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by Rufus
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How I took an essential decision on my life
Breaking up

         I put my guitar carefully in the car as not to damage it. And started putting the books in the bonnet, a whole lot of books around 1000, I thought.
It was 6.30 pm but it was very dark.
I could see dark clouds looming far away beyond the river.
Again, I went in to the house to get my suitcase full of clothes, my laptop, mobile phones and charges of course.
Next, to the bathroom to get my toothbrush, bottle of 'Axe' aftershave and my medicine.
I could hear the kettle boiling some water, for tea.
The house would look empty without my books on the shelves, I wondered.
Oh, I nearly forgot my paper cuttings of old published articles!
Again, to the living room to get the scrapbook containing my paper cuttings.
Then, I saw her walking to the kitchen with a frown look on her face.
While taking the scrapbook to the car, I heard again the sound of the kettle.
Raindrop or two hit me while I was opening the car door again.
I must hurry, I thought. A long way to drive to the hillside, to Mahagastota, Nuwara Eliya, along A7 route.
There was an absence of something in the house, I thought. Listened very carefully.
The radio has stopped. That was the sound I missed, the evening old music on Gold FM. 'Please release me' played by Humperdinck, no longer playing.
I wiped my spectacles, started the car, put the gear in to 'D 'mode & ....
Something suddenly hit the rear windscreen with a big thud and I braked the car quickly. What is it? I wondered and opened my door and went back to inquire.
It was one of my favorite books, lying beside the rear left tire with pages open, in the wet grass & when I started to pick it up and, in that instant, I saw my wife going through the door in to the house and shutting it with a loud bang, behind me.

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