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A young woman gets revenge on co-workers
Galaxy West looked at her knitting needles and started to think wicked thoughts. She worked for a telephone company in Philadelphia, PA and she was not happy with her co-workers and a few superiors.

The years of hard work and dedication she gave to the phone company were not appreciated by some. Co-workers constantly annoyed her with their jealous remarks regarding her impeccable work ethic; and a few supervisors were not happy when she out shone them at meetings.

Another reason why some superiors and co-workers didn’t care for her was because she was different. Everyone in her unit came to work looking like fashion models but Galaxy did not. She had brown mousey hair and wore plain loose clothing. On occasion, her co-workers made fun of but she ignored them.

Underneath all of that plainness, Galaxy was a beautiful girl but she was not interested in fashion and beauty. She was a thinker who wanted to solve problems and hopefully create things that mattered. Being a fashion plate at a telephone company was unimportant to her and her co-workers were just superficial people.

One co-worker named Betsy Rand sat across from her in the huge office that housed their unit. Galaxy witnessed Betsy staring at her on several occasions but this particular day she had had enough.

“Can I help you with something Betsy?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well you keep staring at me so I was wondering if I could help you with something.”

“Why don’t you try sprucing yourself up sometime? You are a young woman and you walk around here looking like a beat up wash woman.”

“Don’t you worry your empty little head about me ok? You concentrate on how to become more efficient at your job. I hear you are constantly making stupid mistakes!”

Betsy looked Galaxy in the eyes and screamed, “How dare you say that to me. I’ll have you know that I am very efficient at my job!”
The co-workers that were in ear shot looked at Betsy and slowly turned their heads. They knew that Galaxy was right but they didn’t want to take her side.

“From what I hear, you might be a memory here if you don’t get your act together.”

Betsy got up from her desk, walked over to Galaxy’s desk and started screaming and pointing her finger at her. Galaxy politely got up, smirked and walked away from her.

Co-workers ran to Betsy’s side and tried to comfort and calm her down but it was not working.

“We have to do something about that girl. She has got to go because she causes nothing but trouble,” yelled Betsy.

The co-workers agreed that they would try to sabotage Galaxy’s job. They would create a big mistake and blame it on her then hopefully she’d be dismissed.

Meanwhile Galaxy sat in the break room and continued knitting a beautiful scarf that she had started the other day. As she knitted she sang a chant over and over again. The others in the break room looked at her with fear. They did not understand what Galaxy was doing and it unnerved them.

Galaxy fingers started moving at an incredible speed and by the time her break was over, she was finished.

The scarf was navy blue with hints of gold, orange and sky blue. It was absolutely beautiful.

She returned to her desk, finished up her report and passed it on to her supervisor Mr. Hearn.

After about an hour, Mr. Hearn walked over to Galaxy’s desk with a stern look on his face.

In a strong tone he said, “Galaxy would you please join me in the small conference room NOW!!”

Galaxy caught Betsy and a few others smirking as she got up to go to the conference room.
Mr. Hearn greeted her at the door and gestured for her to sit down.

“Galaxy, you have been a pretty decent worker here but this report you gave me was sent to the client with a huge mistake in it!”

“Sir, let me….”
“No Galaxy! You embarrassed the company and we’re going to have to let you go. It’s unfortunate because you are a decent worker but lately you’ve been distracted and we can’t have that.”

Galaxy got up, walked out of the conference room and down the hall to her desk. She started cleaning her desk out and came across the scarf she knitted. She walked over to Betsy, draped the scarf around her neck and whispered, “This is my departing gift to you!”

Betsy gave her a puzzled look, groped the scarf and then took it off and laid it on the desk. All the other co-workers were drawn to the scarf and commented on how beautiful it was.

As Galaxy started to walk toward the exit she said, “I want to thank all of you for showing me exactly who you are!” She looked at the scarf, recited a chant, and walk off.

You see, Galaxy was a witch and her knitting needles put a spell on the scarf.

As she walked away, Betsy’s teeth started to fall out, one girl fell on the floor and forgot how to walk, one man’s eyes started to bleed, and one woman screamed as her hair started to fall out.

Galaxy sighed as she left the building. She did not want to do that to her co-workers but they gave her no choice. They tried to hurt her so she had to retaliate. The spell would last for exactly one week and she hoped they would be able to withstand it.

Galaxy found another job that next week at an insurance company. She hoped and prayed that her experience there would be much better than the one at the phone company.

On her daily breaks, one could find Galaxy knitting away hoping not to have to use her creations on anyone. But if necessary, she would not hesitate.

Word count = 994

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