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Your babysitter is alot smarter then you think
You and your sister were home alone as you were asked to babysit on week days for your parents as the summer had just begun easy enough right?
Your sister had requested for you two to play as you really didn't want to you sighed and agreed "ok fine what do you wanna play?"
She then says "what about hide and go seek?" you two play for a little as she keeps winning somehow as you become frustrated. You then start to think outside the box as you go into her room and look around you and see your little sisters old crib you jump
Into your the old crib as you start to smell a sting Oder of baby powder you then grab the blankets and hid underneath as you hear the door open and footsteps come the the crib as you think (how did she know).
She speaks up "hehehe I've got you know your so gullible it was all a trap your so dumb she says"you jump from under the blankets but start to feel weak when you do so as you barley jump as say " what do you mean and how do you keep finding me" she just giggles and says "just stay there for a second I'll be right back hehe" as you sit there she comes back with arms full of what looks to be pink clothes and a plastic package and says "I want you to be the little sister for once I'm tired of it your always so mean to me"
As you interject and say "well if you weren't always so stupid and weak I would be mean" as she grins ear to ear and says "let's see who's weak and powerless after today little baby"
As you look at your sisters arms filled with stuff you start to become skeptical of her so called revenge and say " yeah right little sis let me out of here"
She then says "oh you don't have a choice see I've been hypnotizing you for the past month and you won't have a choice you be just like a little baby I know it"
she grins and pulls out a diaper and says "Sara says lay down baby" as you feel compelled to lay down in the crib not knowing why as she starts to pull your pants off and cuts your underwear off of you and says " you won't be needing these ever again" you lay there in shock as she pulls out shaving cream and a razor and shaved your private's and then she grabs the big pink diaper and says "Sara says lift your butt baby" as your body does it all on its own like a slave to her words she slides the diapers under your But and grabs the baby powder as you say "your waisting your time little sis I don't need diapers and I'm not using them either your crazy" she then says "oh is that so?" As she sprinkles some baby powder into your diaper and you get a smell of it your stomach starts to cramp and you feel your bladder muscles contract you having no control.
As you look up in horror at your little sister she chuckles an evil laugh and says "you will use your diapys for there intended purpose see the hypnosis has this cute little effect that whenever you smell baby powder your body will push everything out of your little wee wee and tummy all by itself hehe" as she squeezed the baby powder hard as a waterfall of powder covers your privates and your stomach starts to contract she then quickly pulls the front of the diaper spreading your legs and fastens the diaper shut tightly.

As your stomach works against your wishes she quickly grabs a pink crotch snap onesie and slides it over your head and pushes you down to fasten it then she pulls out a ballerina skirt and slides it up your legs and flips you over and you hear a "click" as she sits you up in the crib as you start to hear crackling and plastic rustling and then you feel your body push a huge load out into the diaper as you try to fight it all the while your sister records it on your cellphone and then you feel your crotch getting warm and a hissing sound as she jumps in place giggling as you could only imagine how you looked right now the even the smell as you didn't want to smell it smelt horrid as she comes up to you And see's the bulge from the mess in your diaper and says " pehew what a baby"as she pushes you back down in the crib and squish's the poop all around patting the front of the diaper saying "your all mine now baby don't worry big sister Sara will take care of you hehehe" it's lunch time baby as she picks you up out of the crib and puts you in a high chair in the middle of the room you see a bowl of green mush and says "from now on it's baby food and baby formula only that will make sure your body doesn't have to work so hard to make nice big squishy stickies and lots of wet diapys as well just like a newborn hehe" as she pushes on the front of the diaper making direct eye contact you say "you'll never get away with this I'll tell mom" she then says "oh go ahead because if you tell anyone about it all that will come out is baby Babel and the more diapers you use the weaker you will become and since mommy will think that you want to use diapers because you keep using them she'll make sure to use plenty of baby powder it'll turn you into a diaper filling machine hehe"

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