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A continuation of the Rising stars newspaper prompt (Stephen King Easter eggs throughout)
In the aftermath of the first annual Stephen King Convention, the city of Sacramento was left in a state of utter confusion and chaos. How does Sacramento pick up the pieces? Locals and city officials are at odds as to the solution.

Local newspapers (including this very publication) first reported on the convention on Day 1 of the 3-day event. Reports echoed the sentiments of the locals and touted the event as a truly great moment for our city. Over time, the crowds become more unruly and the sinister side of this chaotic amalgamation of fictional characters and trans-dimensional rifts soon grew more apparent. By the end of the event, nineteen people had disappeared, nearly twenty-three were presumed to be turned to vampires, and thirty-two (and a half) people were either eaten, obliterated, or cursed in a lethal manner.

Why did this happen? More importantly, why was it allowed to happen? To answer these questions, the clock needs to be turned back to nearly a year ago when the idea was first pitched to the Sacramento City Council. At the time, the city council held a closed session with one Randall Flagg. At the conclusion of the meeting, one member of the council stated on record, "I don't know how we COULDN'T do this event. It absolutely HAS to happen!"

All that followed in the planning process was a series of objections made my concerned citizens which were answered with blank smiles by various city planning officials and council members. Flagg made a couple more PR appearances and although he claimed Stephen King was the organizer of this event, it was clearly apparent that Flagg was running everything.

Now in the silence after this storm of the century, one thing has become crystal clear to many citizens. Mr. Flagg has poisoned the minds of the City Council and as a result has poisoned the city. He has already released a post on Social Media claiming the convention was a success and will return to our city next year. This very newspaper risks great danger to speak out against the chaos that has ensued here in Sacramento, but it is the duty of the people to rise up and show Mr. Flagg upon his return that we will not be a part of whatever dark scheme he has prepared for us. If we do not give him what he wants, perhaps he will go away. Perhaps he will not. But our city has no room for such devastation and it is high time that we represent Sacramento as a safe and secure city.
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