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a story of two people who loved each other but didn't know it until it was too late....
There once lived a girl who had loved someone, but he always seemed to never notice her. The guy she was in love with always talked about her, and how kind she was, once he told his best friend about her, and he fell in love with her. The best friend never said anything but was in love with the girl, he was miserable because she was in love with someone else. The girl was named Piper, the guy's name was Steven, and the best friend's name was Cameron. Steven had loved Piper for a short while, but the more he got to know her the more he thought of her as a sister. Cameron was in love with Piper for a long while, but didn't say anything because he didn't want to loose Steven as a friend. Piper was blind and couldn't see that Cameron was in love with her.... She had loved Steven for so long that no matter what she did, she couldn't get over him. Six months later she finally gave up on him because she was tired of chasing someone she could never have..... A few weeks after she decided to give up on him she started talking to Cameron more, she realized she was in love with Cameron after all this time, but she didn't say anything because she was afraid the same thing was going to happen again... she also didn't want to tell him because he dated her friend, but they broke up... She told him eventually, but thought something bad was going to happen. Cameron didn't tell her he liked her back because he was scared of the same thing and he didn't want her to loose a friendship.

Over time the girl learned she had depression and cancer, she didn't tell anyone because she didn't want anyone to treat her differently. She had to tell Cameron somehow, but she was afraid, she was afraid he would act like he liked her, just so that she'd be happy, she didn't want that. Piper wrote a letter and texted Cameron one week before she was to die. she told him not to read it until December 24th of that year, when he asked her why she ran off. He did exactly what she said and didn't open the letter until Christmas eve. the letter read;

My dear Cameron,
When you read this i will have already been put into the hospital, why? oh right, i never told you did i? well i have cancer and i wont live much longer.. when you read this, its the day before i'm supposed to die. i don;t want you at the hospital, i just want you to know i love you, even as i write this i love you, i feel bad that you never got the chance to know me for me. you are the reason i kept smiling everyday, you're the reason i died happy! Thank you fro making me happy even when i knew i was going to die in the end... Please, never forget me for i will never loose the thought of you... Promise me that you'll find someone to love that isn't me, because when i die i don't want to see you sad...
I want you to live a happy life and be a happy person, because that is what you made me feel. I love the thought of you reading this and smiling because you are just that amazing. Even through the toughest situations you always seem to smile. Thank you for lifting me up when i was down, for always having my back, and for smiling through the pain with me.

i love you

Piper, a girl in love with you

He was in tears after reading the note. His pain made him just want to go to her. He got in the car and texted her. He typed;

hey, i don't care if you said not to come to you, im coming to the hospital now, which one are you in?
she responded;
Please dont, i dont want you to see me like this
he still didnt care;
She gave all she had to type one last message;
Cameron, i love you but i cant tell you where i am, i'm dying and i don't want you to be here... please.. don't come
a few moment later;
no, its her mother... she, she didn't make it....
please just stay with your family, they need you to be with them on Christmas day Cameron...
Ok miss, i will, but please, can you kiss her on the cheek for me?
yes Cameron, i will....

Cameron is in tears, he sees a little kitten he didn't know was there before lying in the snow. He hopped out of the truck and picked up the little kitten as it softly meows at him. He knew that it was a gift from an angel. He knew that it must've been her, he named the kitten Piper. As he walked home the little kitten purrs and cuddles up to Cameron
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