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by Mac1
Rated: E · Novella · Action/Adventure · #2203799
Story of 3 boys escaping an orphanage and their adventure.

C H A P T E R 18

The next few days I spent assisting Giuseppe with receiving long distance calls and being introduced to several members of the clergy. My first assignment was to travel to Switzerland and exchange the passports for a large sum. I was instructed to deposit the funds into a bank account under an alternate identity using false identification which I was provided with. In my mind I was serving the Lord's will as the Vatican investments were being used for the cause of goodness and mercy for deprived souls. Upon my return, Giuseppe greeted me at the Ciampino airport as I had travelled by private plane. He was standing by his car close to the runway and he waved as I exited the aircraft, we walked towards each other " How was your flight Marco ?". I replied " It was an interesting experience for me, the world looks a lot different from up there". Giuseppe chuckled " Yes Marco , I understand what you mean. As we travel through life, our world seems to change, although it is only our understanding that changes due to our perceiving things differently as we learn". I remained silent as we walked to his car, the driver opened the door for us and we entered. Giuseppe said " Marco, you performed an excellent transaction, I spoke with our banker this morning and the mission went smoothly and was successful". I replied " Thank you". Giuseppe continued " Marco , I know a member of an organization called " Uomini di Fiducia " , he wants to meet you". I replied, uomini di fiducia , that means men of trust ?". Giuseppe replied " Yes, exactly. I can see right away that you are a prime candidate".

I was soon meeting with high profile people , Giuseppe consulted with me on a daily basis. My next trip by plane was to Sicily to meet a business man and exchange some permits for cash. I was met at the airport and driven to an office located in a secluded lemon grove where we exchanged documents for cash. I was swiftly returned to the airport and our next destination was Switzerland again to make the deposit. I travelled to Spain, Germany and even France making similar transactions. In time I became a mediator amidst highly influential people always for the interests of the Vatican investments.

I always envisioned myself as performing the works that the Lord had intended for me. I knew that some of the people I was trading with were not entirely following government laws, however, I felt it was all for the benefit of good interests overall. In the following years , being I had become one of the men of trust, I was privy to much information. Not only regarding the Vatican bank , but of the power within, that was concealed. And , unfortunately how it was being abused. I learned of people I had participated with going to jail, others disappearing or being found murdered. I wondered if the same could happen to me. When I first arrived to the house of God with all it's majestic presence , my perception was to honor and obey. I remember leaving my gift, and in return I was captured and captivated into a world of greed and corruption. And yet I continued wearing my mask and bleeding my troubles within. I always prayed for the Lord's forgiveness and that one day I may have the chance to change my life of deceptions. I was living a life engulfed by material wealth, gold , majestic arts , meeting illustrious people , traveling and living in magnificent accommodations. And yet I was miserable. I felt inadequate being a participant in an illusion of dignity. It became evident to me I was part of a hypocrisy. And the most discouraging revelation to me, the deceptions were omnipresent.

I learned that the reality of our existence is that humanity is incomplete. We are born in this world holding the innocent love of God in our hearts. And once it is lost as a consequence of our human perceptions, we are never complete again until the love of God is returned to our hearts again. To be able to love and be loved, without fear or intention. To be united with God by the virtue of the spirit. This is true contentment. Not by being able to boast ones superiority to others and demanding obedience , but by providing guidance and support to others to live their lives in the way the Lord intends. I believe this was the true message of Jesus Christ.

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