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Too short for a description anyway
So, this tall, thin man was walking around, going about his day up near the willow somewhere. His trousers had gone muddy due to the constant rambling hither and yon looking for a tropical kind of rare flower, known as the Plumeria ‘Flames of the Sun’. Now, those flames were never too fiery, but always a bit too mesmerizing for anyone to set eyes on them and not wish to possess them right then and there and then return for even more, so much more. The man went into the damp and saddened night, frivolously trying to follow the fragrance clutching his heart. It had a sweet hint of grape syrup in it and was overwhelming in such a way that it was unbearable to resist its temptations and to go on to conduct your business. So, the man couldn’t help himself and looked for the source and came across this rainbow-ish mixture of solidarity and tamed lust, which he just had to have. And that’s how, following that sweet, overpowering fragrance, this tall, thin man had discovered the Plumeria. And now he had returned for more. So, yeah. He went there on this day to get some more of those flames of the sun and had been walking around the willow-filled area by the Wular Lake when suddenly he heard a strange voice coming from behind him and turned slowly, carefully to see what was that about, but before he could do so, there occurred a rupture to his left and the water in the lake started gurgling. He was perplexed and in the fraction of a second, he had to decide which side he should turn to. So, he didn’t stop and turned back to see what was happening. He saw that there was a young girl standing there all alone, staring at him like he is a piece of candy. The thought that this grumpy, old, bearded fella, might seem like candy to this kid made him smile inadvertently and he forgot about the other noise from his left and gave no thought to the gurgling of the water. Soon thereafter, the girl blurted out “what are you?”, and at that moment, this man just went blank and started enquiring within the safe walls of his mind as to what exactly is he! In such a situation what people usually do is that they define themselves by their profession. If he were a lawyer, he might just have said that he is a lawyer, but then again, that didn’t seem either right or enough to inform and explain what exactly is he and a question arose in the fortress created amidst his secluded and rumbling thoughts. And the question was that, ‘how does one define what they are, what any of us is for that matter?’, so, after a small pause (while the kid kept staring with greed in her mellow eyes), he came to the conclusion that whatever one is doing at the moment when this question arises, within the theatrical conditions of any mind or outside it in this so-called reality, that thing should define what that man is and as he was following the fainting smell of a flower which has more of a metaphorical significance than a pragmatic one, he decided to go with the reason which says that at that moment he was a lover looking for lust, which is always nearby but never in reach, and of course, that means that the more satisfaction you acquire, the more unsatisfied you become. And as he looked up to say it out loud, he saw that he was in a conference room on the second floor of a building in Okhla’s Phase 2, surrounded by people and he wasn’t looking for any grapey smelling Plumeria there, but was trying to come up with a plan on how to sell more problems to the world, so that he can claim to have the solution which might resolve them. And the noise from his left has subsided but the presenter kept sliding those slides. So, you tell me now that according to you, what really is he?
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