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Siblings are stuck in a building with others and they try to find ways out.
Chapter one

There was only two ways to exit and no one has found them yet stuck waiting for the moment to escape not knowing that they were being watched and monitored, finding ways to help with something they don't even know what for.

“Jessamine!” Nathaniel cried out.

“Nathaniel? Where are you?” she cried out screaming in fear not understanding what was happening “ I  can’t see anything.”

“Jessamine, I'm in….whatever that's next to you.”

  “It's a box.” A voice replied calmly.

    “ Why are we in a box?”Jessamine asked “ W-W-- who are you?”

  “I don't know why we are in a box, and i’m Aiden, There are other people on all sides of us.”

“How many?”Nathaniel asks.

“I don't know, You might want to quit Jessamine.”

Chapter 2

Nathaniel and Aiden were both worried about Jessamine, when the next morning Jerald came


“Where is my sister?!” Nathaniel yelled at him,lunging at him but Aiden quickly grabbed him.

“I need you two to come with me .”was all Jerald said to them.

“Why? We aren't going anywhere until we know Jessamine is all right.”

Jerald pulled them closer and whispered “she's fine and she's waiting for you.” he whispered.

They followed him out when they saw her standing at the corner. Nathaniel ran up to her and

hugged her.

“Are you ok?”

Im fine but we have to go know.”

“Follow me.” Jerald said.

They were all following him when aiden stopped suddenly “Why should we trust you?”

“Because i'm getting you out of here.”

“Okay, that's what your saying how can we believe that that's the truth?”

“Because.” Jessamine interrupts “I helped him with the plan.”

That had everyone walking again when they made it outside they saw that Jerald let them out

but wouldn't come outside with them.

“What are you doing? Come with us.”jessamine says to him

“I cant itll just get you guys into more trouble, go you know where to go Jessamine.”

“Dang! That guy knows how to be a little bit dramatic.” Aiden said walking away.

“Really?” Jessamine asks.” how can you say that? He got you out!”

“What?so he has a crush? Now  he wants to all of a sudden turn good is that how it works now?


“He doesn't have a crush, he just started and realized that they were doing experiments on ages

16 to 18, caring changes people and so does jealousy.”

He just grunts and walks away.when they started walking again Jessamine kept looking at


“What's wrong?” Nathaniel asks her.

“I don't know but i feel weird about how he fought so hard about not leaving.”

“Well this has been his makeshift home, probably nervous about leaving it.”

“Your probably right.”

“Jerald said that his mom doesn't live far from here, said she will help all we have to do is say

we are friends of Jeralds.” Jessamine tells everyone.

“How long away are we?”Nathaniel asks a few minutes later.

“Almost there.”

Around noon they reached a small cottage.

“Is that it?”Aiden asks seeing a cottage not far from where we were standing.

“Yeah that's the first cottage we have seen in a while.”Jessamine says

“Go up there” Aiden tells Jessamine.

She shoots him a dirty look and walks up to the door knocking

“Who is it?”an old voice says.

“Hi i'm a friend of Jeralds he said that if we came here we would be able to stay for a few nights

as long as we help out around the house?”

“How many of you are there?”


“Alright come on in”

Jessamine turns around and waves at the other two to come. They started walking up slowly

when they finally make it up there she opens up the door slowly and they all enter at once.

“Now,now yall aint gonna fit in there all at once.” A new voice said.

Jessamine went in first followed by nathaniel,then Aiden

“What may we do for you.”

“Jerald told us to come here and we would be able to help out around the cottage.stay a few


“Well because you are friends with Jerald I guess you can, but as long as you help out around


“Thank you.”Nathaniel says.

“My name is Daisy, and this is Jeralds and my mom, Geraldi.”

“How old are you Daisy? Aiden asks as soon as Jessamine says “my name is Jessamine, this

is Aiden and Nathaniel.”

“It's nice to meet you guys, im 17.”

She waves at them to follow her, they look at each other before they started to follow.

Jessamine got Jeralds room while the other two got the spare room.

“I didn't think you would want to sleep with the boys. You settled in and i'll come get you when

dinner is ready.”

“Thank you would you like some help?”“ I wish I could but she's claustrophobic not much that I can do.”

“ Well if they hear loudness they come.”

“ Who’s them?”

    “I don't know, they hear loudness they come in and take that person away.”Aiden says just as

boxes open.

“Does t-t-that always happen?” Jessamine asked.

“Yeah, at certain times we have to go back, Lunch, DInner, breakfast, and bathroom we come out,

we get certain times.”

“ So other than that we are stuck in boxes.”Jessamine shrieks.

“Yeah,if they think we are trying to escape they'll freak out and knock us unconscious.”

“What do they do to us afterwards?”Jessamine asks.

“They put us back in our boxes no one knows, probably nothing.”

Jessamine shudders noticeably nathaniel came up and wrapped his arm around her. 

“We might want to hurry.”

“To do what?” Nathaniel asked.

“To get food and to use the restroom to move around, if they see us just standing around they get   

completely upset.”

Jessamine tells them that she's going to the bathroom while they go get food. While Aiden and

Nathaniel head off in a different direction to get food.

“Why do we have to stay away from her?”

“Because she's tried to have us all killed and has stolen from us before so we don't trust her.”

“ What did you guys do to her?”

“Nothing she came in like that. She's tried stabbing my friends eye with a knife from the lunch

area that's why we have only plastic things to eat from now.”

“Dang that girl has a problem.”

“Yeah, that's why we don't go near her. I haven’t seen my friend since”

“ I’m sorry. How did they get your friend out?”

“They gassed us.”

“Through what there isn't any vents.”

“They open the door.”

“And you guys don't try to fight them?”

“No there's to many of them one guy tried and we haven't seen him since.”

“How many are there?”

“Of us? or of them?”

He had to think for a little bit .

“No one knows for sure, but of us there's 48.”

Nathaniel thought for a few minutes.when they heard a bell sound.

“Times up let's go.”

When they got back to there boxes they were told to stay quit.They were only in the boxes for a

few minutes before the door opened and they were let out again.

“Whats going on?” Jessamine asked relieved to be out.

“I don't know this has never happened before.”

Five people with masks came in shutting them up, they stopped in front of Jessamine and four

other girls.The oldest looking one said”  I need you five to come with us.”

“NO!” Nathaniel and Aiden shouted.at the same time.

“ Im sorry but they have to come with us it's not our choice who we goes and who doesn't  go

with us.”

Jessamine was walking with the others when she automatically stops.

“Why did you stop?” one of the guards asked not to harshly.

“I have to use the bathroom.” she replies doing a little potty dance for show.

Sighing the guard said “ Follow close don't go anywhere.”

“Yes sir,” she squeaked out.

As they were walking she made sure to look around so she would know where to go if she got

away from the guard, she stopped walking when she saw a door heading outside.

“Will we ever be able to go outside?”

“It's not up to me, it's up to the boss.” the guard said to her

“Who is the boss?”

“I don't know but keep walking.”

“How do you not know who you work for?”she asked confused and stops walking.

“They pick us and we don't have a choice.”

“What do you mean you don't have a choice you always have a choice. How old are you?”

“ i'm 18...You?”

“17” she replies surprised.

“Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Because your 18 you should be making your own choices.”

“Not with the life we have.”

“And what's that? People commanding you? Brainwashing?...Murder?” she hedged.

“Your right.” he said surprising her.”What if i got you and your brother out?”

“Wait,why would you do that?”

“Because you don't belong here.”

“And what's that?”

“Nice, caring not like many people here. Do you still have to go to the bathroom?”


Jerald pointed behind her, and when she turned around she saw  a bathroom and went in, after 


few minutes she heard a banging on the door.

“I'm almost done.”

When she got out she took a look at him and said “I still don't know your name.”

“Its Jerald. Yours?”


“We should get going.”

Agreeing they finished there walk in silence before  they caught up with the others.


“No your alright for tonight just settle on in.”

“Thank you again.”Jessamine said as Daisy walked out the door, she smiled slightly.

When Jessamine was alone she walked up to the bed and sat down,and smiled slightly.

When Jessamine was alone, she walked up to the bed and sat down, she looked around the

room wondering how someone could be so neat.

“DINER!”she heard Daisy call.

When they were all seated and eating Aiden asked “Jessamine? How did Jerald get you away

from the other guards? I mean there was 4 of them.”

“5 if you count Jerald.”Nathaniel cut in.

“One of the other guards is a friend of Jeralds she soped me spots told Jerald to get us safely

out.” Jessamine said continuing on with the story “She told me her nam and everything else

that's when we left and got you guys.”

Daisy was staring at Jessamine that had her thinking Daisy might know she's leaving

something out.

Chapter 3

“Jerald! You have a message from home.”

Jerald looked up as Tony his friend came walking in with an envelope.

“Honestly I must say im surprised, you only get one letter a month.” Tony said smirking at  him.

“Is it ok for me to read?” Jerald said snatching it out of his hand.

“Yeah its good. I'll leave you to it.”

When Jerald opened it all it said was:

Dear Jerald

Mom is not feeling well please come home as soon as you can.

Your sister Daisy.

Laughing at the way she signed it just like she did when they were younger.

Jerald was on his way to the command center when Erik caught up to him.

“Jerald good news you have a 4 week break,don't know what you did or why.but your lucky they

don't send to many people home for 4 weeks.”

“Thank you Erik.”

Jerald had heard rumors about Erik he always liked to get into other peoples business so Jerald

kept his mouth shut turned  around and went back to his room for his things. Jerald was ready

to leave when everyone got called to the auditorium. So he went there to see what was going on

but he had an idea of what it was

“Good afternoon everyone!” the commander said.

Jerald could hear a few mumbled “Good afternoons.”  the commander continued on

“As many of you know already three of our test subjects have gone missing.” and at that three

pictures came up of Jessamine,Nathaniel, and Aiden behind the commander “If you see them

report it to us so we can take the right cautions of getting them back. We are doing a wide

sweep until we get to Jeralds home, then we will get a pass to go further.”

Jerald as quietly and as quickly as he could left, Jerald took one of the cars and headed home

now understanding why he didn't know anything about the assembly and why they sent him

home. Jerald made it home by mid day when he got out of the car and headed up to the steps

he saw Jessamine and daisy out picking the garden laughing whenever a hen was running in

between there legs, suddenly Jessamine looked up and saw Jerald.

Daisy looked up after a minute so  and ran at him with Jessamine following slowly behind.

“Brother! Your home!” she threw her arms around him.

“Hey sis missed you to. Hows mom? I need to talk to her.”

“Shes inside come on.”

Jessamine grabbed his other bags when she saw that he was about to complain she pushed

him inside and called for the others.

“Nathaniel, Aiden and I will make lunch,  you guys go catch up.” Jessamine said, when she saw

the looks Daisy and Jerald gave her she put the bags down and gave them a hard push to the

door. “ Go now”

Jerald could see there was no point in fighting her so  he shoved his sister out and gave

Jessamine a one armed hug, as Daisy and him were walking inside Daisy kept giving him a

look which he kept ignoring

“Hey mom!” Jerald says when he sees her.

“Hello darling. How have you been.”

“I'm good, how are you?”

“I'm getting frayer by the minute. What is bothering you son.”

“ The commanders going to search the property for Jessamine and the other to. Afterwards he's

going  to check the whole settlement.” Jerald said as he stepped back from his mom.

“Well, let them come.” was all his mom said confidently

“What?” both Daisy and Jerald said.

“You forgot  who you are children.”

“Mom, you don't realize what Jessamine and her brother are.”Jerald said.

“Yes I do, and we can either hurry it along or we can cloak them.”

“We can’t cloak them from the commanders wizards.”

“Yes, we can if we get the whole settlement involved.”

“Mom has a point, i'll run in and ask everyone by tomorrow we will now if it works.” Daisy says

“Thank you Daisy.” Jerald said relieved

“No, problem, see you in a few by mom,love you.”she walked out the door.

“Go check on the others, she'll be fine.” His mom says.

Jerald walked out of his mom's office and started towards the kitchen he was almost there when

he saw Jessamine coming towards the kitchen.

“Hey” Jerald said “what you doing?”

“Hey I was just taking my stuff out of your room so you can have it back.” Jessamine said

walking up to him.

“Oh, I can sleep on the couch it's alright.” he said shrugging.

“No, its your room, and your here so you can have it back.”

“Your a guest you should not be sleeping on a couch.”

“Fine, go to the table lunch is almost done.”

“Yes ma’am.”

They laughed before she told him seriously “Go sit down.”

As he sat down he kept fidgeting not liking that he wasn't doing anything.

“Nathaniel? Can you go find Aiden?” he heard Jessamine call out.

“Yeah one second.”

A few minutes later Jessamine came walking over to the table and setting it.

“Here let me help you.”

Jerals, sit down and relax. I've got this”

Jerald looked up at her trying to figure out what's so different about her.

“Jess, what's wrong?”Jerald asked.

“Nothing, Why? Im fine.” she said.

“Because.” he said grabbing her wrist.”Because  your acting…. Different.”

“No, i’m not i’m acting the same way.”

“That's not what i'm saying. And you know it.”

“I-I dont know ive felt different since i left that place.” she says finally telling him.

“What do you mean different?” he asked suspiciously.

“Just not myself.” was all she got out before her brother came out.

“Yo! I'm hungry, lets eat.”

“Your worse than what Jerald is.” Jeralds mom says jokingly.

“What do you mean?” Jerald and Nathaniel ask at the same time while Nathaniel had grapes in

his mouth. And Jerald looked startled.

“Meaning you to never stop eating. How do you deal with him?”

“I don't know, i guess it's just a day to day thing.” Jessamine said laughing

“You guys aren't funny.” Jerald said trying not to let the smile come. He was happy  his mom

was getting along with them,but he couldn't explain why.

“I still don't understand what's going on.” Nathaniel sayed with a confused look on his face.

“Just finish eating so you can help with the dishes.” Jessamine said.

Jerald was watching Jessamine when she looked over at him, a look he couldn't see passed

over her face before leaving.

He looked away and found his mom looking at him with a frown on her face, that's how he knew

she saw it to.

Once he was done he started helping getting the dishes and putting them in the kitchen.

“Are you ok?” Jessamine asks.

“Yeah, i'm just tired.” he replies turning around.

“How about you go get some sleep, we can finish this.”

“Come here we have to talk.”Jerald saidi grabbing her hand and steering her into a different


“What is it?” Jessamine asked confused.

“I have to tell you about me and my family.”

“What do you mean?”

“I'M a witch and so is my mom and sister.”

“Wow, i would believe it if you told me you...you.”

“Ii did or was anything else?” he asks upset and confused

“I- I  don't know this is just a surprise i need to think.”

“Fine, just don't mention it to the other two.” when he saw she was about to say something he

quickly said. “Just not yet.”

“Fine but I don't need to think about it, I believe you.”

“Wait, really?”

“Yeah, now get some sleep we will talk about it later, your tired and no offense you stink.” she

said with a small smile.

As she was leaving Jerald couldn't help but smile a little bit.

Chapter 4

Jessamine was leaning against the door trying to get past what Jerald told her.

“Honey, are you ok?”

Startled she jumped. “ yeah i'm ok. Just thinking.”

“AAAA he told you? Didn't he?”

“Yeah,” she said surprised

“And how did you take it?”

“I thought he was lying, but then I guess I saw the truth.”

“You care about him don't you?”

“He is a good person…” at Jeralds moms look she started to trail off.

“You know that's not what i  mean.”

Sighing she says “Yeah, I do.”

“Hmph, don't hurt him.”

“I won't.”

With that Jeralds mom walks away, she stands up and starts walking .

“AAAGGG!” Jessamine yelled bending over letting the wall take her weight.

“Jes! Jes! Are you ok?” she heard Nathaniel yell

The next thing she knew she was up in someone's arm

“What is wrong with her?” Jerald asks

“I don't know le-”Jessamine interrupted with a loud cry

“Shhhhhhhhhhh, it's ok.” Jerald said trying to sooth her. He noticed that his mom was giving him

a peculiar look.but to concerned with Jessamine, he laid her on a bed so his mom could take a

look at her.

“You go out.” his mom instructed at that moment Jessamine gave out a shriek that sounded like

an animal who was wounded and a growl mixed in with it, Jerald and his mom jumped up.

“Go now I'll take care of her.”

Jerald hesitated for a minutes before he did what she said to do. He stayed bye the door and

heard Jessamine.

“Jerald? Is everything ok?”

“Daisy you should know better than getting into other people's minds.” Jerald warned.

“I know but i felt pain and a ton of sadness I just had to check in.”

“Something is wrong with Jessamine we don't know what.”

“ Could it be happening?”

“I don't know possibly.”

“Ok keep me updated.”

“ ok and Daisy be careful.”

“Why what's wrong?”

“Why what's wrong?”

“I don't know but i have a bad feeling.”

“Alright see you in a few.”

“Your on your way home, right now.”

Before Jerald could say more he heard the door slam close.


“Come up here now!”

Jerald yelled downstairs to Nathaniel.

“Look what I found,isn’t he adorable? Oh, and sorry for slamming your door shut.”

Nathaniel  said when he met Jerald on the steps.

“W-what? I thought someone broke in. How could you do that?”

“ I told you, i'm sorry i couldn't take being in here and hearing her screams and doing nothing

about it.”

Jerald understood that but  couldn't get over how he scared him.

“Jerald I need you in here!” His mom yelled.

“Coming,stay here.”

“Okay.” Nathaniel mumbled to busy with what he had in his hand.

Jerald gave a sigh and ran to his moms room.

“ I need water go get some.”

He ran to the sink grabbed a bowl, when he got to the room his mom was bent over Jessamine

mumbling. He backed out slowly not wanting to distract his mom.

“Jerald?  Is everything ok.”Daisy asks

He turns around and sees Daisy and three other people standing there.

“I don't know who are they?”

“Yeah.. where is mom we need to talk.”

“Right now isn't a good time for her.”

“Why? Wait where is Jessamine?

“Shes-” he was cut off because of a loud scream.

“Jess? What is wrong with her? What's going on?

“Daisy do not go in there,moms working on her.”

“Let me help.”

“No, you nor I or mom knows whats wrong, and tell me what's going on”

“What's going on?” Daisy said incredulously “What's going on is that Jessamine is in there in

pain and your worried about these guys?”

“Yes! Three strangers come home with my sister and I can't be worried? Mom is in there taking

care of Jessamine  so i'm a little at ease.”

Daisy gave a huff and marched to her room, Jerald was to busy thinking that he didn't see the 

three of them walking with her.

“What's going on? Nathaniel asks.

“I don't know.” Jerald said turning to him he was about to continue when he  finally saw the

animal “Where did you get that?”

“Outside,” Nathaniel said stunned.

“ Give him to me now.” Jerald commanded.

“No he's scared look at him.” Nathaniel said pulling back a little ways.

“Nathaniel those are the animals the commander programs to look for people like you and your

sister and Aiden, By the way where is he?”

“He's out in the barn has been all day.”

Nathaniel handed over the animal, Jerald told him to stay and watch over his sister, When  he

got back Nathaniel kept asking him what happened to the animal, but they got distracted by the

mom coming out.

“She's sleeping.”

“Whats wrong with her?”  Jerald asks

“It's starting.” was all she said before walking away with a slight limp.

“Why is she liming? And what did she mean by It's starting?”

Sighing Jerald told him to follow him. He took Nathaniel to the library.

“I'm going to have to go back to what me and my family are.”

“What do you mean?”Nathaniel interrupted.

“If you let me finish you would know.”


“About 60 years ago a meteor came down.”

“Wait the major meteor hit in 1999?”

“Yes the meteors gave families powers and other stuff.”

“ What do you mean… other stuff?”

“Stuff like werewolves, weretigers, warlocks.”

“Seriously? You could just say shes on her monthly instead of making up crappy lies.”

Jerald blushes but kept going.” i'm not lying i'm telling you the truth.”

Jerald sent up a ball of smoke drifting up around his hand. “ I can control fire, water, and I can

make things appear.”

Bye than Nathaniel was halfway across the room trying not to run out.

“ your sister and you are weres we aren't sure what kind, that's why you guys were locked up.”

“Ok, I need some sleep.” Nathaniel said walking out, looking dazed.

Jerald seeing what time it was decided to go to bed.

“Jerald? What's going on?”

“Jessamine?” Jerald said turning in slow circles.

“Whats going on Jerald? How am I seeing you right now?”

“I honestly don't know, it's never happened before.”

“I'm not going to wake up I don't know why. All I know is that something keeps me here.”

Jessamine says interrupting him.

Before Jerald could ask anything else he woke up.

Chapter 5

When Jerald made it down stairs in the morning in a sleepy haze, running into a wall he

managed to wake up a little and saw everyone laughing at him.

“Careful there, sleepy head” Daisy said playfully

“ I thought it was a rock.” Jerald replied sarcastically

Nathaniel was laughing so hard that milk came out and he started choking on it Daisy and there

mom were laughing about it that Jerald realized he would have to help him, when it was over he

got breakfast.

“Jerald? What's bothering you?”his mom asks.

Sighing he told them about his dream he saw Nathaniel looking puzzled.

“It can't be shes a were your a wizard.” his mom said mumbling

“Mom, what are you talking about?Daisy says

“I'm talking about how we find mates, when we find them we have a connection with them, you

start dreaming then being able to tell how they feel so on.” there mom explained.

Jerald was confused and he sat down not knowing what to say or what to do.

“Well Jerald we found your mate haha.” Daisy said trying to make a joke about it.

" Hush, Daisy." Their mom said kindly.

"Mom, she can't know about this."

" Why not? It seems like something you should tell her."

" Tell me what?"

Turning around they saw

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