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Dialogue 500 October Entry
Little Witches At Your Front Door - 498 words

"It is so annoying for you to let the doorbell ring over and over again Natosha!"

"I am so sorry, I just never have a reason to answer it."

"Natosha, I think you have a damn good reason to open the door this time."

"What? What is it Jennifer? What the, did ya have to blow the dust in my face?"

"It appears to be a really old book of some sort."

"Duh. I mean I can see that. What someone just leave it there?"

"It had a note. It reads This is the McDerman house. You are the McDerman sisters. Your destiny awaits on page 53. You must have all 3 together at midnight tonight your 18th birthday."

"Okay, that is not creepy at all Jen."

"Yeah, I hear ya, lets go get Sarah, she has to see this creepy thing."

"But, Nat, wait, do you really think we should? What if something bad happens?"

"Nothing bad will happen by just looking at it Jen!"

"What on earth are you two up to again. I was trying to sleep..What the hell is that?"

"Some creepy ass thing someone left on our doorstep Sarah."

"And you two idgets just brought the thing inside? C'mon I thought even you had more sense Nat?"

"What do you think we should do with it?"

"I don't know Jen, maybe throw the thing out! It probably is infested with bugs or something."

"Figures. Your never any fun Sarah!"

"I think we should have some fun. What could it hurt?, it is just a stupid book, we are always bored. What do you girls say?"

"Jen, you know I am in. I am holding the book. What do ya say Sarah? It's almost midnight anyway."

"What? I guess, not like I will be going back to sleep any time soon. Nat what is the next thing it says."

"It says turn to page 53, and on the stroke of midnight read the page. Ha, lets go girls, we are McDerman sisters!"

"We sisters Three United We Be, We Sister Three Emerald is We, We Sisters Three"

"Pretty Odd Witchery Nat."

"Yeah, Why didn't anything happen after we read it Jen?"

"I don't know."

"Because it is so dumb and should have been thrown out, that's why. Wait? Is that the doorbell again? After midnight?"

"Yeah Sarah, It is. I will go check this time."

"Oh my gosh! Girls! come see!"

"Why Nat! it's our neighbors, Molly, Anna, and Barbie, Dressed up in Witch Costumes!"

"You little girls should not be out after midnight!"

"We got you Jen, Sarah, and and Natosha! you thought something would happen after midnight, and we have the whole thing recorded. Haha!"

"Girls! Go back to your moms before we call her ourselves. You little witches!"

"Just think Jen, what if we did put a spell on you for real?"

"Well I guess we will have to find out, wait why is my hands turning green?"

"Hahahahaha Goodbye pretty Ladies!"

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