood another woman wearing veils behind the table. She had other thinsg there, that would no doubt catch the eye of some of the people there. Gold and silver objects were there. Jade and other gems were also there on this table.

He spotted a green woman dressed in veils. Her image was translucent in appearance. She stood on a table,her form was not what a being should be, it might be a ghost. One of her toes touched a small box on the table. Zan recognized this as a magical device. It drew your attention away from the woman whose hands moved as quickly as a mouse would upon seeing a cat. It darted here and there. Her hand touched a few change purses on the people about her table. Zan saw her remove a few of them from their persons.

Behind the table stood a shapely woman, she wore a cloth that covered her face, there were gems and gold that covered her breasts. Her hips had a belt of gems, and a skirt of veils. Her hands were bare, but her arms had a sheer fabric on them, that was almost transparent. Her eyes were visible a deep red color, her eyelashes were long with grey eyeshadow on them, . Her nose was large and long. Her lips were full, and colored.

Zan thought,”That is a marvelous trick.” But is it a trick. Zan saw the box, beneath the translucent woman. One of her feet always tocuhed the box. It was not a trick but a object that held the woman inside it. She might be who I seek.

“Is this, what you seek?” she said to a man whose ears were long and pointed. His face was a smile at the moment.

The woman’s eyes rested upon a man. He drew up a bag. The woman opened her hand. With her other she closed the box. The ghostly woman vanished from veiw, The others about her table looked about trying to see if they could see the woman anywhere. Found that they could not.
The majority of them walked away. “Yes,” the man said appreciatively. As he watched her count the coins. “Is it enough?”

“It is indeed, All I asked for,” the woman said.

“Thank you,” he said/

Zan walked towards her and the man buying the box. It would fit in your hand with ease. Once the lid is closed.
He tried to not bump the man with the box in hand. Barely did this.

The woman looekd at him, startled. She drew away from him and said,”Who are you?”

“I am looking for a woman?”

“That’s what all men say,” she quipped.

“”A woman who can find the impossible.”

“That is not possible,” she replied. Her eyes looking him over, the staff identified him as a mage. Not to be triffled with. The bag was large. She would not be fooled.

“Exactly,” Zan said as he looked at her,”but she is said to do this?”

“Is she now.” She said.

“She has a way of funding things that mustn’t be found,” Zan said.

“Really,” she said as her hand moved towards the pouch on his hip.

“Are you? She?” Zan inquired. As he watched her face.

“Who is she?”

She goes by the name of Kalata.”

“You sure, you have found her.

“I am,” Zan said/

She smiled, coyly at him. Winked, and drew him closer to her. Like a moth to a flame.

“Are you, Kalata?” Zan asked.

“I might be, who are you?” she asked, Her hair flowed down her back and across her shoulders.

“Zan,” he said.

“Zan, I see. How may I help you? If I am indeed this woman. You are seeking to find.” she said, as she put out her hand to receive coins fro the object she had just shown a man.

The man dropped the coins into her hand. She gave him the box.

“I need the eye of a silver dragon,” Zan said.

“What have you brought to entice me.” she said.

“Then you are the one,” Zan said.

He handed her the bag. She opened it and smiled at him. You have brought me, a considerable amount. It is
might short. I would like fifteen more electrum.”

I know you don’t have it. Now. This is to buy the eye when you get it.” Zan said.


Zan left the market place. He was not sure if he should trust her. He knew she was going to find it for him. Where the silver dragon’s lived was far north. He knew that there were people who lived up there,
They weren’t scared of anything that lived there.

Kalata looked at him as he left the community, she did not know if she would find the eye for him.
She had left the table where she stood selling her wares. She headed into the community. There were a few people whom she knew, she knew she had to find them to have them do her bidding for the people who asked her to help them.

She knew of one girl, who would do as Zan asked. Her name was Buletea. Her hair was silver, she was lean, and fast with her mouth. She was willing to do things such as this. Her eyes were blue, there was a mark on her left cheek, it had been flattened by a warhammer. She was Her eyebrows were thin, Her face was plump. She had long legs. Forceful in her thinking. Kalata did not know where she would find her.

She talked to another of her friends to send a message to her. This person had hawks, which he could send out to have her get the message to her. The hawk looked at her as she approached the girl.

The woman looked at Kalata as she approached her, she smiled as she saw her there. Kalata walked towards her. She cocked her head to truly see her. Her brown hair hung over her left eye, It hung to her shoulders. Her eyes were there was brown. Her form was voluptuous. She was wearing leather garments. Her lips were medium in size. Asked, ”Why are you here?”

“Someone wants to give Sasha a job. It involves what is found there.” Kalata said. As she walked towards her, she smiled at her.

“May I offer you a glass of brandy. Seeing as thet you are here. She will be happy to hear this,” Buletea said, she embraced Kalata. On her hip rode a foil and a dagger. She was truly a noblewoman, Kalata had walked into the yard that she had there. There was a house that she owned there.

“I will accept that. Buletea,” she kissed Buletea on her mouth. Buletea caressed her back as she stood there. They walked inside after releasing the hawk to the air.

Kalata smiled as she entered the house. There were guards at the door.

The hawk took flight. Buletea knew she would receive the hawk. Send it back to her. Buletea smiled at Kalata as they were watching the hawk take to the air.

Zan had to relax, he was not sure as to how his wife was doing, He had heard of another woman walking into the tavern where the ladies of the evening were. The description was exactly as he had seen his wife. When he first met her.

This woman would take a man or woman with her. When they found that she had left the room where they went to partake of her. Slayed the person she brought with her there. The bodies were beheaded. It did not make any sense to him, Why would she do this. Knowing that she was at his home when these acts had happened to them.

Zan lived in the woods quite aways from the town where he had gone to find the woman he met. The house was made of wood and stonework. The door was closed, as Zan had left it. He was reassured of this fact.
He eased open the door, looked inside the room. Where his wife lay asleep. She had moved to be on her back,

The blanket upon her was thrown off of her shoulder to spill out on the bed. Her body was still warm to the touch. Zan approached the bed. He smiled to himself that she was there. There was no way she could have left the house.

The house had a chimney with a meal resting in the fireplace, where it had been cooked, a few days ago. It took him two days to arrive there. He did not know where he would find the other electrum coins that Kalata said, he needed.

The house was welcoming to him. He could rememer her there, cooking meals. Helping him with what he wanted to do. The house felt warm and comfortable. There sat a large table in the center of the room. There was an area where items for him to cast spells were stored.

He was a mage, there were few of them in the community. They wielded a great deal of power as did the clerics. However, the magic was haphazard, at times it would work at other times it would not.

Zan thought he was wealthy, he should be able to pay the price. or so, he thought when he went into the market place. The coins he brought could have bought many things that the merchants sold. Kalata was maybe making a mockery of Zan. By telling him it was not enough. Thousands of coins were what one electrum amounted to. He would need fifteen of them. Zan cursed deep in thought of what she had asked for.

Zan was desperate to save his wife. Knew he needed more electrum for the item he needed to cure his wife. Knelt down on the floor beside his wife taking her hand in his. He looked at her face and cried. The emotions he was feeling tore through his soul to his very being.

Zan heard a sound behind him. He whirled about to see what or who was there. The door was being rapped upon very loudly by someone. Zan slowly advanced to the door. He drew up his staff to protect himself with. He remembered the door was locked

Zan smiled to himself walked to the door. He said, ”I’m coming. Hold on a minute.”

He heard a faint feminine voice coming from the other side of the door,”Zan. I know you talked to Taka about something. I am not sure of your doing this!”

Zan opened the door, he recognized the voice it was Shenna’s voice his wife’s f riend. Peered into the settling darkness as night had fallen in the woods. Zan smiled upon seeing her there. Saying,”Glad to see you. Why are you here?”

Sheena said, as she saw his face,” Why did you talk to Taka. You know he’ll try and take you for a ride. You don't want to take."

She stopped speaking when she saw Danatest (Zan’s wife) laying there. Her mouth hung ajar. The color drained from her face. Her radiant red hair fell in tight braids about her face. Her eyes were sapphire in color, Freckles a droned her face. Small nose, thick eyebrows, laugh lines, her lips were moist. Her right arm had a burn mark on it that covered her forearm. Said, “Zan. What happened to her?”

She was now weeping. She did not know what hat happened when Zan found Danatest in the woods no one was there with him. Her garments were damaged, there were bruises on her arms and legs. There had been cuts in her flesh as well.

Zan drew her to his chest, held her there. Her sobs filled the air. Her tears fell from his eyes as a summer’s rain. The water washed against his skin. Zan stroked her hair, said, “Don’t worry. I will cure her.”

“How will you do it?” she asked as she drew away from his side to sit in a chair.

“I have discussed it with my aid., He told me, what I need to stop this from continuing,” Zan declared.

“Are you sure. He could he mistaken. Couldn’t he?” she warned looking at him.

“I don’t think, so,” Zan said as he looked at her. Tears crept to the corners of his eyes and sped down his cheeks,”You know, I need her alive.”

“That I do know. How can you be sure that whoever he sent you to will do this for you.” she declared as she looked at him. Seeing the desperation in his eyes.

“I don’t know,” Zan pleaded. His face twisted into a scowl.”I’ll need more electrum the amount I brought to her.”

Buletea received the hawk, she read, Kalata had sent. She looked it over a second time to be sure. She now was. Someone is seeking a silver dragon’s eye. Does this person know, how dangerous that can be to get! No one would dare to do this. It was a foolish request. Stupid was what it was. Insane!

She turned away from the hawk and released it to fly back from whence it came. The hawk flew. She drew up
one of her own hawks and wrote a note to her, telling her what she felt about this matter. No one would do this.

Buletea turned to face the window where the hawk had come from to see a small animal run across the bush to hide before being seen by its prey. She laughed as the animal turned to face her. It was a squirrel holding in its hands a nut to eat.

Wondered as to why Kalata brought her this sheet of paper. There was no way, she would do this! Would she?

Zan closed his eyes, he saw a monster rise from the forest floor. It appeared to be earth, and branches and twigs that made up its legs and arms. Its head was that of a stone. Its eyes glared at is wife as she stood transfixed upon seeing it emerge from the ground. Her hand holding the basket released it. She opened her mouth to scream, but no scream came out. Her skin paled, she shivered, but it was not cold. Why she trembled was fear. Her eyes were wide with horror.

The being walked towards her. It bent over her. That was the last thing Zan saw. He did not know what it had done to her.

Zan heard the howling thing again. He walked into the woods headed as far as he could to see if he could find it. He went as far as he could into the woods. The woods were cursed. Something lived there that killed people who dared enter it.

Zan looked at Sheena and said,”I need help. Do you understand me.”

Sheena looked into his eyes and saw what he remembered of the attack. She did not recognize the being that attacked Danatest. She recognized where it had come from. The woods, where Danatest had first come from. The woods was where anyone first saw Danatest appear was there. She had fallen, her skin was scratched and broken. Blood ran from her arms and legs. She was without clothes. One of her forearms had a bracelet that had a chain hanging from it. She was unable to speak, when Sheena and Zan found her there.

She looked over her shoulder, her skin was white. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her eyes were wide with terror. She trembled. Refused to look at them, her eyes would peer over to the area where she originally looked.

It had taken weeks before she was able to speak. Even then Zan was unable to find out the answer to what had happened to her. Zan heard something howling in the woods fro quite some time afterward. The howling frightened Danatest a great deal.
In the years since her arrival here. Everything was calm, until now. Something had happened. But what Zan and Sheena did not know.

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