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A poem written for the Writer's Cramp prompt, 10/24/19.
Knitting Up A Spell

Magic Meg was knitting,
she was crafting up a spell;
the color that she chose to use
would, its purpose tell.

Scarves she made in plenty,
one for every reason;
the magic that they carried
kept them worn in any season.

Red tones were for romance,
for affairs of the heart,
while blue was for a coolness
that would simply not depart.

Orange was for warming,
while yellow gave a glow;
green would be relaxing
even in a hectic flow.

Gold and silver woollen thread
would bring about some riches
while black would give protection
from some other evil witches.

Brown scarves made for blending
as also did the grey,
while purple would attract the eye
in every single way.

Magic Meg was thinking,
and a thought began to grow;
she gathered up those colors
keeping up the stitches' flow.

Rainbow scarves were knitted,
ones that contained every spell;
I'm going out to get one
and you should do as well!

(32 lines)

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