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Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2203840
A short story of one's lifetime . . .
It was all but a whisper. A mere thought of what laid beyond. Far away, hidden in the realm of all that has been forgotten, lived a rumor of a ghost. One that should not have seen the light . . .

But Fate took matters on its own, and went against the rules that had been set into stone. What was a mirage from afar, was carried by the winds; ever so faster. Closer and closer it drifted to the land of the many, and soon what was all but a whisper, became the word of truth.

Small and unseen it was. Whilst storms gathered and washed away the shores, their small and tiny words laid on the ground; all but hope that remained.

Soon those words grew in number and formed a mind: A soul that was both living and from beyond. Now that the World seemed much larger than before; new whispers started to form. And without knowing, it marked life itself and started anew.

This new self of the old whisper, was different but in few. While curiosity was the one that lead them by the nose, they did not forget their old whispers of their heart.

Like an old tree that was kept dry for far too long, they rushed to seep their wisdom from the ground. After all–for them–it was all but new; centuries left untouched. Spoiled from the past they grew faster than before. Where words lingered, now sentences stood. They questioned their sight and looked for clues.

Without knowing, they thought something else. Something that they could not describe, nor see before them. But they knew that they wanted the spoils of the unknown, even if they could not reach them.

It was not long before they first weaved their own magic and thought of gifting it to the World. But they wanted more and knew far too little, while their vision became stronger and more clouded. They failed to see the flames that licked their toes, and burned their lungs long before; some words were just not meant to be spoken.

Marked by the wrath, they disappeared and vanished from plain sight. The days of wonder escaped their path and left them with questions of their sunken mind.

Like-minded they thought, like-minded they sought. But soon they had to learn that one cannot turn the World . . .
They worked and worked, harder than before; secrecy has become their ally. They began to fill their minds, and learned from the truth that was told; only to realize how most of it was false. What they saw was differed by the day and night: What was a small drift at first, became a roaring tide.

The more words they formed, the less their world made sense. Slowly they began to feel the weight of the old. But that did not stop them, as their curiosity regained its stance.

Little by little they stepped away, from the very circle they have been placed. Doors that were locked before, opened and showed their ways; while those who judged them formed their fate.

It was a matter of time, before the strain of the old and new started to show. They sought for comfort, yet found none: they felt alone and undone. What they saw, spoke and felt differed so much that in the end it crushed them and kept them silent. Their words became their past; memories of the forgotten . . .

But they knew that it could not end, as Fate showed their strength: It grabbed their hand, stood them up, and let them know to seek what once was left undone.

As winter turned into spring, their whispers returned. A new flame began to burn, far from other's reach. They began to grasp what they should have long before: Even if they are alone, their voice will be heard; by the Sun and the Sky.

Thus the newfound journey of the old leaped ahead, and took pride in the words that it said. Deeper and deeper they went into the woods, and found new meanings for their lonely voice.

It did not matter where they went, as long as they followed their head. Strange, bizarre and joyful they were, whilst they walked the path of those who have not been heard. They even began to praise Fate itself–which they despised so much before–for gifting them with the purest of curiosity–or they thought.

At first they had little to be known, what path they took; where it would lead them. But they gracefully marched into the void, and fought against hardship and foes.

Against the tide they went, and grew tenfold in the end. They found answers to questions they have never sought to ask, and learned to embrace what lied beyond those stars.

It was there, where they understood how little they knew, how small they were: How the World was chained to its knees; not to keep it safe from harm's way, but to bind it to its fate. Thus their quest to seek bloomed greater than before, and chose a path they have not yet to regret. As that is where they found their comfort, their pride and joy: The one and only true gift of their life, their purpose and their might . . .


This short story above was inspired by company's philosophy. My aim was, upon constructing it, to condense a lifetime's of experience, and to show what being different and experimental meant to me.
© Copyright 2019 Marcell Áron Erdei (thearonstory at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2203840