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In the midst of remembering breakable doesn’t mean weak
Remember you are more
Than words on screen

Viral in intensity
This is like standing
Close to the tracks when the train
Roars by
Horn sounding in abandon
Through every piece. . .
you Back draft
like Fire.

And wasn’t I fire?
Wasn’t I
Something subtle slipping in
Where nothing was supposed to be?
Wasn’t I so much brighter than this ?

I won’t,
Take your words too seriously
I am breakable
I am fragile in ways
that super glue won’t fix
I am kintsugi sealed
With gold leaf on the fly
of Some late spring night
And this is unexpected.

These are the words for what is left
When all I am
Is too much passion
Held together with parcel string.

I wish I knew them.
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